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keep this a secret, okay? ♪

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Eichi Tenshouin introduces Tori Himemiya to one Hajime Shino.

Tori has always admired Eichi since he was a child, unable to help himself when his eyes gleamed every time they met. Eichi's smile alone twinkled brighter than any star Tori saw in the night sky, so radiant and angelic that it would have him on his knees. He has known him since Tori was just a wee little child and his mother had asked Eichi to cradle him in his arms. It is said when their eyes met, Tori giggled in glee under Eichi's watchful gaze.

So Tori would always find time to catch up with his Eichi-sama, bursting with joy at every chance they stumble upon each other. It would be false to say that his feelings for Eichi didn't go beyond an admiration, but he never really acted on it. In return, Eichi seems to have taken a liking to Tori, so he would entertain the young boy on whatever he wanted to do that day. 

And one day, Eichi decides to introduce Hajime to Tori.

Tori has never been properly acquainted with peers of his age, due to his status and circumstances of already working as a model for a very popular cosmetics brand with a very, very hectic schedule. The closest someone he considers someone to be a friend would probably be…er, Tsukasa, but the thought of labelling a boy like him as such left a sour taste on his tongue. Or perhaps Yuzuru would be a better choice, since they are just a year apart and someone who is dear to him and stayed by his side all his life. Other than that, there isn’t really anyone else at all.

But upon meeting Hajime for the first time, Tori finds himself easily swayed to Hajime's charms and he knew he wanted to be his friend. They exchanged numbers and began to chat frequently, with Tori beginning to nearly spend a good portion of his weekends with his eyes glued to the screen of his phone and watching out for a message notification from Hajime to appear. From dawn till dusk, the smile on his face never wavered whenever he and Hajime chatted away. And when Tori gets the chance to visit Eichi's home or office and Hajime is there, there is no hesitation to pull him away from the blonde to spend what free time he had with him.

Hajime's hand is warm and slightly bigger than his own. His footsteps are light as they run together, and the smile on his face is just so radiant that Tori could be blinded by it. When Tori proudly shows off to Hajime about a delightful sweet he wants them to try, the shy chuckle from the pastel blue-haired boy's lips is like music to his ears. Hajime would politely decline but Tori persists, and the delight that quickly shifts on Hajime's face when he relents and tries is totally worth the wait! 

Tori is glad to have met someone like Hajime in his life.

At the back of his mind, he wonders just where exactly did Eichi end up meeting someone like Hajime. From the stories they share with each other, he knows Hajime comes from a...not too well-off family, not like Tori's upbringing in comparison. When he asks how they met, Hajime would just brush him off or change the topic, leaving Tori to be much more whimsical and confused about the situation more and more. He’s a little jealous about their relationship too, since from the sidelines, he notices just how much Eichi dotes on him! Doting a little too much maybe…?

He tries not to think too hard about it, but little Tori can't help but be morbidly curious after all! He didn't like having people be secretive around him. The feeling was similar to one who would treat him just like a child!

But little does Tori know, that he may find out the truth of it all sooner than he thought.


"Hmm~ hmm~" Tori sings the soft melody under his breath as he skips towards the elevator and punches the up button. 

Today is a lovely spring day and Tori wanted to bring along Hajime for a walk at the park surrounded by the cherry blossoms. He also hasn't seen Hajime for two weeks now, and he really misses spending time with him! He tried to call him up but there was no response, and unfortunately he didn't know his home address to pay him a visit and check, so Tori turned to visiting Eichi's house in hopes he knew where he was.

Maybe Hajime is just there, spending afternoon tea with Eichi and his fiancee. A pang shot through Tori's heart and he knows full well that it was a sign of jealousy, but he's unsure where that feeling is pointed towards. Whether it was towards Eichi who gets to spend time with Hajime or vice versa, the feeling was so strong and lit up like a flame. 

When the elevator rings that he has reached his destination, Tori skips his way out of the parting doors and to the front door of Eichi's penthouse.

