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Never Properly a Daughter

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Esme moans, and Bella revels in it, smiling as she continues swirling her tongue against Esme's clit, her hair cascading over Esme's thigh and down towards the sheets when she cocks her head to the right.

As long as it had taken her to figure out and to accept what she wanted, as long as it had taken her to get the hang of things, of pleasing women, pleasing Esme, pleasing herself...

"Oh, baby, just like that...oh, you're so good, such a good girl for Mommy..."

"Mm-hmm," Bella whimpers concurrence before sliding a second finger inside of Esme, and kisses her inner thigh. She curls her other arm around it and holds Esme tighter, pressing Esme's cunt into her face and sucking on her clit like it was candy, a cliche comparison she's made far too many times already.

"Anything for you, Mommy," she says, and starts fucking her faster.