2021 'Back to School' Mini-Bash

The subcollection for the Anubis' Crypt discord 2021 Back to school minibash!!

(Closed, Moderated)

About 2021 'Back to School' Mini-Bash (2021_chb_fall_minibash)



Timeline of Event

  • 4th September: Signups open
  • 7th September: Signups close
  • 10th September: Final date to announce author/artist teamups
  • 20th September: Check-in day
  • 4th October: Final submission day. All works created due at 11:59pm.



Q: Can I create anything NSFW?
A: Yes! Content of all ratings is permitted, but if you are in a team-up, you must have the consent of your buddy to do so.

Q: What are the prompts for this event?
A: Prompts can be found in the Main Mini-bash Guidelines Document, linked in the chat on discord.

Q: Can I submit after 11:59pm on the 4th of October?
A: You are free to upload any fics or art you create for this event, but if it is uploaded after the end of the event, it will not be included in the collection and counted unless you have been granted an extension by the mod team. Sorry, but that's the rule!

Q: Can I use multiple prompts?
A: Of course! Use as many as you want!

Q: Who do I contact if I have other questions?
A: Anyone on the mod team is happy to help! Feel free to @ us as a whole or ask one of us individually!



Word Counts for Fics
Minimum and maximum word counts apply for this event. A fic must be a minimum of 1,000 words and a maximum of 6,000. There will be leniency for minor deviations (i.e., within 200 words of the max/min respectively), but we do not recommend relying on this leniency to extend or shorten your submissions.

NSFW Content
As stated previously in the FAQs, NSFW content is permitted for this event.