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Glitched (Definitive Edition)

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Slouching down in her chair and throwing her head back, Amelia let out a sigh of relief. It was Saturday night, and she had finally finished her streaming for the day, meaning she was free to finally relax. It had been quite a long week with all of the online collaborations and long hours of streaming mixed in with the mounting detective work she had been faced with recently. Having just finished a big case, she was just glad to have her idol work as her only time commitment at the moment. Her relief led her to slide further down into her chair, all the way until she was almost falling out of it. Lazily, she reached her hand under the chair’s armrest and picked up her coat, which she had discarded mid-stream. After a slight groan that she had to get up, the detective forced herself out of her chair and walked over to a nearby coat hanger, carelessly tossing the piece of clothing onto the hook.


Ignoring how stiff her body felt from little physical activity recently, Amelia began heading for her bathroom, planning to take a long bath after the stress of the day. Unfortunately for her, she felt her phone buzz as she pulled it out to check. On it was a message from Gura asking, ‘Hey, it’s been awhile since we did an offline collab, want to set one up for next week?’ The detective hesitantly hovered her fingers over her phone’s keyboard, not sure what to reply. She wasn’t really feeling like doing an off collab soon after finally getting some time off. While she sort of wanted to see the shark, part of her was worried if she would have the energy to sit though something like that. Amelia knew that Calliope would be the only other one capable of instantly teleporting long distances in order to set up an off-collab so soon, which means suggesting that Gura look for another member to invite was off the table.


Deciding to suck it up for now, the detective sighed to herself as she began walking back to her streaming room, responding, ‘I think I can make it work, what day were you thinking?’


Receiving a single ‘Tuesday,’ in response, the detective sent a thumbs up in response before putting away her phone and preparing her bath. Right as she was about to get in, she saw another notification, this time of Gura sending a photo of herself giving a shit-eating grin and a double thumbs up. Chuckling to herself at the shark’s dumb expression, Amelia set her phone down and stepped into the bath, she let out a content sigh.


As she laid in the water, she started to think about what she could do with her week off from detective work. Besides still having to stream each day, she had most of the week to herself and could do essentially whatever she wanted. Of course, she planned to spend a good amount of that time sleeping, but for the rest of the time she… couldn’t think of what to do.


Amelia slightly sank herself further down into the water, to where her head was beginning to be submerged. Despite being so ready to have this week off, the detective realized that she had no idea of what to even do. It had been so long since she had wanted a week off like this that she couldn’t decide on something to just do for fun. It slowly dawned on her that her only plan she could think of for the week was meeting up with Gura.


Taking the rest of her time in the bath to think as she cleaned herself, Amelia couldn’t get past the thought of spending some time with Gura. Honestly, she wished she could spend more time with her four genmates. All of those women always put a smile on her face, but something about the small shark gave her a tingling feeling in her chest. It had taken her quite quite a bit to realize that she had romantic feelings for Gura, especially since she had also been struggling to grasp a similar feeling with Ina at the time. Slowly, though, she had come to realize that some sort of deeper attraction existed for the shark, which was giving her mixed feelings about meeting up with Gura once again. Amelia decided to just brush her thoughts aside for the moment as she finished bathing. Of course, there would be no reason for her to reveal this romantic attraction anytime soon, so she had no need to think about it.


Eventually, Amelia exited the bathroom and headed back to her room to at least put some underwear on. Finally feeling relaxed after her bath, she sat down on her bed and began scrolling through twitter on her phone. After a few minutes, she saw a notification from discord pop up, seeing that Gura had sent her a message. Taking in what felt like a nervous breath, the detective read the shark’s message: ‘hey, call? I want to decide on the plan.’ Glancing over at her clock and how late it was, Amelia let out a sigh as she started a call.


“Hey, Gura,” the blonde tiredly greeted her friend.


There was a momentary clacking of keyboard keys before Gura gasped, “oh, did I wake you up?”


“Nah, I was just about to go to bed,” the detective responded as she tiredly rubbed her eyes. Amelia glanced over at her chair, planning to sit down at her desk while talking with the shark, but realized that the cold draft would be a little too much with how little she had on, so the detective walked over her dresser and began looking for something to put on.


As grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of shorts to throw on, she heard Gura reply, “well then, I don’t want to bother you for too long. Can we really quickly decide on what game to stream together at least?”


“Sure,” Amelia replied as she pulled the shirt over her head. Quickly picking her phone back up, the detective grabbed her coat from the coat hanger and threw it over her shoulders before lazily falling into her chair. “I don’t know if I’m going to have much brain power this week,” the blonde yawned, “whatever it is, we should choose a simple game.”


Amelia could hear Gura humming to herself as she presumably looked at her options. Feeling herself about to pass out from sitting, the detective decided to wake her computer up. As she typed in her password, the shark finally responded, “let’s just do some Minecraft, I know you’ve been loving that.”


Glancing at the small, blocky icon on her computer, Amelia found that suggestion satisfactory. “Sounds good,” the detective tiredly replied to her friend. Finding herself instinctively clicking on the game launcher, the blonde added, “how about we try some sort of build project? It’s been a while since we’ve done one of those.”


“Yeah, that sounds great!” Gura replied, “I’ll see what we have to work with on the server right now!”


As the shark presumably joined the server to look around, Amelia went into the singleplayer menu and quickly created a world to test out something she had seen recently. Despite being extremely tired and hastily making her way through the settings, the detective presumed she got the world settings right and clicked the ‘Create New World’ button. As she watched the world generate, Amelia heard a quiet, “hey Ame” come from her phone. Looking down to see what the shark was getting her attention for, the detective found Gura with her video on, staring directly into the camera with a stupidly wide grin on her face.


Immediately cracking up at the sight, Amelia laughed, “get your face away from the camera, you goofball, I don’t want to see that!”


Chuckling at the detective’s response, Gura leaned away from the computer camera and turned her video back off, jokingly responding, “yes, ma’am.”


As Amelia rolled her eyes at the shark’s shenanigans, she turned her attention back to her screen, finding that the world had loaded. Quickly though, she noticed that she was in the wrong gamemode and (after a longer second glance than she would have liked to admit) groaned in annoyance that she hadn’t created the world in creative mode.


“Something wrong?” Gura asked, having heard the sound.


“Yeah,” Amelia sighed, “I just wanted to test something, but I accidentally created a survival world instead of a creative one.”


“Oof,” the shark chimed in response. “Well, just create it again I guess.”


“Yeah, yeah,” the detective mumbled. Being as tired as she was, Amelia was quite slow to do anything, instead staring blankly at her screen momentarily, looking at the world that was generated for her. Even if she hadn’t screwed up creating the world, it appeared to be just a small island, which wouldn’t have been useful anyways. All she could see was a single tree there, and that was all. Finally remembering she had to move on, the detective went to grab her computer mouse.


The moment her finger made contact, a small electrical surge passed through her body, shocking her and causing her to fall to the floor. Whatever had happened must have caused a momentary power outage, as Amelia reopened her eyes to see the lights flickering back on. Slowly, she began to stand back up, sucking on the point where the shock transferred through her finger.


Trying to shake the pain off, the blonde glanced back over to her computer to see the screen completely screwed up in a way that she couldn’t accurately describe. It was definitely a worrying sight, most likely her screen being ruined by whatever power surge had just shocked her. In the moment she probably should have been more worried, but her overwhelming tiredness ended up driving her to shrug it off.


Having zero interest in troubleshooting anything that might have broken, the detective simply turned and trudged out of the room. As she walked to her bedroom, she checked discord and saw that Gura had left the call, so she slowly messaged the shark that she was too tired to continue and was going to sleep. When she finally got to her room, she lazily jumped onto her bed and stuck herself face down, too tired to even remove the clothes she was wearing.



“Ame, wake up!” A familiar voice called, causing Amelia to swat away whatever was grabbing her. Turning over onto her side to get away from whatever was being so bothersome, she was ready to just head back to sleep. In response, the voice got louder, shouting, “WAKE UP DOOFUS!”


