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(Over in Gotham over at the Sionis Mansion both Kate and Reagan are doing the finishing touches on their wedding as their doing the final touches on it KJ runs into the room and over to them as she gets to them

Kate picks her up and kisses her head then pulls away from it. As she pulls away from it KJ pokes her mother's cheeks getting her to smile at her then they go back to finishing up the wedding planning KJ seeing

the seating chart grabs Bruce's pin and moves him to the other side of the tent which get both Kate and Reagan to laugh at her.)

Kate: Oh my god.
KJ: What?
Kate: You're such a brat.
KJ: He the reason why my friend is dead.

(Kate looks at her and smiles as she kisses her head then pulls away from it.)

Kate: You really miss Sophie don't you?
KJ: Yeah. I wish she could be here.

(Kate looks at Reagan who looks off not sure of what to say or do.)

Kate: So do we baby girl.

(She kisses her head again then pulls away from it. As they finish up with the seating chart Mark and Circe walk back into the house talking and joking around with Victor on Mark's back.)

Mark: Shut up i didn't say that.
Circe: Oh whatever babe you so said it.
Mark: No. I said Ryan had a cute butt. Completely different thing.
Circe: No it's not.
Mark: It is for me.

(She starts laughing at him then calms down.)

Mark: Are you laughing at me?
Circe: Maybe.
Mark: I think your mother is laughing at me.
Victor: Oh. Mommy that's not very nice.
Circe: He started it.

(They start laughing as Mark puts their son down and he rushes off into the living room as Mark goes after his wife getting Kate and Reagan to laugh at them.)

Victor: Aunt Reagan.

(She looks at him and smiles as she picks him up and puts him onto her lap and she shows him the seating chart and he looks at it.)

Victor: Oh good the bad man is in the back.

(Kate and Reagan start laughing as Mark and Circe come back into the living room and he kisses her getting her to smile in it then he pulls away from her. Then Mark sees the seating chart and laughs at it.)

Mark: Hey babe look.

(Circe looks down and laughs then calms down.)

Kate: Yeah KJ did that.
Mark: Oh really?
KJ: Yeah.
Mark: I'm not even going to ask why.
Circe: I think we all know why she put that.
Mark: Yeah. KJ!

(She looks at him as he puts his hand up and she high fives him getting them to laugh as he kisses her head then pulls away from it as someone knocks on the door Mark looks at Circe.)

Mark: Do you have anyone coming over?
Circe: No.

(He walks over to the door and opens it as he opens it he sees someone they all thought was dead.)

Mark: Sophie!

(She looks at him and smiles. Hearing the name Kate got up and walked over to the door to see who Mark sees.)

Kate: Sophie!
Sophie: Hi.

(Kate falls into her bestfriend who helps her sit down seeing Kate go down Reagan gets up and walks over to her as she gets there she looks at the doorway and looks at her in shock.)

Reagan: What?
Sophie: All i can say is that.
KJ: Sophie!

(She looks at her and smiles as she runs over to her and Sophie picks her up and holds her as she's holding her KJ's hugging her happy to see her again.)

Circe: Sophie come on in it's cold out there.

(She moves into the house as Mark and Reagan help Kate up and they walk off into the living room to go and sit down as they walk in Circe closes the door and Sophie sits down on the couch still holding KJ whose

not letting her go anytime soon.)

Mark: Okay I'm so.
Sophie: So am i. All i can say is that. I woke up next to my grave and as i got up and looked around i was to say the least confused as to how I'm alive.
Kate: Wow.
Sophie: Yeah. Wow she's really got a really good grip on me.
Mark: KJ!
KJ: No.
Kate: Hey hey baby girl she's here with you.
KJ: No. I don't want her to go away again.

(She keeps a hold of her as Mark looks at Circe and Reagan who look off not sure of what to say or do. But he walks over to her.)

Mark: If you don't let her go she's gonna tickle you.

(KJ quickly let's her go and then looks at Mark as Sophie gets her in the sides getting her to lean over.)

KJ: Hey.
Sophie: He warned you.

(She does it again getting KJ to laugh at her. Then she stops as she hugs her again.)

KJ: Don't go away again.
Sophie: I'm not going anywhere.
KJ: Okay. But you gotta go and see Renee.
Sophie: Why?
KJ: What?
Sophie: Why would i go an see Renee. You're much cuter.

