Crossworks 2021

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A gift exchange for crossover and fusion art and fic (~nice sketch or 1k minimum). Community at

Nominations: 1-9 June
Sign-ups: 12-23 June
Assignments due: 14 August
Works revealed: 27 August
Creators revealed: 4 September

(Open, Unmoderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

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How it works: summary

Crossworks is a gift exchange for creating and receiving fanfic or fanart that fuses or crosses over at least 2 fandoms. It is inspired by Crossovering.

After the nominations phase (which creates a set of canons you can offer and request), you will fill in a sign-up form with sets of fandoms you're interested in crossing over for a recipient, or getting crossed over in a gift. Both artists and fic writers are welcome to sign up.

After signing up, you'll be assigned another person to create for, and one of their requests will match something you offered. To fulfil your assignment, please submit your fic or art (1,000+ words OR a nice sketch on unlined paper, or digital equivalent) by 11:59pm on Saturday 14 August.

You'll get a gift in return. Works will go live without names attached, and the period of anonymity will last a week. Keep what you're offering, what you're planning to make, and what you've made a secret until the anon period ends.

Works and general rules will be posted to the AO3 collection. Announcements and detailed guidelines will be posted to the Dreamwidth community: Please read the AO3 rules and keep an eye on the Dreamwidth community. You can also contact the mod at

Meaning of crossover
A work in which two worlds, and/or the characters in them, interact in some way, through a portal, space travel, magic, etc. (Or just coincidence - the interaction of characters from two sets of fandoms set in our world would also be a crossover.) Characters generally have the same backgrounds that they had in canon.

Meaning of fusion
A work in which characters of one canon are treated as if they always belonged in another setting, or their world has always had elements of another canon. This has some overlap with alternate universe fanworks that change the setting.

In Crossworks, you can offer and request crossovers, fusions, or both.


You will use an AO3 account to submit up to 12 choices of fandom to the tag set. The tag set will be used to create the 2021 pool of fandoms that can be offered and requested. Rare and popular fandoms are both welcome. Please check the Dreamwidth community for discussion of how to nominate fandoms that can encompass many parts, or be broken down into discrete parts.


You will use an AO3 account to sign up to the challenge. Your sign-up must contain between 3 and 10 requests, and between 3 and 10 offers. Each request and offer must contain a group of 2-10 fandoms, and a selection of Art/Fusion, Art/Crossover, Fic/Fusion, and Fic/Crossover tags. Your requests must include at least 5 distinct fandoms and 5 different possible combinations between two fandoms. If your creator has to know a specific fandom in order to give you a gift (ie, all your requests are different crossovers with a specific film), choose more combinations.

If you put three or more fandoms into a single request, that does not mean you'll get a work that combines all three or more fandoms (though you can suggest that as an optional prompt). It means you could get a work that combines any two of the fandoms.

Do not group fandoms into a single request or single offer if you wouldn't be happy with all the ways they could be combined. For example: You can't ask for Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV), John Wick (Movies), and Voltron: Legendary Defender in one request, and say that you're only interested in Buffy/John Wick or Buffy/Voltron. The person who matched with you might have only offered John Wick and Voltron.

Some of the fandoms in the tag set refer to different versions of a canon, or overlap in terms of what canon they cover. Please don't put fandoms in a request together if their combination wouldn't make a crossover. For example: you might be interested in Dinotopia - James Gurney, crossed over with either Discworld (Death Series) - Terry Pratchett or Discworld (Witches Series) - Terry Pratchett. Please don't put all three fandoms in the same request, because that means you're interested in a crossover between the two subsections of the Discworld canon - which wouldn't actually be a crossover. You would need to put Dinotopia & the Death Series into one request slot, and Dinotopia & the Witches Series into another request slot.

In your sign-up form, you can also write optional prompts ('optional details') to inspire your author or artist. These are suggestions only. The idea is to allow your creator some freedom in how they combine the canons.

Crossworks does not match on characters. You are welcome to mention favourite characters and relationships, but you are not guaranteed them.

In your sign-up form, please list tropes or topics that would ruin a gift for you. These are Do Not Wants, or DNWs. Your creator must avoid them. You can use these to veto some characters, relationships, or parts of canons, but please don't use DNWs to force your creator into giving you a specific plot or idea. If you need to veto half the characters of a canon, that request may not be suitable for this exchange.

There is also a space in 'Offers' section of the form to tell the mod (Morbane) if you particularly want one request over the others, or if you want to avoid certain people, or anything else. This is private to you and the mod. You can leave it blank if you want.

More specific instructions about sign-ups will be posted on the Dreamwidth comm when sign-ups begin (June 12).

Please do not sign up to Crossworks with more than one AO3 account.


You will receive an assignment with at least one request that asks you to combine two of the fandoms you offered together. (Please don't combine more than two at once unless your recipient has said they'd enjoy that.)

Please create a story of 1,000+ words or a completed piece of artwork that matches the tags your recipient requested, avoiding their Do-Not-Wants (DNWs).

Your offers do not restrict you - you can create a work for any of your recipient's requests. Either way, your work must include 2 fandoms from a request, must follow the tagged preferences for a crossover, a fusion, art, or fic, and must respect DNWs.

Your work must be posted before 11:59pm EDT on Saturday 14 August. It must be a complete work when you post it, though you are allowed to polish it between the 14th and the 27th, when works are revealed.


Everyone will receive their gifts at 4:59pm EDT on Friday 27 August. Works will go live without names attached. Please comment on your gift and other works at this time - or contact the mod if there is a problem with your gift.

The anon period will end at 4:59pm EDT on Saturday 4 September. After this point, you are welcome to tell people what you made and cross-post it to other platforms.


Things may Happen and you may realise you can't complete your assignment. Please default (clicking the Default option against your assignment on AO3) if this happens. It's okay. You can sign up in future, unless you received any gifts for the exchange and did not comment on them.

If you default and your creator also defaults, the mod will not ensure you receive a gift. You are also not guaranteed a gift if you turn your work in after the deadline.

Anyone (signed up or not) is welcome to create additional works for participants in the exchange. Treats do not have to be 1,000+ words long; art doesn't have to be perfectly polished. However, works must otherwise match what is requested, including which fandoms a person wants combined, their DNWs, whether they want art or fic, and whether they want a crossover or a fusion.

Pinch hitting
Pinch hitting is when someone takes on an extra assignment. Pinch hitters don't have to have signed up for the exchange. Pinch hitters are assigned to a participant on AO3 and can fulfil any of that person's requests, combining two of the fandoms from one request and obeying the tags and DNWs for that request.