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History Yet to Be Revealed // History Yet to Be Written

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“Bloody fucking Hell, I just wanna…” Sarah moans, kicking the toes of one of her boots aggressively against the wall and making somewhat obscene gestures to indicate what all the family and their 'guests' already know she'd like to do.

Okay, Cosima, be real with yourself: what you all would like to do.

Mrs S certainly looks ready to kill someone. Not like that's rare, for her...but today one of the subjects of her anger is her mother...their grandmother,

She'd thought the clone thing had been hard to process, but this...

"I know, chicken, I know," Siobhan says, quite obviously suppressing her own anger but managing to calm Sarah just the littlest bit, enough that she unlocks her jaw and stops kicking long enough to realize that it's made her feet hurt.

"But we can't just barge in anywhere, not yet. Trust me, when we can, we will."

The mother looks around at all of them, even Scott and Denise on the couch next to Cosima (actually, mostly under, since Cosima had decided to take a nap and come on, Scott was right there.)

"This is gonna take brains, not brawn," Siobhan continues, tightening her gaze now at Cosima, reaching out for her hand across the coffee table, and Cosima shifts around against Scott's lap and stretches her arm out to oblige her.

"We've all just got to be strong, okay, chickens?" Siobhan avows to them all, and Cosima meets her eyes with a trusting smile.