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Magic Wand

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"Are you sure you remember how Alison taught you?" Hanna asks gently, touching the wand to Emily's eyelashes.

"I thought so," Emily groans, her eyes flickering open as Hanna strokes the glittery mascara onto her lashes. "But I just don't seem to be getting it right. At least, not with anything fancier than the basics."

Hanna shrugs, closing the mascara but staying where she is against Emily's dresser. She's not entirely sure there's anything there, but she reaches out and wipes a bit of misplaced makeup off one of Emily's eyelids.

"What are girlfriends for, right?" she smiles stiffly, realizing her silly mistake a moment too late, but Emily seems not to notice at all.

"Knew I was keeping you around for something."