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Nine months later.

(It's been Nine months since the final battle with Ghost face and finding both Stu Mocker and Billy Loomis after their final battle with Ghost Face the Bat team went back to Gotham and started getting back to their

lives only to have short lived when Sonny showed up to try and get Mark to tell him who had and killed Nina and when he refused to answer him he tried to get him to only to have Kate and Ares show up and told

him to get lost and when he refused to leave Mark called in a friend and had him arrested for harassment.)

Sonny: I wanna know killed Nina.
Mark: You really wanna know who killed the homewrecker?
Sonny: Yes I do?
Mark: Should I?
Kate: It's up to you.
Mark: Okay fine. I'll tell you who killed the bitch.

(He looked at him.)

Sonny: Who was it?
Mark: Me. Now get this wennie out of my face.
Bradly: Got it Mark. Let's go Corinthos.
Sonny: You're gonna pay for this Mark.
Mark: Sure i will. Because every horror movie starts out with you're gonna get it Mark.

(Kate and Ares looked at him trying to keep from laughing.)

Sonny: This isn't Stab Mark.
Mark: Oh no no. This is real life and your girlfriend will always be known as a homewrecker.
Kate: Mark!
Mark: He started it.
Kate: Yeah i know he did but stop.
Mark: Yes Ma'am.
Kate: Are right.
Sonny: You're a dead man and you're gonna lose everything you've ever wanted Buchanan including your wife once again.

(Mark hearing that goes after him and throws him into the wall as he goes into it he started beating on him as he beating on Sonny acouple of the former Crows had rushed into the room and grabed Mark off of

Sonny once he was off Mark lightly pushed them back.)

Mark: Keep up the threats Sonny. You might just find yourself in a place you didn't think you'd ever see again.

(He looks at him as Bradly and his partner pick him up to take him out of the room.)

Kate: Hey.
Mark: He threatened Circe.
Kate: Yes he did. But you're letting your feelings get the best of you and he just realized that.
Mark: You do realize i might of let my feelings for Circe come through but.
Kate: What?
Mark: If Sonny actually does follow through on his threat.
Kate: Okay.
Mark: It won't be me who goes after him.
Kate: Roman!
Mark: The very same.
Kate: Well if he does.
Mark: What?
Kate: I wouldn't stop him and i know Reagan wouldn't stop him. Not after what Nina did to her sister.
Mark: True. She'd send her wife after him.

(Ares is trying to keep from laughing.)

Ares: Why me?
Mark: Because you a so pretty.

(She gets him in the gut getting him to laugh at her as he turns and walks out of the room.)

Kate: Yup.

(Ares laughs at her as they walk off. After Mark's little confrontation Mark had gone and told both Roman and Circe what Sonny had said and as both Mark and Kate talked about Roman threatened to go after Sonny

if anything happened to Circe. As he walked off Mark looked at his wife who looked at him and laughed.)

Circe: Miss Ghost face yet babe?
Mark: I can honestly say no. I don't.

(They started laughing as he hugged her and kissed her head then pulled away from it.)

Circe: Honestly Sonny can make all threats he wants.
Mark: Oh yeah why's that?
Circe: He's are ready lost the respect of his ex wife two of his bestfriends and might i add the respect of both of his sons his daughter and his step daughter.
Mark: Yeah i know.
Circe: So let him make all the threats he wants all he's doing is backing himself into a corner.
Mark: Okay.
Circe: Are right.
Mark: I'm just glad she didn't do any major damage when she stuck that knife into your back.
Circe: From what the doctors said she came pretty damn close to my heart and she's lucky she didn't.
Mark: Yeah. She would of had both your father and sister on her ass if i hadn't of put a bullet into her head.
Circe: Yeah. And you realize.
Mark: Hey if Sonny wants to start a war with your father then i say go for it. He's gonna lose it all in the end.
Circe: What if he doesn't think so.
Mark: Then that's his problem.

(She laughs at him as he kisses her then pulls away from her as they continued to talk about what happened to her and how she ended up pregnant even though Mark can't give her any of his own. After talking and

figuring out what to do. Mark told Circe that he would help her raise the baby as it's his own. She smiled at him and hugged him.)

Circe: Thank you.
Mark: You're welcome. I know what the bastard did and I'm not about to turn the baby away i don't care what Nina and Nelle had planned.
Circe: Nelle was convinced that Peter would make a great father.
Mark: If he would of stayed on the straight an narrow he would of made a great father.
Circe: But.
Mark: But someone like Peter was never going to change. Didn't matter how much people wanted him too.

