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Pray for the Preacher's Daughter

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Tuesday 24th June 2014

Cherry: Mum says we can’t visit and I’m devastated. How will I cope without you for two years? How did your first semester go?


Bonnie: I’m crushed. Not even over Christmas? It was good. You know, I didn’t think it’d be easy to adjust, but I’ve made some good friends. I’ll miss you though. And it’s only one and a half years.


Cherry: Oh, sorry, little miss specific. No; not even for Christmas. She’s being difficult. But we’re moving house at the end of the year so I suppose she wants me around to help with the boxes and stuff. See! I told you making new friends would be easy. Are they excellent?


Bonnie: You’re moving? Where to? They are pretty awesome. It’s been good to have them around to help me fit in, you know? They’re pretty solid.


Cherry: Across town. Mum doesn’t want to live in a flood-zone anymore. I’ll send you photos to document our moving in. You trust them right? Please tell me you’re being straight with them.


Norman: Cherry won’t let me in on her texting. She’s being mean. Bonnie, tell her to stop being mean.


Bonnie (Cherry): That’s fair enough. I look forward to the photos. I… I don’t know yet. Six months isn’t long.


Bonnie (Norman): Just steal her phone later and check the history. Miss you Norm.


Norman: Argh! That’s so mean of you too. I’m at training to I can’t just snatch it. I’ll have to wait for ages.


Marceline: Hey, can I stop by later? I need a place to hide my lute. Dad’s being a douche again.


Bonnie (Marceline): Sure. Then I’ll finally have something to put in my storage closet.


Bonnie (Norman): Oh, hush, you big baby. How is your training going? Did you make the team?


Cherry: It’s hardly fair to keep them in the dark on all that, Bonnie. You’ve got a little bit of baggage they might like to know about. Plus, I’m sure you’re thoroughly sick of being asked out. Am I right?


Bonnie (Cherry): Ouch, you land all the low blows. Norman wants you to fill him in on this conversation by the way. He says you’re being mean.


Cherry: Don’t change the subject. And I will, but he’s at training. Did he tell you he made the team? His mum was so proud. Anyway, you should tell them. Tell some of them at least. You never know, it might go over well.


Norman: Yeah, I made the team. Mum made me a cake and everything. It was mostly inedible, but the thought was there. She’s worried though. I mean, boxing is a tough sport, but she’s been really supportive.


Marceline: I can’t tell if that was sarcasm or not. I’m on my way.


Bonnie (Norman): That’s great! I knew you could do it. Kick all of their butts for me. Say ‘hi’ to your mum for me.


Bonnie (Marceline): I’m sorry, but practically the only things in my storage closet are instruments of yours that need ‘hiding’.


Marceline: If you’re going to be sarcastic. Do it to my face, please and thank you.


Bonnie (Marceline): You would need to be here for that. Stop texting while you’re driving.


Marceline: I’m touched by your concern for my safety.


Bonnie (Marceline): You’re an idiot.


Marceline: Whip-shh! Comeback of the century award goes to Bonnie B!


Norman: Oh I will. Maggie’s boyfriend is on the team too. I have lots of fun punching his lights out. I think I’ve finally hit pole position on her ‘most hated’ list.


Cherry: Stop ignoring me. You know I’m right.


Bonnie (Norman): Haha! I would love to see that. How is she? Cherry said she was picking up her act but I find it hard to believe.


Norman: She’s… better. Georgia has been the driving force in their Combined Bitchiness Endeavours since you left. I think the novelty is wearing off and the reality of everyone hating them has finally kicked in.


Bonnie (Norman): I’m almost touched to know that I was their main target. Feels good to know I left a lasting impact on them.


Norman: And what about Reich? Have you inspired a similar reaction in anyone there?


Bonnie (Norman): I haven’t told anyone yet. I’m currently ignoring Cherry’s attempts to convince me I’m being childish. But I have a feeling they’d dig up pitchforks from somewhere. I mean, it is a church town.


Cherry: Seriously, Bonnie. You’re being stupid.


Norman: Ouch. I’m sorry for you. Well, graduation is only fifteen months away or something. Then you can stop worrying so much.


Bonnie (Cherry): I’m being practical.


Cherry: You are the dumbest smart person I know.


Bonnie (Norman): Yeah, I can hope. And tell Cherry to stop being so naggy. It’s no wonder she doesn’t have a boyfriend.


Norman: I… take it you don’t know then?


Bonnie (Norman): Know what? Are you keeping secrets from me, Bunting?


Bonnie (Cherry): Do you have a boyfriend I don’t know about?


Cherry: What? Bloody Norman. Did he tell you something?


Bonnie (Cherry): Alluded to it, is more like. Is he right?


Cherry: No… well… not technically. We’re not dating. He just sort of… hangs around.


Bonnie (Cherry): Scandalous. And you didn’t tell me? I will expect details you know.


Cherry: You can have details as soon as you man up and tell your new friends everything they need to know.


Bonnie (Cherry): They don’t need to know anything. I can always just ask Norman…


Bonnie (Norman): What’s his name? This guy she’s spending time with? Is he nice?


Cherry: You wouldn’t.


Norman: He’s nice, alright to look at too. His name’s Stanley. His parents run that fruit juice conglomerate thing. Can’t think of what it’s called.


Bonnie (Norman): Oh, I know the one. The store, not the guy. That’s good though. I hope he’s not an idiot.


Norman: No, not an idiot. He treats her good. If only he’d actually ask her out then they could stop dancing around each other and do stuff together. I don’t know about couple-y things.


Cherry: Bonnibel Banner. You answer your texts right now and stop gabbing about me to Norman.


Bonnie (Cherry): Why don’t you just ask Stanley out? Solve all your problems.


Cherry: Why don’t you ever ask someone out?


Bonnie (Cherry): That was pathetic.


Cherry: You’d know all about pathetic. I have to go now. Phone must be off at the movies. Let Norman know that I’m coming for his head.


Bonnie (Cherry): Will do. You kids have fun now.


Bonnie (Norman): Cherry’s at the movies, presumably with Stanley. She wants you to keep watch over your shoulder because she’s coming for you.


Norman: I’m quaking in my boots.


Marceline: Lemme in. Also your doorbell is broken.


Bonnie (Norman): Haha! I’ll bet. She’s a four-ten whirlwind of pure fury. Got to go now, I have a guest over. Talk to you later.


Norman: Amen to that. I almost want details on your guest. I’ll grill you about it later. Have fun!~