And then he pauses, a chill running down his back when he spots that the door is left slightly ajar.

"Oh no!" His hushed voice trickles with worry as he barges inside and closes the door. 

Immediately, he sees that there are no signs of forced entry or that the home is thrashed to hell and back, but he spots three familiar pairs of shoes positioned carelessly on the floor—recognizing immediately one of them belonging to Hajime.

There is a sigh of relief that immediately escapes Tori's lips, meaning that whoever came in last was just careless in locking the door. Relieved right away that nothing alarming had happened, Tori decides to take off his own shoes and take a step inside the home in hopes of finding Hajime. He could be relaxing in the living room or out on the balcony, so he should be making his way there!

With a small bounce at each step, Tori begins his search for the trio. To his surprise, their presence is missing from his sight. The living room and kitchen are empty, spotless without a trace of them anywhere, that leaves Tori scratching his head in confusion. They aren't on the balcony or dining area either, and Tori wouldn't want to pry into their rooms to find them.

...Or that's what he tells himself, but as he decides to head out of the premises, an unfamiliar voice suddenly echoes through the hallway. The pink-haired boy turns around, and his eyes are attentive towards the slightly ajar door of Eichi's bedroom. Tori's palms begin to feel moist, with sweat trickling down his forehead. More noises start to make itself more known from the door, and the young boy couldn’t divert his attention away from it—his curiosity unwavering from what secrets lie beyond the wooden entrance.


His ears perk up and unable to turn away anymore, Tori relents to sneak a peek through the gap on what could be found on the other side of the door. A gasp comes out of his lips from the sight before him, cheeks becoming flushed red and eyes in disbelief that he is witnessing such a promiscuous sight.

Hajime is on his knees on top of the bed, with his ass raised upwards and mouth preoccupied. He can see Ritsu in front of Hajime’s face, while Eichi is just behind him. The sight he sees doesn’t fool the pink-haired boy, recognizing right away that they are pleasuring Hajime just like the obscene videos that Yuzuru forbids him from laying his eyes on. Like all those of his age, Tori was curious about such taboo topics the adults surrounding him wanted to avoid discussing whenever he was around. But he hated being babied or coddled on like a child, always desiring to act and be treated like an adult should, which has led to him voluntarily searching up for all these obscenities the tall adults say! And thus, he became very much aware of all the indecent and salacious sights that everyone wanted to blind him with. It was…exhilarating to search them up already, but to actually witness the act itself, is something he didn't think would be bestowed upon right here and now.

His body felt hot watching Hajime, and the beginnings of his own erection forming makes itself known. He didn't think watching Hajime getting serviced—mouth and ass filled with cock—would turn him on, but it did, the boy squirming from where he stood.

“H-Hajime-kun…"  Eichi moans, hands firmly gripping the blue-haired boy’s ass while his hips thrust as deep as he could inside him. “No m-matter how many times we do're tight as ever. But you're much more eager than before…" 

"That's because we taught him sooo well, Ecchan…~" Ritsu sings, his hand tugging gently on the boy's soft locks. His red eyes peered downwards, watching how deep his cock moved into Hajime's lips. "H-Haakun's gotten rea~lly~ good taking us in now…~ Ahn...I-I'm close…"

Ritsu's thrusts pick up faster, the desperation for release closing in with each millisecond that passes. Below him, all Hajime could do is beg through his muffled whines. It isn't long until his voice lets out a stutter and he releases deep inside Hajime's mouth, with Tori witnessing it all from his peephole of sorts. He takes in a deep inhale while listening to Hajime's soft whimpering as he does his best to swallow all of the cum that bursted into him. Ritsu pulls away after a few moments and his ass plops down on the bed. Eichi’s eyes shine at the chance to finally have Hajime to himself, beginning to rock his hips faster into Hajime while Hajime's head is slumped down onto the bed sheets.