Having the sudden realization that no one should be with her, Amelia suddenly shot up and turned to her side. Immediately, she came face to face with a familiar shark as she mumbled, “Gura?” Only getting a small glance at her friend, the detective had to quickly cover her eyes as an unusually light background was shining into her eyes.


As Amelia tried to adjust to the brightness, Gura began to speak, “I feel like this has to be a dream, but it feels too real to be a lucid dream, but maybe this is just me wanting to spend more time with you and my brain giving me an involuntary nap to help me achieve that. But it still doesn’t make-”


“Gura, what the hell are you talking about?” Amelia groaned, cutting the shark’s nervous rant off.


“Uhh… Ame, look around us,” the shark instructed.


Finally able to open her eyes enough, the detective began to survey their surroundings. The full scope of what she was seeing took a few seconds, but the realization made the detective’s heart skip a beat. Inexplicably, she was no longer in her room but, rather, a blocky world of the game she had just recently been playing. “That’s not good…” Amelia mumbled under her breath.


Turning back to Gura, the blonde found her friend nervously tugging on the straps of her casual streaming outfit. The shark’s eyes darted around as she pleaded, “please tell me I’m dreaming.”


As much as the detective wanted to say that it was, the situation felt so real to her, to the point where she couldn’t confidently disprove it. Instead of responding to the shark, Amelia found herself glancing around, scanning the terrain around them. If it was real, they were in a horrible situation of being on some island in the middle of the ocean with no mainland in sight. All of it seemed to be a normal terrifying situation… until Amelia took a long enough look at one edge of the island.


“Ame, what’s wrong?” Gura asked as she watched the detective hesitantly walk forward.


Just barely sticking out from her sleep deprived memories, Amelia realized that she had seen this tree and island edge before. It had been the world she had created when talking with Gura… before she was shocked. “This… this is the world I created when we talked last night.”


“Are you sure?” Gura worriedly asked. Amelia could hear the slight hesitancy in her voice, as the shark was still clearly hoping for it to be a dream.


The detective’s heart was thumping in her chest as she realized that she might actually be standing in some Minecraft world with Gura. Just them two. Alone. In a block game. Desperate to get that thought out of her head, Amelia mumbled to herself, “could that electrical surge have been a part of it.”


Almost immediately, the other woman made a strange sound of confusion. “Power surge?” Gura worriedly asked, “you got one too?”


Snapping her gaze back to the shark, Amelia responded, “yeah. You got one too?”


Gura gave a little nod, “it was really soon after we were talking about you messing up that world you created-” Gura’s expression went from worried to downright terrified, finally clicking a few pieces together, “oh god,” she mumbled to herself. “Is that when it happened for you too?”


“Yeah,” Amelia answered, unable to hide the shakiness in her voice. “When I went to grab my mouse, I got shocked and the power went out for a moment.”


Gura whispered something under her breath in response, but Amelia wasn’t close enough to hear, so she took a step closer. Seeing this, the shark began to twiddle her fingers together and confessed, “I think whatever you did last night reached me as well. Something shocked me and then my power went out. That was why I left the call last night, since my computer shut off.”


The blonde didn’t know how to respond. Everything felt so wrong about seeing Gura and herself standing in a blocky Minecraft world without looking anything like the blocky aesthetic of the world. Giving a look of hesitancy to the shark, Amelia walked over to the tree she had seen the night before and stood under it. Despite the leaves being only two blocks off the ground, they were absolutely giant. There was still a sizeable quarter of a meter above the detective’s head to the leaves, which caused an uneasy feeling in her stomach.


A soft rustling of grass marked Gura walking up to join her. The shark made a few quiet sounds, trying to think of what she wanted to say, but retracting her thoughts at the last second. Eventually, she finally blurted, “what do we do? If we really are in Minecraft, how would we even get out?”


