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A First Time for Everything

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The gentle, yet ringing sound of a service bell echoes throughout the establishment. A cafe worker swings by, picking up the drinks that sat on their saucers, and placing them on her tray. Gently but swiftly, she makes her way to a table where two young men had been sitting, one attempting to converse with the other, though he found it quite hard at this rate, he had hardly even an ounce of knowledge about the younger man sitting across from him at the table!

Except for the fact that he was his Little Honeybun’s roommate.

The waitress sets down their drinks, two coffees. One appearing to be a lighter color, the brown hue of liquid desaturated to a creamier-like color with the amount of creamer and sugar within it.
The other… looked straight out of the coffee pot.

“Will that be all for you gentlemen?” The waitress asks.

The other, still focused on his tablet, doesn’t speak a word, too engulfed with his work to acknowledge the outside world.

“Yes, that will be all. Thank you ma’am.” Nazuna spoke out politely, flashing a gentle smile towards the cafe worker.

Bowing, the server makes her way back to continue working, serving other various customers around the duo.

“Ibara…” Nazuna whispered gently, tapping the table to get the other’s attention, it seems that he didn’t even notice that the waitress had come by and served the two of them their drinks.

Looking up from his tablet, he gave out a sigh, “Yes, Nito-sama–”

“Nazuna. Please don’t worry about formalities.” He gave a gentle, caring smile, pushing the coffee for Ibara over towards him gently, as to make sure to not spill a single drop upon the table… success!

“Thank you.” Ibara reached for his coffee with one hand, putting the tablet he had in his other hand down as he blew into it to cool it down slightly. He took a small sip, licking his lips afterwards. “Perfect.” He muttered to himself, putting his cup down upon the saucer that it was served upon.

Nazuna looked upon Ibara nervously, even though he himself was his senior, Ibara had some sort of formal, uptight aura about him. Clearing his throat, Nazuna leans back into his chair, letting out a deep sigh.

“Ibara, I have some important matters to discuss with you,” he averted his gaze from the other to look down at his drink, “it’s about Mitsuru.” He states, hoping that he didn’t sound too serious to the other. With the way that Nazuna worded it, he was worried that it sounded as if something dire was to be discussed.

There was a small amount of silence between the two, only the sound of the service bell ringing, and the sound of assorted conversations between the cafe workers, the establishment’s patrons, and the calming low fidelity music that filled the cafe with a soothing aura.

“Yes?” Ibara leaned in, if he were to get assigned something from his senior, he made sure to pay attention to Nazuna to absorb all the information that he would be given. “What about Tenma-kun?” He asked, folding his hands together to rest his chin upon them.

Nazuna let out a subtle sigh, knowing that Ibara would be very formal about Mitsuru’s upbringing. “Well…” Nazuna clicks his tongue, “how can I explain this…” He crosses his arms over another. “I need you to watch over Mitsuru for a couple of days.”

“You what?” Ibara was confused, but kept a calm composure upon being told this information.

“I promise it’s much more than that!” Nazuna uncrossed his arms immediately, waving his hands in dismissal. Putting his hands down upon the table, he grasps his cup of coffee, taking a sip. It was still mildly warm enough to take a hearty sip of the drink, putting his cup back down upon the saucer.

“What I’m saying is…” Nazuna takes in a deep breath, soon exhaling. “Mitsuru has told me that you have this… certain aura.” He pauses, “much like how one would, er…” Nazuna looked away, observing servers of the cafe delivering drinks to their patrons, “much like how one has a caregiver-like aura towards them! That’s how Mitsuru feels about you!” Nazuna finally explained, it felt like a huge weight off his chest.

“Ah…” Ibara responds, he was unsure how to take this information in, however it wasn’t the first time that he was told something like that along those lines that Nazuna spoke. He knew he looked over Nagisa while doing idol work, but it was more of just a leadership role towards him. “Is that true? Did he tell you that?” Ibara inquires, wanting to analyze the situation more.

“Yes!” Nazuna answered immediately, “I’ll have to admit, he’d always been afraid of saying something along those lines to you directly, so he let me know to inform you. Sorry about that. Even with his bright and sunny personality, he can be a little bit shy at times.” Nazuna had to apologize, as he grabbed his cup of coffee, taking another drink out of it.

“Do not worry about it, Nazuna.” Ibara cleared his throat, “I’m sure there is a reason that you bring this up, yes?” He asked.

“Yes, actually.” The other looked over towards Ibara with a trusting gaze. “I’m going to be going on a vacation with my family starting tomorrow. I know Mitsuru won’t take it too well with my departure, especially since he counts on me to look over and take care of him when he… dives into a certain headspace.” He remarked, not wanting to give out too much information as to not drive Ibara away. “So… that’s where you come in, Ibara.” Nazuna states, “I need you to look over Mitsuru as his caretaker while I’m gone.” He instructs.

“I suppose…” Ibara paused in the middle of his sentence, grabbing his cup of coffee and finishing it off, continuing to speak after he had placed the cup down upon the saucer, and pushing it away from him slightly. “I suppose I can look over him while you are away on your vacation.” Ibara answered, “but me of all people? Couldn’t you have had Mashiro-kun or Shino-kun look over him?” He asked.

“To be fair, the two of them are also quite busy with their own affairs as well.” Nazuna responded sheepishly. “I wouldn’t have come forward to you about it if they weren’t caught up with their own personal matters.” He sighs, “but it’s very important for me. For him. For the both of us, really.” Nazuna looks over to Ibara with innocent, gleaming eyes. “I can fill you in on specifics tomorrow, if you’d like me to.”

“That would be rather helpful, really.” Ibara responds, gathering knowledge of what he would be experiencing on the day of Nazuna’s departure would be more helpful than if he were to explain it right here, right now. Sighing, Ibara sat up in his seat and looked over to Nazuna, flashing a small smile, which looked much like a smirk. “I’ll take up your task.”

Nazuna sighed in relief, he was so, so thankful that Ibara would be able to look over his Little Bun while he was on vacation. That was one of the hurdles in the way, the other being having to let go of Mitsuru for some time. Which he wasn’t looking forward to, and he could already feel Mitsuru not looking forward to it as well.

“You’ve also lucked out in the fact that our other dormmates are out as well.” Ibara responded, “summer break and taking vacations means a lot to others, I’ve observed.”

Nazuna nods, sitting upright in his chair, “Ibara. Can I entrust you with this task? I can leave my number with you if you have any questions. However, I do need to know that you are one hundred percent confident in yourself.”

“You can count on me, Nito-sama. I will not let you down.” Ibara answered, gathering his belongings, bowing in front of Nazuna.

“Thank you, Ibara.” Nazuna stood up as well, however not yet ready to leave, as he bowed in return. “I will see you tomorrow, then?”

“Tomorrow it is.” Ibara responds, walking out of the establishment and making his way back towards the dormitory.

Nazuna watched as Ibara left the cafe, sitting back down upon his chair. He could only think about how Mitsuru would react to this news, hopefully it wasn’t negative.

Leaning back, he sighed. “Oh my Little Bun, the things I do for you to make sure you’re taken care of.” Nazuna thought to himself, smiling as he let out a small chuckle.