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plea for a sequel

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we win
the war. we ride off into the
sunset, all plaid
shirts and leather
pants and heart-shaped
sunglasses - but what
do we do
once the sun rises again?
no one ever writes
that part of the story,
do they? does anyone
write about what happens
when the girls who
like other girls
find the footnote
that breaks them through
the clause that doesn’t want
them to stay around
after the other characters’
conflicts are resolved?
does the magic
stay? does the coffee
still taste too bitter?
does mary add too much sugar,
and jane too little cream?
does lilith keep
the apple tree alive
just for eve, when adam is gone
and cain and abel
build their own homes
and their own
no one ever promised us
a garden, but I guess
a flower box on the windowsill
in the bedroom of our
dusty apartment
will have to do
for now.