1 Million Words' BINGO

Taking place October 1-30, come play BINGO with us! There's no pressure and everyone is a winner!

Recap of the Rules
Each 'square' on your Bingo Card can be filled by:
Fic - Minimum of 100 words (no limit)
Icons - Minimum of x2 icons (no limit)
Wallpaper/Header - One Wallpaper or header (no limit)

You can fill all your squares with all of fic, all of graphics or mix and match as long as you reach the minimum criteria.

The 'Your Choice' square is exactly that, you choose the 'prompt', you may want to repeat one of the other prompts or use your own. I was going to leave just a handful of prompts provided below, but there were so many good ones that I've simply unscreened the prompt post and left links so you can have a gander if you need inspiration for your 'Your Choice' square.

Challenge ends Thursday October 31st. Post your completed or partially completed cards where you like, but please leave a link at the comm so that we can celebrate your awesome!

If you'd like to join in, go here.

(Open, Unmoderated)

About 1 Million Words' BINGO (1_Million_Bingo)

Active since:



It started like this:

kaige68: I WANT TO WRITE A MILLION WORDS!!! Well, not by myself, but I want to help get a million words written! I've had some nice discussions lately with people about writing and some lovely reviews of what was written last year, and now I'm motivated. I WANT TO WRITE A MILLION WORDS!!!!

Only now it's grown! We did the million words!

Next up:
10 mil photo TenMillionWords_zpsf2c36cfe.jpg

These ten million words aren't to do anything but serve as a driving point to do more and to become better artists/writers. We're not giving anything to charity for it, we most likely won't cure even a hangnail! (2013)

For 2014 we're aiming for 15 million words!

We'll need writers, graphic artists, cheerleaders, coaches, betas, critiquers... ALL THE THINGS. Fandom doesn't matter, original fiction is beautiful.