(She starts placing kisses all over KJ's face getting her to laugh along with everyone else. Then she stops as she looks at Kate and smiles at her.)

Sophie: I heard you took back the Batwoman mantle.
Kate: I did.
Sophie: Any regrets?
Kate: Not a one.
Sophie: Good. Right?
KJ: Yeah. According to Uncle Luke she better then Bruce.

(Sophie starts laughing at her ex's face.)

Kate: Yeah.
Sophie: Well i got news for you.
KJ: What?
Sophie: Uncle Luke is right. Your momma is the better bat.
KJ: Yay.

(She hugs her again getting them to laugh at her then she pulls away from her as Sophie kisses her head then pulls away from it. Over the next couple of weeks leading up to Kate and Reagan's wedding Sophie's

spend time with her friends and sister since she came back but the one person she wants to spend time with she's afraid to go and see with her being so scared to see her it takes one phone call from her sister to

Renee to get her back to Gotham in order to see the person she thought was dead after arriving in Gotham and going to Kate's office to see her. As she got her to office she knocks on the door getting her to look

up at her.)

Kate: Renee!
Renee: Hi.
Kate: What you doing here?
Renee: I got this weird call from Sophie's sister saying to come back to Gotham. She just didn't give me much of a reason.
Kate: Well it was reason enough to come all the way here anyway.
Renee: As much as i love being in Metropolis it's not really. Well Gotham so there's that.

(Kate laughed at her.)

Kate: Yeah. Anyway.
Renee: Is your jackass of a cousin still here?
Kate: Unfortunately.
Renee: But he's not.
Kate: No. He might of own the building but once i changed the name on the building he really doesn't have a say anymore so.
Renee: Wow.
Kate: Yeah.

(Then the one woman who Renee is there to see or well a woman she wasn't sure she was supposed to see there walks into Kate's office.)

Sophie: Hey Kate.

(Hearing her voice Renee turns and looks at her.)

Renee: Sophie!

(She stops walking and looks at her.)

Sophie: Renee!

(She walks over to her and looks her over then she turns and looks at Kate.)

Kate: It's really her.

(She smiles at her as she grabs her into a hug getting her to smile at her then she pulled away from her.)

Sophie: I know Hi wouldn't work here.
Renee: It wouldn't.
Sophie: I've actually been wanting to go and see you.
Renee: Why haven't you?
Sophie: Been to scared too.

(She looked at her and laughed.)

Renee: I get it.

(Sophie smiled at her as she kissed her getting her to smile in it as they were kissing Kate put her head back into her work which got them to laugh as they pulled away from each other.)

Sophie: Come on.
Renee: Where we going?
Sophie: Back to my place.

(She smiled at her as they both turned and walked off to go and reunite in a way that they both would be very fun and embarrassing to Kate if Sophie had brought it up in front of her. After spending a lot of time

with Renee and making up for loss time in between spending time with Renee and KJ Sophie's going back and forth between her girlfriend her ex's little girl and her sister Sophie jokes with Reagan one day about

how she feels like a ping pong ball and Reagan started laughing at her which got her to lightly push her which only made her laugh more.)

Sophie: Man you and Kate really are meant for each other.
Kate: Hey.

(They started laughing at her face.)

Victor: Ha ha Aunt Kate.

(Kate looked at him as he ran off and she went after him as he got to the corner of the counter Kate walked up behind him and picked him up to and started picking at him getting him to laugh at her as she

continued to pick at him Mark and Circe had walked into bar and saw Kate picking on their son and she put him down as he ran over to his parents and hid behind Mark's leg getting him to laugh at him.)

Victor: Her was torturing me.
Mark: What you do that for?
Kate: He started it.
Victor: Did not.
Kate: Did too.

(He looks at her and then to Circe who was trying to keep from laughing. All of this is leading up to two weeks later. It's the day of Kate and Reagan's wedding and people are starting to show up as their showing

up for the wedding Mark's up at the alter talking and joking around with Oliver whose trying to keep from laughing. Then they calm down as they see who arrives at the wedding seeing who it is Oliver goes to

attack him but both Mark and Luke keep him back.)

Mark: Come on this is Kate and Reagan's day don't let him being here ruin it for everyone.

