BTS Christmas Fic Exchange 2016

Welcome to the BTS Secret Santa Christmas Fic Exchange 2016 hosted by Shanel (astrochild) and Sally (jikookiejar) where those who participate will both write and receive one fic each! The ultimate aim of this exchange is to allow writers to promote their work, interact with each other, and of course, for everyone to have a merry christmas!

For any questions, comments, concerns, please email, or send us an ask at jikookiejar or astro-child on Tumblr!

Sign Up Opens: Nov 12, 2016 @ 8:00 am EST

*Disclaimer* Neither of us have hosted a fic exchange before so please bear with us as we attempt to figure out this system. Thank you for your cooperation!



Please read the FAQ below. In order to participate in this Fic Exchange you must fill out the form mentioned below.

(Open, Moderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

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