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    Podfic: A Resource Index by Ravin_Pods

    Fandoms: podfic - Fandom, Fandom - Fandom

    This work isn't hosted on the Archive so this blurb might not be complete or accurate.

    19 Jan 2022


    The primary purpose of this site is to serve as a resource index for all of the resources podficcers might need.

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    How to Podfic: A Highly Biased and Incomplete Tutorial by the-dragongirl

    Fandoms: Podfic Fandom, No Fandom

    This work isn't hosted on the Archive so this blurb might not be complete or accurate.

    13 Feb 2020


    So, a while ago, some of my friends and fellow cast members of the @sansukhpodfic asked about how to make and edit podfic on their own. I created this tutorial for them, as a supplement to the resources already posted by the Sansukh mods. In the wake of the most recent @auralphonic episode asking for technical advice on podficcing in Audacity, I thought I would polish this up and post it.

    This tutorial explains how, once you have permission to record a story, you go about turning it into a podfic using Audacity. It focuses on technical and logistical details, rather than artistic advice, and is cobbled together from my own experience, my knowledge of the mathematics behind signal analysis, and other people’s tutorials. There’s lots of communities and resources out there that give advice on the artistic side (Auralphonic, for example, has an episode for newbies), which I recommend checking out.

    Disclaimer: There is no one standard method of doing this! This is the method I have found gives me the best results, personally, but there may be better ways to do this. I strongly recommend checking out other resources for comparison.



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