"H-H-Hah…!" Hajime cries out, hands balling into fists as they grip tightly on the fabric below. "M-More...E-Eichi o-onii-chaaan~"

Eichi chuckles hearing the honest plea, so he lifts Hajime's hips a little higher and fucks roughly into him. Tori's hands are shaking and his cheeks are burning up watching how intense the two have gotten in their passion. He's never seen them act like this before, only knowing that they are the sweetest pair together—or trio when Ritsu tags along.

But here they are now, indulging into their carnal desires with each other and Tori is lost for words. A swirling whirlpool of emotions stir within him, but if there's a prominent feeling that his heart couldn't stop wondering about—it's how aroused he's become from watching them.

Tori's hand hovers downward to his erection, rubbing at it and murmuring indistinguishable words to himself as his eyes are focused on the sight of Eichi and Hajime going at it like animals. The erotic sounds of their sex, slick skin slapping against each other and loud moans that resonate through the walls and down the halls while the bed creeks and does its best to stay firmly in place. There’s a very miniscule part of Tori that fears they could break the wooden frame, but from how intense they’re going, maybe the bed is used to such illicit activities no matter when it’s done.

Just letting his hand touch at the outline of his hard cock feels unsatisfactory now, and honestly, Tori’s care to be caught starts to slip with it as well. Desiring more friction for himself, he unzips his pants and slips it down slightly just enough for him to also slide his underwear down to let his cock pop out. It’s small in his hand, unsurprisingly, but it’s clearly erect and painfully needy to be touched. He starts to stroke himself, small huffs and sighs leaving his lips as his eyes continue to watch the dirty scene before him.

Eichi starts to pick up speed, his moans becoming more erratic while his grip on Hajime starts to tighten. In turn, Hajime starts to move his hips back to meet with Eichi’s, his own need for release and to be filled up by Eichi starting to make itself known. The sight of their desperation for each other turns Tori on more and more, his legs beginning to quiver from how fast his hand starts moving around his sensitive cock. He just began touching himself, intaking all of the noises coming out of the room as much as he could, and poor Tori is just about ready to tip over.

“E-Eichi onii-chan…!” Hajime exclaims loudly, the corners of his mouth drooling from the sensation. “I-I’m gonna…!”

Hajime’s words don’t get to finish as he cries out and cum begins to stain on Eichi’s bed sheets. His body tightens up around Eichi’s dick, and that’s just enough for the blonde alone to also pound deep into Hajime one last time before finally losing himself and cumming deep inside that tight and needy hole begging for him.

Watching all that was Tori’s last straw. 

“M-Mmm…!” His eyes shut close and he immediately lifts his hand up to cover his mouth, but he’s unable to stop moaning to himself and coating his hand with white. Tori gives himself languid strokes as he does his best to squeeze out whatever cum is still in him, and when he’s done, he’s only had a brief moment of respite when a familiar voice raises a question from the other side of the door.

“ you hear that?”

“Hm…?” Eichi’s voice sounded tired. “What is it…?”

“I think...someone is sneaking a peek at us from our door~”

The words quickly shifts Tori’s mood from relieved to panic in less than a second. Ritsu’s observation is enough to send an emergency alarm coursing through his body, and he wastes no time to pull up his pants as fast as he could and head out for the door. 

He didn’t care about the mess he left right at their door and floor, or how haphazardly he put on his shoes before hightailing out of Eichi’s penthouse. Tori needed to leave, fearing that getting caught would result in something much more grave than timeout in the corner of his room. Once he’s out of the building and back in Yuzuru’s arms, he can forget everything that happened that afternoon.

Forget about Eichi and Ritsu having their hands on Hajime like that. Forget what he felt when he saw Eichi’s cock deep inside Hajime. Forget wanting to replicate that feeling for himself.


What Tori fails to realize though, is that he may have dropped the scented pouch that Hajime has gifted him on his way out, or that there is a security camera right outside Eichi’s front door for him to check later if there is an intrusion.