Clone Wars Post Exchange 2021

A fanworks gift exchange commemorating and celebrating the Clone Troopers across Star Wars properties.

(Closed, Moderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

About Clone Wars Post Exchange 2021 (Clone_Wars_PX_2021)

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1. What is this Exchange?


Clone Wars Post Exchange (PX) is a fanworks exchange celebrating the Clone Troopers from Star Wars, running from June to September 9th -- a date chosen to commemorate the Clone Force 99 media this year. The exchange is based on the same principle as Maythe4th and Star Wars Rares. Works must center around a clone who appears on screen in The Clone Wars or The Bad Batch TV series, the 2008 film, or other EU material (e.g. Republic Commando, Dark Horse Comics, Films, Battlefront II, etc.), but are welcome to include non-clone characters and original clone characters.

Participants who sign up agree to write a story of no less than 1000 words or create fanart of no less than 1000 x 1000 pixels that can stand as a completed work in exchange for receiving one story or fanart.


2. Who can participate?


Anyone who signs up and wants to create clone content! You must have an AO3 account. You cannot sign up using pseuds from the same account; if you intend to write under multiple sock accounts, please remember you will be expected to produce at least one fanwork for each signup.


3. What can I nominate?


The tag set nominations will be based on relationships from all Star Wars media featuring clones, from the films, television series, video games, Legends material, the comics, Rebels and so on. All nominations should be of the form "/" for romantic relationships and "&" for platonic relationships.

All clone ships are welcome, including clone &/clone, clone &/ non-clone, clone &/ OC, and clone &/ reader ships (e.g. Alpha-17/Cody, Wolffe/Plo Koon, Ordo & Etain, Thire/Original Clone Trooper Character(s) Gregor/Reader, etc.). Please do not nominate ships that do not include a clone from Canon or Legends, as they won't be included in the final tag set.

If you wish to nominate single clone characters, in order to make matching easier you should nominate the relationship “[Character] & None.” In other words, if you wish to request or offer a fic or artwork featuring Commander Ponds, you would request “Commander Ponds & None.” A fanwork featuring, for example, Ponds and Asajj Ventress would fulfill the request, however, so please be specific with Do Not Wants.

Nominations for pairings of Canon/Legends clone characters with original characters are acceptable in the “Original Clone Trooper Character(s)” or “Original Female/Male Character(s)” or “Original Jedi Character(s) format, etc. (i.e. “CT-0292 | Vaughn/Original Male Character” is fine, but “CT-0292 | Vaughn/[Your OC’s name]” is not). Entirely OC nominations (e.g. “Original Clone Trooper Character(s)/Original Clone Trooper Character(s)”) or non-clone + clone OCs nominations (“Asajj Ventress & Clone Troopers”) will not be accepted. At least one (1) canon or Legends clone character must be included in the nomination.


4. What are the rules for requests and offers?


Participants must make a minimum of 3 requests, with one to ten relationships for each request (requesting multiple relationships together in the same request does not mean you will be matched on more than one, or that your writer has to incorporate more than one into the same work). Requests will come with a request box where you must list your specific Do Not Wants (e.g. non-con, kidfic, Kaminoans, etc.); this box can also be used for prompts and ideas. If you don't have any DNWs please do at least write "no DNWs". DNWs that you wish to be honored must appear in the signup box, not in external letters.

Letters are optional but encouraged for going into greater detail about your requests. Please do not leave placeholder letters; at a minimum you should be able to copy and paste the requests from your sign up and go into further detail later.

You must make a minimum of 4 offers, with 1 to 10 relationships from the nominations list in each offer. Additional offers can be made as long as the minimum has already been offered, up to 10.


5. What are the minimum requirements?


After assignments are sent out, you must write a story of at least 1000 words or create a fanart of at least 1000 x 1000 pixels.

The work you create must be focus on the clone in the platonic or romantic relationship in the request, or on the one clone requested. If you matched on one relationship, but your recipient requested others that strike your fancy, you can create works for those (i.e. you aren't limited by what you offer, but you are limited by what your recipient requests).

The optional details in the request box are optional, however it is essential that you respect listed Do Not Wants.

To fill the assignment, click the button beside your assignment in your list from your AO3 dashboard sidebar. Works will be viewable to you from your own Statistics page and your Works in Collections page, but invisible to anyone else until after reveals. Redating your work (changing the Posted Date) after reveals to the August 10th reveal date is recommended. Editing your work after the submission deadline is cool, but please don't upload unfinished works which can't stand on their own.


6. What's the timeline?


Dates and times are in Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

11-18 June: Nominations
19 June, 8:00am: Sign-ups open
26 June, 04:00am: Sign-ups close
27 June: Matching and assignments go out, requests go live
21 August : Early default deadline
2 September: 11:59pm: Assignments due, pinch hits go out
5 September, 11:59pm: Pinch hits due
9 September, 12:00pm: Works go live
15 September, 8:00am: Archive closes and creators revealed


7. What about treats?


Treats should fill a stated request for the recipient, and should respect any Do Not Wants, but otherwise don't have to meet the minimum word count. Please tag all treats as "Clone Wars PX Treat." Treats may go into the main collection.


8. I want to nominate characters from Republic Commando / The Clone Wars: No Prisoners / Battlefront II / Star Wars Rebels, &c. Can I request those?


Yes! As long as the request features a Canon/Legends Clone character, anything goes.


9. Are Original Characters (OCs) allowed?


 Yes, but please see #3.


10. Are Boba Fett and Omega eligible as clone characters for nominations?


 No, not for the purposes of this exchange. (e.g. "Rex/Boba Fett" and "Wrecker & Omega" would be accepted in the tag set; "Boba Fett & Bo-Katan Kryze" would not.)


11. Anything else?


Please only sign up if you are sure you can meet the deadlines. There is a default button next to your listed assignment and if you feel overwhelmed, please default early rather than leaving the mod no choice but to call in the pinch hitters. For all the fun without the pressure, give someone a treat!

Remember, this is an anonymous exchange, so if you want to chat about your assignment, do so judiciously. If you have a problem with what you were assigned because you didn't offer it, please contact asap. If you don't like what you were assigned but you offered those characters during sign-ups, tough cheese, ner vod.

Please do acknowledge (ideally comment) on your gift, even if you default. Someone has spent their free time and effort into creating something for you, even if you couldn't reciprocate.

If there's an explicit DNW in your gift, please contact the mod.

This is supposed to be a fun, low-key celebration of the incredible clone characters Star Wars has given us to play with. This is not a place for kinkshaming, ship wars, or militant moral policing.


12. Where can I find more information?


Clone Wars PX will be hosted on Tumblr. The chat and ask boxes open and information on deadlines, further FAQs, and other need-to-know information will circulate there.