Amelia had no idea how to respond at first. Instead, she mumbled, “I… don’t know.” Slowly, she began walking forward, approaching the nearby edge of the island. Trying her best to quell the feeling of dread that was crushing her, the detective knelt down and dipped her hand into the water, testing what it felt like. It was so strange, like actual water, as if she had dipped her hand into a normal liquid. As she pulled her hand out, she found some droplets stuck to her hand… real, non-square droplets. Marveling at the phenomenon, the detective wiped the water off of her shirt.


As she dried her hand, Amelia finally took a moment to glance down at her attire. It was the exact outfit she had passed out in: that same white t-shirt and dark brown shorts. The whole thing would have been a disaster for cold weather, had she not luckily had her coat on as well.


Everything just gave Amelia more questions than she had answers for, so the detective decided to start thinking objectively. Seeing that they were trapped in a Minecraft world, they would need some shelter before they started planning anything. Slowly turning around, the blonde found Gura sitting beneath the tree awaiting her return. Amelia began trudging back over to the shark, stopping to sigh, “I know you probably want to figure this out as much as I do, but I think we need to take this seriously in the case that it is actually real.”


Gura hung her head momentarily before standing up. “We need to build some sort of shelter, huh?”


Nodding, the detective sighed, “yeah, probably.” With Gura now standing, Amelia walked up to the tree and placed her hand on the wood. Whatever they were about to do, chopping down this tree would need to be the first step.


Before the blonde could start attempting to break the block, her friend blurted, “I have an idea on what to do for now.” Seeing Amelia turn to show that she was listening, Gura continued, “I don’t know how much you’d need me on land, but I could be useful going out into the ocean to see what I can find. All of that buried treasure and stuff out there would be nice if we are actually stuck here.”


Amelia remained silent for a moment. The idea of splitting up in this unfamiliar landscape filled the detective with a slight bit of dread, but Gura was right. That loot would be a huge benefit if she could find some and passing up the opportunity would be a lost opportunity. Either way, they were taking a gamble, so Amelia finally sighed, “go ahead.” Giving a thankful nod at her friend’s encouragement, Gura took a few steps back before turning around, stopping right at the edge of the water. 


The shark's tail slowly swung side to side as she nervously stared out at the endless sea. Amelia couldn’t help but think about how cute Gura looked standing there like that. As a slight warmth began to radiate from her cheeks, the detective turned her head away and cursed herself for thinking of things like that in such a moment. Her distraction kept her from realizing that Gura had walked back, only noticing the shark’s presence when she saw Gura’s feet appear in her peripheral vision.


With a look of embarrassment on her face, the shorter woman explained, “I… just realized that these clothes aren’t meant for swimming.” Amelia took a moment to glance down at the shark’s casual streaming outfit, complete with her typical white shirt under an overall-like dress. Definitely not meant for water. With a nervous blush on her face, the shark mumbled, “don’t make this weird, but I need to leave them with you while I go exploring.”


Despite only giving a weak nod, Amelia could feel her heart beginning to race as Gura began to slowly remove her clothing. Too worried her face would turn red, the detective forced herself to look away, very much in opposition to what her heart was telling her to do. Standing with her arms ready to hold what she needed to, she eventually felt the shark hand over her clothes, followed by the sound of grassy footsteps heading away. Once she heard the sound of Gura jumping into the water, Amelia finally looked back over. After a few moments of seeing the calm ocean surface, Gura’s head popped up and the two made eye contact. The shark was the first to break eye contact as she shouted, “good luck!”


With that, Amelia returned her attention to the stack of clothes the shark had given her. From the looks of it, Gura still had whatever bra and underwear she had been wearing. The blonde figured that it would make sense for at least those to be waterproof for Gura. Those clothes had no use for her, and she refused to even think about doing anything weird with them, so Amelia set them down to the side and stepped up to the tree. Rolling both shoulders to stretch out, the detective prepared herself for her first punch. 


Once her fist made contact with the wooden block, a surge of pain shot through the detective and she immediately reeled back, shouting many curses in the process. Whatever she had been expecting, she had not expected it to hurt that much . It definitely wasn’t as hard as hitting a solid stone, but it still hurt badly. It seemed to be effective though, as the block now showed a slight crack in the center. Still shaking out her other hand, Amelia fully committed to the action, now swinging her other fist at the block. It hurt just as much as the detective reeled back and began to cradle her hand from the impact.


