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Peter: I said Jada Jet had an affair.
Reagan: We know that you jackass.
Peter: With Bruce Wayne.

(They all look at him in shock. And then over to Jada. Seeing the look on her face Kate walks up to her.)

Kate: You and Bruce?
Jada: It was just one night.
Kate: Are you fucken kidding me.

(Mary looks at her and then to Sophie who looks just as shocked by this.)

Mary: So if Bruce is Ryan's father.
Reagan: Mean's she's Kate's cousin.

(Kate looks at her and then looks off.)

Mary: Oh my god. Does that mean?
Mark: You were only Bruce's cousin by marriage.

(Mary smiles at him but he can tell she's still hurting over the fact that Bruce Wayne is Ryan's father.)

Mary: Some how Mark that doesn't make me feel any better.
Mark: I know that and Mary i really am sorry. I don't even know why he would reveal that to began with.
Mary: Because he's a heartless prick who thinks it's okay to mess with people's heads.

(He looks at her and laughs off the shock.)

Mary: We get Kate back and he can't handle it so he decides he's gonna screw up someone else's life.
Kate: Speaking ruining lives. Where the hell is my sister?

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Peter: Now if i knew that. What the hell makes you think I'd tell you.
Mark: Well for one thing if you don't your daughter loses her father for good and very much like Reagan said. We're not Jason Morgan when we aim to shoot we hit our targets.

(He looks at and goes to laugh as Mark puts his gun right to his chest and he looks down.)

Mark: I'd hit here first and then to finally end your ass i'd shoot your brains out.
Peter: You wouldn't.
Mark: Na.

(He shoots out his leg getting him to fall over.)

Mark: Oops. My finger slipped.

(Reagan looks at him as she's trying to keep from laughing.)

Reagan: We're not the Crows Mark.
Mark: I know. But i swear Reagan my finger slipped.
Reagan: Onto the trigger.
Mark: Yes.
Reagan: You're so full of crap.
Mark: I know.
Reagan: Oh.

(They start laughing as they get him up again he looks at him.)

Peter: You're a bastard.
Mark: Takes one to know one.
Reagan: Mary i know he just ruined your chances at being with Ryan but.
Mary: I'm doctor first a cousin by marriage later. Sit this jackass down.

(They sit him down so she can look his leg over as she's looking his leg over she pushes on it getting him to look off annoyed.)

Mary: For being such a dick and nearly killing Ryan.
Peter: Watch it.
Mark: I can always be the one who presses down onto your leg.

(He looks at him and shuts up. Mary cuts open his pant leg and looks at his leg.)

Mark: I do any damage?
Mary: No it looks like all you did was graze his leg.
Mark: Are right.
Mary: All he needs is a few stitches and then he'll be good to go.
Mark: Okay. And for the record.
Mary: She's just a woman Mark.
Mark: I know that. But it can't be easy finding out the woman you're in love with is related.
Mary: She's more related to Kate then me.
Mark: Mary!
Mary: It hurts i won't lie.

(He smiles at her as he stands up and let's her get back to work on Peter's leg.)

An hour later.

(Over at the Hold up Mary's sitting down at the bar with a drink in her hand as someone walks up to her and sits down next to her as they sit down she orders a drink and sits there in silence.)

Mary: How you do it?
Kate: Do what?
Mary: Handle things like finding out that Ryan's your cousin?

(She moves closer to her and sits there.)

Kate: I can honestly say i don't even know what to say right now.
Mary: Really?
Kate: I mean it's one thing to hear that there's a chance that Ryan's related to me. And there's the fact of DNA proof.

(Mary looks at her.)

Mary: You don't believe Peter?
Kate: You don't grow up with Jacob Kane as your father without knowing if someone's lying.
Mary: And you think?
Kate: I think given how quickly he said Bruce's name like it was nothing.
Mary: What you think we should do?
Kate: I think we need to get a DNA sample from Ryan and then get one from Bruce.

(Mary nods her head at her.)

Mary: How do we get Bruce's DNA?
Kate: I don't really know.
Mary: Kate he's been gone for a long time and no one can seem to locate him doesn't matter how hard we try and find him. I mean you even left to go and try to find him but couldn't do it.
Kate: Yeah but of all honesty.
Mary: What?
Kate: I wasn't really trying to find him.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Mary: Why not?
Kate: My first acouple of weeks being away i was looking for him. But the longer i was out there i started thinking. I'd never find him and i was right.
Mary: Hey.
Kate: I started thinking that if he had really wanted to be found we would of found him somewhere.
Mary: Another words.
Kate: He doesn't wanna be found. And i wasn't about waste my engery on trying to find someone who clearly doesn't wanna be found.
Mary: Okay.
Kate: That and I thought if i stayed away from Gotham long enough i could kind of get my head on straight.
Mary: And.
Kate: I can't doesn't matter how hard i try.

(She looks at her and laughs.)

Mary: I just. I can't help how i feel about Ryan Kate. I can't.
Kate: I'm aware of that.
Mary: I also can't help but think that.
Kate: What?
Mary: I have a feeling my feelings are on sided.

(Kate looks at her.)

Mary: While you were away she had gotten really close to Sophie. And then the whole thing with Luke's PTSD.
Kate: Mary!
Mary: I think Ryan's in love with Sophie.

