BakuDeku Europhia

BKDK Europhia is a world beyond your imagination. One that consists of the star-couple, BakuDeku, featured in stories that are guaranteed to cause emotional rollercoasters for anyone who dares to read these stories.

Practically, stories that I've read so far fall into this category.

Many of these stories range from Comfort, Angst, Happy or Tragic Endings, AU's or Canon, and so many more!

Essentially, this collection is dedicated to the writers/authors of these stories. They deserve all the love and praise for their exquisite writing skills in creating such intriguing worlds for us, readers, to enjoy. 🧡

Readers have the opportunity to submit recommendations and read the stories included in this collection.

✨ Enjoy your time at BKDK Europhia ✨

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