The blonde repeated the process a few more times, coming pretty close to tearing up from the pain, but the block eventually broke and popped down into its shrunken item form. Amelia quickly picked up the small block and, despite cringing at the single glance of thinning skin on her knuckles that she got, felt a feeling of accomplishment at completing her task.


Staring down at the shrunken item in her hand, she realized that her first step would be to make a crafting table… but she didn’t know how. Clearly, she did not have access to an inventory like a normal player, so she wasn’t quite sure what to do. With her knowledge of logs typically breaking down into the four planks she needed, the detectives took a few moments to closely examine the object. Taking in a deep breath, Amelia began to apply some force to the log, squeezing it in her hand.


Slowly, she could feel something happening, so the detective decided to keep crushing the block with her grip. Unexpectedly, it suddenly burst into four planks, causing Amelia to fumble and almost drop two of them to the ground. Luckily, she managed to catch them and stood up tall, letting out a single chuckle of surprise. Realizing that direct force was what was needed to craft in this state, she used both hands to hold all four planks and started to compress them inwards. After a little bit of pressure, the detective watched the items fuse together, making the crafting table she needed. Giving out a relieved sigh, the detective began to examine her new workbench, trying to decide where to place it. With that out of the way, she could now use more wood to make tool-


Amelia froze immediately as her train of thoughts completely derailed. Slowly, she turned back to the tree she had just taken a block from and felt a creeping sense of dread at the realization that she would need to take down another two logs before she could get an axe to finish the last two. Not sure if she should start crying or let herself be filled with rage, the detective carefully placed the crafting table into her pocket, already hating being stuck in Minecraft.



Eventually, Amelia managed to make a little shelter by digging into the ground. Eventually, she had figured out how to place the crafting table, as well as use it to craft by placing items in the little grid on top. Of the four logs she had mined, two had been used to make an axe and shovel, and two had been used to make a pickaxe. As she had been mining out their little hole in the ground, the detective had managed to find a few saplings that their tree had dropped and replant them for extra wood in the future. Even luckier, the area of their subsurface shelter had held a coal vein, so Amelia had been able to craft a few torches to light up the room for safely closing up the top at night.


It took hours for the blonde to get the work done, which had eventually led her onto the fact that the Minecraft day had been stretched out to what seemed like a normal day, as the typical twenty minute day-night cycle had not occurred. It did mean that nights would be hours long for them, which was potentially even worse in the long run.


The most concerning thing had been that Gura hadn’t returned during that entire time. When they had woken up in the world, it had been a while past midday, but the sun was now beginning to set and there was no sign of the shark. Obviously, it had caused a rising anxiety in the detective the longer into making the shelter she had gotten. She didn’t know what to think. Had Gura gotten lost? Hurt? Was she…


No. Amelia wasn’t going to let herself think about that last thought. Instead, she kept working, slowly covering the top of their shelter with dirt she had minded when excavating the underground room. It was only a one block ceiling between their shelter and the surface, but that would do more than enough for protecting them.


Once there were only a few blocks left, Amelia sat herself down on the ledge of the temporary entrance, letting her legs dangle down into the hole. Having some time to finally rest, Amelia pulled an item out of her coat pocket that she had found earlier while working. Staring at the small red item, the detective sat wondering if the pixelated apple could really work as a food for her. She really couldn’t question it though, as she could feel her stomach rumbling and decided to give the pixelated item a try. Raising the apple up to her mouth, Amelia took a bite, delightfully surprised by the fact that it tasted just like an apple… just with a strange blocky texture. The biggest shock was how sweet it tasted for that type of fruit, which led her to scarf it down faster than she would have liked to admit.


Once the food item was gone, Amelia sat back and wished she had more, as it hadn’t fully filled her stomach, but it had at least done its job. With hunger no longer being the first thing on her mind, the blonde naturally drifted back to worrying about Gura. Amelia waited for a while longer before hearing a splashing sound behind her and turning to see a familiar figure exiting the water.


