Don't Have To Know Canon F/F Rec Fest

Icon for the F/F no canon needed rec fest. A vintage photo of two women dressed up and looking at each other lovingly, one in a dress and one in a suit and hat and holding a cigar. Text says 'don't have to know canon f/f rec fest'.

This is a collection for all the fanworks (hosted on AO3) recced at the Don't Have to Know Canon Femslash Rec Fest hosted over at my journal on Dreamwidth. The fest is currently ongoing, so come join us if you want to leave a rec! Anon commenting is turned on. Some recs may have more details over there for why the reccer likes the work.

Generally, this rec fest features narrative fanworks that are a) primarily femslash and b) require little to no canon knowledge to be enjoyed.

This collection is maintained by sylvaine, the host of the rec fest. The recs are from everyone leaving comments on that post. If you would like something added to the collection, please post the links there! Bookmarks are works that were submitted here before I figured out how to close the collection. :P

For what it's worth, I (sylvaine) promise not to ever set your fanworks to hidden or anonymous if you approve your work to be added to the collection.

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