(He looks at him and nods his head. Then they continue to talk and joke around. Later both Kate and Reagan are up at the alter saying their vows and exchanging wedding rings. After exchanging rings and being

announced as wives. They both walk back down the aisle and headed off towards their reception as they got to the tent on the other side of Sionis property they both walk in and head for the dance floor which is

lead by Kate joking with Reagan and saying she doesn't dance but she laughs at her as they start dancing as their dancing Mark grabs Circe and they join them out on the dance floor as both sets of couples are

dancing Ryan walks over to Mary and puts her hand out for her getting her to look up at her.)

Ryan: I know I'm not my brother or Luke. But can i have this dance?

(Mary looks at her and smiles as she nods her head she grabs her hand and they walk out onto the dance floor and starts dancing. As their dancing their talking and joking around as they continue to talk Mary says

something that gets her to look at her.)

Ryan: What?
Mary: I have never seen your brother or Luke as anything other then friends.
Ryan: Okay. Who do you see as anything other then a friend?
Mary: You.

(Ryan looks at her and smiles at her as she kisses her getting Mary to smile in it as their kissing Sophie and Renee look over and smile at them as their smiling KJ walks over to them and they both dance with her

making her laugh over by Mary and Ryan they both pull away from each other smiling.)

Mary: I'm in love with you.
Ryan: Yeah.
Mary: Yeah.
Ryan: I love you too.

(Mary smiles at her as she kisses her again as their kiss continues Mark looks over at them smiling then he kisses his own wife getting her to smile in it then he pulls away from her as they continue on with their

own dance. Later their all still enjoying Kate and Reagan's wedding reception as their celebration continues KJ sees Bruce talking with someone and still being very mad at him for what he did to her mother and for

what he did to Sophie by taking back the Batman mantle she walked over to him and quickly kicked him getting him to yell out and looked down at her.)

KJ: Get out of here. You mean man. No one wants you here.

(She kicks him again getting him to back up and look at her.)

Bruce: KJ!
KJ: Because of you. I lost my friend. I want you to go away.
Kate: KJ!

(She turns and looks at Kate then runs over to her as she gets to her she picks her up and hangs onto her.)

Mark: I think it's time you left Bruce.
Bruce: She's the one who came over here and kicked me and i need to leave?
KJ: Yes. I still mad at you.
Sophie: KJ!

(She looks at her as Kate hands her over and Sophie takes her from her and hangs onto her and KJ keeps a hold of her. As Bruce looks at them all not wanting to argue he turned and walked off as KJ kept a hold of


Mark: Okay KJ he's gone.
KJ: Good.

(He looks at Kate who looks off not sure of what to say or do.)

Mark: Let's make the most of this.
Kate: How?

(He walks over to KJ and gets her in the side getting her to laugh at him. As they continued on with the wedding reception Kate and Reagan got to the cake cutting and Reagan smashed the cake into Kate's face

which got everyone laughing at them then Kate as payback did it to Reagan and both Mark along with Circe and Renee were recording them and even told them that they were going to post the videos onto

Facebook which got them to look at them and threw the cake into Circe and Renee's faces as both Mark and Sophie had ducked out of the way which got everyone to laugh at them as their celebration continued

both Kate and Reagan had gone off to start their honeymoon at one of the most expose of hotels in Gotham and it just happened to be owned by none other then Santino D'Antonio. After learning of Santino being

alive and finding out that he owned one of the hotels there both Mark and Reagan had gone to catch up with him and Reagan gave Mark hell for flirting with Ares just before he got back together with her sister.)

Mark: You're an ass.
Reagan: I'm a Queen.

(He looked at her as Santino started laughing then calmed down.)

Mark: Man.

Later that night.

(Over at the hotel their both staying at for the night their both up in their room on their bed under the covers kissing after making love to each other. As their kiss continued Reagan deepened it sending them into

another love making session as their love making continued into the rest of the night and into the next morning they both had fallen asleep as their both sleeping Reagan had gotten a text from someone she didn't

think she'd ever hear from again.)

Margot: (Text) Congrats Reagan. I hope you and Kate will have a happy life together.
Reagan: (Text) Thanks. I hope we can someday fix our relationship.

(Then she sends it as she turns and looks at her new wife still out cold as her phone goes off.)

Margot: (Text) So do i.

(Reagan read that and started smiling as she lied back on the bed again after putting her phone down and then rolled over and wrapped her arm around Kate's waste. And fell back to sleep.