(She smiled at him as he kissed her head then pulled away from it as he continued to hug her. In between Mark and Sonny confrontation to him and Circe talking about what to do with the baby they both went to

spend sometime with Reagan and Ares along with Kate and Sophie who had shortly after getting back from Woodsboro had gotten back together but before that they both sat down and talked about them and what

happened between them at Point Rock to now and both decided to take things slow and have been back together ever since whenever they would go and see Reagan and Ares they would Ares would always pick on

Kate about Courtney and she would give her the finger.)

Kate: I'm not afraid of the baby.
Mark: So why won't you hold her.
Kate: This is a nice jacket.
Mark: Fired a crossbow arrow Sophie.
Sophie: And ruined my favorite jacket.

(She looked at them and laughed.)

Kate: Only because i thought i was Circe and well Ryan threatened to break my noise.

(She puts her hand on it getting them to laugh at her then calmed down.)

Ryan: It wasn't Circe's Noise or else i would of.
Circe: Oh.
Mark: That's okay babe. You're still pretty.
Circe: Oh well thank you honey.
Mark: You're welcome.

(He kissed her head then pulled away from it getting them to laugh then calmed down as Mark walked over to Courtney and tickled her little foot getting her to laugh at him then he got in her sides getting her to

continue to laugh then he stopped as he looked at her.)

Mark: You really are a cutie.

(She smiled at him.)

Reagan: She is.
Mark: We seriously sure she's Ares.

(Ares looks off as they started laughing again then calm down.)

Reagan: Will you leave my wife alone.
Mark: Yes Ma'am.

(He laughed at her as he looked over at Circe who smiled at him and then he looked at the baby.)

Mary: He's gonna make a good father.
Circe: I know he will. But i can tell he wishes this baby is his.
Mary: I know he does. But being blood related doesn't make you a father it's the person who raises you. Just ask Sarah's husband.
Circe: I have she said her husband loves her eldest like she was his own.
Mary: See. And my dad is the same way. Even those I'm not blood related he still loves me.
Circe: What's that say for Kate and Veracity?
Mary: They love me and it shows.
Circe: And Beth back there?

(Mary looks over at her.)

Mary: She's starting too.

(They started laughing then calmed down as Kate got up enough nerve to go over to Reagan and Courtney then sits down next to her and starts playing with her as she continues to laugh at them then she puts her

arms out for Kate which surprises Kate she takes her from Reagan and holds her as she's holding Courtney's playing with her face getting her to laugh at her.)

Mark: Now Kate would make a great mother.
Kate: I don't know. It's one thing to hold a baby it's another thing to have one of my own.

(Sophie looked at her and laughed.)

Sophie: We're a long way from being parents there Kate.
Kate: I know. But that's okay. I love this one.

(She smiles at her as she continues to play with Kate's face and then starts beating on her getting them to laugh at her.)

Kate: Hey hey Reagan.
Reagan: Courtney!

(She looks at her and smiles as she puts her hand onto something that gets them to start laughing and Kate looks down. And then over to Mark whose on the floor laughing then calms down as he looks at his


Mark: Yup she's Ares daughter.
Ares: Yeah.
Kate: Hey i don't think my girlfriend would approve.

(She smiles at her.)

Sophie: I don't. But she's cute so there's that.
Kate: Oh is that so.

(She laughs at her as she kisses her then pulls away from her then Kate removes her little hand from her boob and holds her to the front of her getting her to look around at everyone and makes a nose that gets

them to laugh at her. All of this is leading up to Nine months and two weeks later it's been two weeks since Circe gave birth to her's and Mark's child and have been spending a lot of time at home with their son

who they named after someone very close to his friends from Woodsboro who had gone to see Circe after she had given birth to their son. As both Mark and Circe were on her bed looking at their son someone had

knocked on the door getting Mark to look up at the door.)

Mark: Yeah.

(The opened and Sidney walked into the room followed by Gale and the others getting Mark to laugh at them.)

Mark: Hey.
Sidney: Hey.

(He gets off of the bed and walks over to her then pulls away from her as he hugs Gale along with Sam and her sister and shook the guys hands getting them to laugh.)

Gale: We heard a rumor that you're a father now.
Mark: I am. Actually.