Amelia should have felt relieved to see the shark had returned, but something about Gura’s expression worried her that something was wrong. This suspicion was made apparent once the shark began to walk towards her, showing her steps to be extremely shaky. Extremely concerned for her friend, Amelia began walking over. “Gura, is something wr-” was all the detective got before the shark dropped some things she was holding and almost collapsed onto Amelia, gripping on in a desperate hug.


The detective could hear faint sobs coming from her friend as Gura’s legs looked like they were about to give out. Amelia tried to wrap her hands around the shark’s back, but they landed upon something, causing Gura to shriek in pain. The detective immediately asked, “Gura, are you okay?”


Rather than say anything, the shark began to fully cry, burying her face in Amelia’s shirt. While trying her best to comfort her friend, the blonde glanced around, realizing that the sun was beginning to set. Amelia knew that they couldn’t be outside for much longer, so she instructed, “Gura, I need you to let go for a moment and go down into our little shelter okay?”


The shark gave out a little nod, but didn’t lose her grip for a few moments. Eventually, though, she did step away and head over to the hole, sitting down on the edge before dropping down. With Gura safe inside, Amelia quickly moved to check out what she brought back. It was some serious valuables, which shocked the detective that Gura managed to carry them back in whatever wounded state she was in. Going to pick up the first ones, she paused, looking down at her own knuckles. She had tried to ignore it earlier, but the dried blood was still visible on them from where she had split her skin punching the logs. Things were already off to a bad start for the two and it had been less than a day inside the game.


Quickly sliding the items Gura brought into their shelter, Amelia hopped down and placed the final dirt blocks to seal them inside. Immediately, she turned her attention over to Gura who was slouched over on the ground. From there she could see three giant gashes in the shark’s back and felt like she was going to vomit. With nothing else to do, she approached her friend and concernedly asked, “what happened?”


Showing the tears streaming down her face, the shark sobbed, “I… I ran into some drowned. One of… of them had a trident and took me by surprise. It hit me and… I felt like I couldn’t move.”


“You’re okay now,” Amelia choked, wrapping her arms around Gura, trying her best to avoid her wound.


After a few quiet sobs, the shark whispered, “I thought I wasn’t going to see you again… I got so lost… I could barely move… I was so… tired.”


Amelia glanced over at the pile of loot to their side. Her heart raced as she responded, “you carried all of those valuables by yourself while wounded… I’m amazed. You’re safe now. We’ll have some good help from those items.”


The smaller woman gave a slight nod as she kept clinging to the detective, “please tell me that this is just a nightmare.”


“I… can’t tell you if it is or not,” Amelia softly responded. Staring down at the top of Gura’s head, she began to process the exhaustion in the shark’s voice. “Just get some sleep for now, okay? We’ll be safe here… I’ll keep you safe.”


The shark let out a slight whimper before placing both of her legs around Amelia’s hips. Quickly, the detective realized that Gura planned to fall asleep with her head on her friend and quietly accepted being trapped. It was likely the only position that would guarantee comfort and not hurt from putting pressure on her wound, so the detective slowly scooted back until she could lean against the wall to eventually get some sleep for herself.


Soon after, the shark’s body went limp as she drifted off. Amelia could feel a pain in her heart, seeing this woman she had feelings for in great pain, but having no way of helping her. She wanted so badly to fall asleep and wake up back in her own room, out of this nightmare, but part of her knew that this had all been too real for that to happen. If they were really stuck there, she would have the morning to begin checking the exact contents of the items Gura brought.


For now, though, Amelia kept her grip on the shark tight while purposely avoiding her wound. Stuck in place, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. With the extra space, Gura’s head slipped forwards more, planting between Amelia’s shoulder and cheek. Immediately, the detective’s heart began to race as she felt the shark’s soft hair press against her. It was something that she would experience in her dreams, holding Gura like this. She felt bad for loving being like this, but part of her felt so calm with her crush pressed against her.


Eventually, Amelia drifted off to sleep as well, holding tightly onto Gura as the two recovered from the day, completely oblivious of the trials that were to come.