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Time is eternal, we are not

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Sprite had been eyeing her brother for quite a while. At first, it was only because her eyes scanned the bar and she briefly stopped to see what he was up to. Her gaze stayed when she realized he wasn’t looking so good. Granted, he always seemed to have that permanent scowl of his whenever he’s somewhere crowded. This time he looked kind of, uneasy? 

Sprite - with the help of her illusion of course – looked older and whether by coincidence or not, she bore an almost similar appearance to Druig. She had his dark hair although a bit lighter, and her eyes were the same shade. If seen side by side, they could very easily pass as siblings. 

As Druig turned away, Sprite tried to look at what he was avoiding. 

Sprite almost snorted at the sight of a woman making her way toward Druig. By how she was moving her hips, it didn’t look like she was going to ask for directions. At first, she wanted to know how things would turn out. She watched as the woman sat down across the table, and finally got Druig’s attention. Although by the frown on his face, it seemed like she wasn’t making a very great first impression. 

Sprite turned to the people she was conversing with. “Excuse me, I think my brother needs my help.” She heard faint murmurs behind her but paid no mind. 

She had to stop herself from sprinting when Druig’s eyes started to have a faint glow of gold in them. Reaching them in record time without running, she sidled up right behind the woman. Unnoticed just yet.

Druig, on the other hand, could see her very clearly. As their eyes met, she still saw the faint glow in his pupils. Ajak wouldn’t like it if Druig controlled any innocent – though she doubted this specific woman was innocent at all based on how her eyes scanned Druig's body.. - humans. 

Knowing that he could lip-read, Sprite mouthed, I’ve got this. She was met with a raised eyebrow, and a doubtful look, but the golden glow of his eyes slowly faded away. 

She tapped the woman’s shoulder and could immediately feel her ice-cold stare. She could pretty much guess she wasn’t going to be welcomed warmly. And she was proven correct. “And who are you? Are you a waiter or something? We don’t want anything.” 

Her high-pitched voice almost made Sprite snort. But she wasn’t rude – most of the time – so she held her sweet impish smile.  

She had prepared her story. She was Druig’s younger sister, and she was simply worried about her brother, she was also tasked with being the sober driver – that would probably earn a scoff from Druig. But before she could utter her lie, she was beaten to it. 

“Sprite, there you are, let’s go.” He stood up from his seat and stood ready to go by her side. He knew not to touch her, as not to ruin her illusion. To be honest, Sprite was a bit pissed that Druig didn’t leave it to her even after she told him she would handle it. But at least he wasn’t going to mind-control the woman, so that’s one success she could claim. 

Smiling tightly, Sprite nodded towards the woman and went to go out Before she turned, she noticed the woman moving to grab her out of the corner of her eye. Worried about compromising her illusion, she swerved out of the way. That turned out unnecessary as Druig placed himself in between the two of them. 

“My sister and I are leaving, and it would do you good to stay out of our way.” By the tone of his voice Sprite was sure anyone who heard would know it was a threat. Apparently, it didn’t deter the woman at all. 

Even with her illusioned self, Sprite was still roughly the same height as she was before, maybe a little bit taller. She leaned to look over Druig’s shoulder. The woman still had that look of thinking she had a chance at winning over Druig. 

Too bad for her, that chance has already been taken. And by someone waaay more qualified for Druig as far as Sprite was concerned. 

As the woman kept throwing glances at Druig, Sprite just had about enough. “Could you stop looking at my brother like you’re going to eat him or something?! I can assure you he’s not dense, he just doesn’t like you. So take the hint and move on woman! Geez!” Her rising voice, unfortunately, turned a few heads, but at that point, she didn’t really care. Let them hear. She brushed Druig’s back slightly with her elbow to signal that it was probably a good time for them to get the hell out of there.   

Sprite burst out laughing and nearly doubled over as they exited the building. As she caught her breath, she froze as she heard the clear low sound of laughter. Her mouth hung open. 

Druig was laughing. That was weird. Not wanting to make him feel awkward by her sudden silence, she made the move of wiping her eyes – which were watery over how hard she laughed – and her laughter returned in the form of giggles. But this time, it was because she never thought her stoic-like brother could ever laugh like that. Rarer so, in front of her. She felt a little bit smug. Of course, she knew he probably laughed like that all the time in front of Makkari. But she didn’t want to top Makkari in Druig’s ‘list of people he laughed in front of’ anyway. She was definitely telling Makkari when she sees her again. 

By the time her giggles stopped, Druig’s face had no sign of laughter left on it. Although she swore she could see a faint sign of something else…

She dared to believe it was pride.