(He walks them towards the bed and shows them the baby in Circe's arms seeing them Sidney smiles at him.)

Sidney: He's so cute.
Mark: Right. Who knew.

(They laugh at him.)

Sam: What's his name?

(Mark looks at her and then to Circe.)

Circe: Go ahead?
Mark: Dewight Stephen Buchanan.

(Gale looks at him and nearly loses it as he grabs her into hug getting her to smile at him.)

Stu: You named him after Dewey?
Mark: We did.
Sidney: That's great to hear Mark. He'd be very happy to hear that.
Mark: I sure hope so.

(They start laughing again then calm down. Then Gale pulled away from him.)

Gale: Thank you.
Mark: You're welcome. He was one hell of a guy. Kind of dorky like Randy.
Randy: Hey. Why me?
Stu: You're easy to pick on.
Randy: You guys suck.

(They started laughing then calmed down as they all spent time with them getting to know the baby. After a few days in the hospital Circe and the baby were both released and sent home. Over at the Hold up both

Mark and Circe walk in minus the baby as they walk in they head over to everyone.)

Mark: Hey.

(They look over at them.)

Kate: Hey. How's Dewight doing?
Circe: He's good. He's sleeping through the night.
Mark: Yes.

(They start laughing at him.)

Kate: Why you so tired?
Mark: Why don't you ask mine and Sophie's new boss.
Reagan: What?
Mark: She's working both me and Sophie so much harder then your father did.
Kate: Is she really?
Reagan: He was sparring with Oliver and Ares.
Mark: Yes. And Ares was shirtless. You honestly don't realize how many scars someone has until you see them.
Reagan: Yeah really. How many scars do you have again?
Mark: More then i want to count.
Reagan: Oh I bet.

(As their all talking and joking around those very friends of Mark's from Woodsboro walk into the bar and look around it.)

Stu: This is nice.
Randy: Yeah. Too bad it's a gay bar.

(He looks at him as the other's laugh and everyone else turns and looks at them.)

Mark: Hey.
Sidney: Hey.
Mark: Getting tired of Woodsboro?
Sidney: No. Of course not.
Mark: Huh.

(They start laughing as Ryan pours them some drinks.)

Billy: Who owns this place anyway?
Mark: She's sitting right there next to her girlfriend.

(He turns and looks at Kate who smiles at him.)

Billy: Oh hi.
Kate: Hi.
Mark: Oh god Stu.
Stu: What?
Mark: Their high.

(They start laughing at their faces.)

Kate: Now come on.
Mark: Damn this is fun.

(They continue to laugh then calm down.)

Tara: Can i have a soda if you guys have any?
Ryan: Yeah.

(She grabs out a cup for her and gets some soda.)

Mark: Making this an all ages Bar Kate?
Kate: Yeah why?
Mark: Just asking.
Kate: Oh sorry.
Mark: No it's fine.

(As they sit there talking and joking Reagan walks over to Mark and talks to them as their talking he says something that gets her to hit him and he looks at Billy whose trying to keep from laughing.)

Mark: Ow.
Billy: Serves you right.
Mark: I know. But still ow.
Kate: Wuss.
Mark: Yeah yeah. And if you say it I'll sick Sarah on you.

(Reagan looks at him and then looks off trying to keep from blushing only to have Tara see it.)

Tara: Uh-oh.
Sam: What?
Tara: Reagan's blushing.

(Mark looks at her and starts laughing at her.)

Reagan: I'm going to kill you.
Mark: I'm sorry i couldn't help it.
Sam: What's going on?
Mark: Let's just say before Reagan got together with Ares and had cute little Courtney.

(Reagan looks off.)

Kate: What?
Mark: She had walked in on Sarah changing while she was staying with her and her husband.

(Reagan puts her head down and makes nose getting them to laugh.)

Reagan: So did you.
Mark: Yeah. But I'm not the one blushing at the mention of the woman's name.

(She looks at him and laughs. Over the next couple of hours as they all continue to tease Reagan for blushing at the thought of walking in on one of Mark's friends in her bathroom after showering she would start

beating on him getting him to laugh at her then he ran off with her right behind him as they ran off Kate laughed at them because even though her and Reagan aren't together anymore and the fact that she's

happily married to someone and has uncreditable adorable little girl with her one of which that likes to be just like her mothers and give her hell Kate can't help but smile at the thought of her some day becoming a

mother to her child and raising that very child with Sophie when that time comes.