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Welcome to 40 fandoms in 40 days, where those who are feeling particularly productive can come and take part in an epic marathon. Write 40 separate fics in 40 separate fandoms during the 40 days of Lent. Fancy it? Then this is the place for you.



1. Is there a length limit?
No. Write anything of any length.

2. I don't think I can write for forty fandoms but I still want to try. Can I?
Yes, you can. It's fun to aim at getting all forty but not essential. Maybe you'd rather have your own goal. As long as it doesn't go against the two rules, we're happy to see your fic here anyway!

3. I don't really want to write but I'd like to watch. Is that okay?
Yes, it is. In fact, we welcome you! 40 fics is a lot of work, especially in such a short time and people love to know that there's others out there reading and enjoying their work!

4. I'm kind of busy in Lent - can I start a day early/have an extra day at the end?
No, you can't. As we only have a few rules, we do feel obliged to keep them strictly. If you admit to writing outside the time limit or post early, you will be banned from this year's challenge.

5. Can I post more than one fic a day?
Yes, you can.



1. Fics must be produced during Lent - no reposting old works! By this, I mean that you can plan in advance as much as you like but please write only during Lent as the time pressure is as much a part of the challenge as the number of fandoms is.

2. "40 different fandoms" does include crossovers, so you could write a Supernatural fic, a Buffy fic and then a Dean/Faith fic and those 3 would count as 3 different fandoms.

3. Any length is fine - if you can manage 40,000 words for each of the 40 days, that's great! Equally, short drabbles are more than acceptable.

4. This community is slash and RPS friendly.