DaredevilExchange Secret Santa 2018

matt murdock in red with torn page effect to the right side

The AO3 home for the artworks done for the Daredevil Exchange Secret Santa 2018 hosted on Tumblr and DreamWidth.
Links to all artworks are here!

icon by @cptnmarvell on Tumblr

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About DaredevilExchange Secret Santa 2018 (DaredevilExchangeSecretSanta2018)

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In view of the Great Tumblr Purge i’ve created this collection where you can post your work if you have an account.



Artworks can be posted at any time before the deadline (Christmas 2018), they will remain hidden until then. There is a fake (lorem ipsum, etc) fic posted there so you can see what it looks like when unrevealed.

It it’s a vid or fanart etc, you will have to first host it elsewhere (YouTube, DeviantArt, DreamWidth, PillowFort… here’s a list of alternatives) then you can post it here (you can display pics and embed vids on AO3, just not host them; check the FAQ and if it doesn’t help you can leave a message here on anon or not. Leave an email if you wish to be contacted privately and do not have a Tumblr account).

Don’t forget to gift it to your artist there if they have an account! Some of them may not have specified they were on AO3, please take a minute to check / ask them :-)