Clexakru Fluff-Off Contest 2K16


The Second Annual Clexakru FLUFF-Off (we got you with that one ey?)
8...or so authors have entered with the one job of writing T rated FLUFF involving Clexa for your votes.

The only rules are every author involved in the challenge must post their competitors as co-authors. Every fic must be submitted to this collection to be considered.

Extra authors were added to help throw some people off

The fics must be rated T

The only mandatory tags are: Clarke Griffin/Lexa, Clarke Griffin & Lexa, fluff
All other tags, fic titles etc...are up to the author. Authors will be revealed the same time as the winner.

The winner will be decided by the number of KUDOS in exactly one week.

Give your kudo to whichever fic you believe was the fluffiest of the bunch.

Votes for each fic will be counted through KUDOS, in the event of a tie BOOKMARKS and finally HITS will be counted. Comments will not be taken into consideration in this challenge.

(Open, Moderated)

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