(Kate looks at her and then looks off.)

Kate: Oh.

(Mary looks at her and then looks off.)

Mary: I'm sorry. I never should of.
Kate: No it's fine.
Mary: Is it?
Kate: No of course not. Ryan's trying to steal my woman.

(Mary starts laughing at her as Kate looks at her.)

Kate: I'm so flad you found that so punny.

(Mary continues to laugh then calms down.)

Mary: Oh my god. I really did miss you Kate.
Kate: Good to know.
Mary: I'm being serious. I mean Mark was there as much as he could be after you left and after he had lost a woman he had no memory of.
Kate: Yeah i know.
Mary: Only to find out he had married that same woman.
Kate: No one said Nina Reeves made much sense Mary.
Mary: That's true. But i can see the look on Mark's face whenever he looks at her.
Kate: He really loves her and i can honestly say Circe is no mistake.
Mary: She's far from it.
Kate: Yeah.

(As they continue to talk and catch up Sophie watches from the corner and smiles at them as she gets up and walks over to them.)

Sophie: Hey.

(They turn and look at her.)

Kate: Hi.
Sophie: How you doing Mary?
Mary: I've been better.
Sophie: Well we'll figure out if Ryan really is related to Bruce.
Mary: Yeah and what happens when it comes back as her being his daughter?
Sophie: I'm sure we'll figure something out.
Mary: Sophie if she's related to Bruce we can't be together.
Sophie: Why not?
Mary: Just i feel like.
Kate: She feels that if Ryan is Bruce's daughter.
Sophie: Oh.
Kate: Yeah.
Mary: I feel like i can't be happy. And thanks to Peter August and his need to make everyone around him as miserable as he is. I can't be with the woman I'm in love with. And she won't even know why. Until she wakes up.
Sophie: Well Reagan's got Barry and Oliver looking to see if they can't try and locate Bruce anywhere.
Kate: Sounds like a good idea.
Sophie: Yeah.
Mary: I'm gonna go to the hospital and see if i can't get in to see Ryan.
Kate: Okay.

(She smiles at her as she gets up and walks off as she walks off Sophie sits down next to her.)

Kate: Knowing Ryan could be related to me is really messing with her.
Sophie: So i can tell. How you doing?
Kate: Well I'm not to happy at the fact that my cousin had an affair with someone and then got her pregnant. Hell Sophie we don't even know if Ryan is even his.
Sophie: We will figure it out Kate we always do.
Kate: Yeah i know. But seeing that look on Mary's face when Peter said what he did.
Sophie: Hell Kate for all we know he could of said that just mess with Mary's head.
Kate: He could of. But given Peter August record.
Sophie: I know that. Hey look.
Kate: Yeah.
Sophie: I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me sometime?

(Kate looks at her and laughs.)

Kate: Why Sophie Moore are you asking me out?
Sophie: Yes i am.
Kate: I'd love too. But.
Sophie: After we find Renee and Alice.
Kate: Yeah. But I'll settle for a drink.

(Sophie laughs at her as she sits down and they start talking and getting to know each other again. Over the next couple of weeks as the search for both Renee and Alice continues as their search for them

continues Oliver and Barry's teams continue their search for Bruce in order to find out if what Peter said is true and to see if he's Ryan's father. Soon after that secret came out Ryan woke up and when she woke up

she saw Mary by her bed seeing her wake up Mary smiled and quickly stood up and grabbed her hand getting her to smile at her. After waking up Mary had filled Ryan in on what was going on and when she

learned that Jada Jet is her birth mother and that she had a brother after learning that she shut herself off to which Mary understood and let her be alone until she was ready to talk to anyone. As for Kate and

Sophie they both started growing closer to each other and the closer they grew the happier both of them were and had even gone out on a few dates. After finding out how close both Kate and Sophie were getting

Reagan started showing signs of getting jealous until she would look over at her wife and little girl and knew as long as Kate was happy she was going to be happy for Kate didn't matter who she was with. All of

this is leading up to two weeks later over at the FBI command center Barry rushes into the room and up to Reagan's office. Who happens to be in there with Baby Courtney and Ares as their talking Reagan looks at

her and laughs.)

Reagan: You're such a dork babe.
Ares: Am not. Am i?

(The baby laughs at her.)

Ares: You're not helping me out here Courtney.

(She continues to laugh at her as Ares kisses her head then pulls away from it as Barry rushes into her office quickly followed by Oliver.)

Barry: Reagan!
Reagan: Yeah.
Barry: We believe we might of figured out where Bruce is.

(She looks at him and then looks at her wife.)

Ares: Where?
Oliver: He's dead.

(They both look at each other and then look off.)

Reagan: Well this just got a lot worse.
Barry: Why?
Reagan: Because Peter August told everyone that Jada Jet had an affair with Bruce and that Ryan's his daughter.
Barry: Well that's not possible.
Reagan: What you mean?
Barry: Caitlin did a DNA test on Ryan while she was in Central City.
Ares: When was she in Central City?
Oliver: Two weeks before Kate came back to Gotham.
Reagan: Okay. And.
Barry: We just got the DNA results back on the body. And we figured the lie that August told.
Reagan: Barry!
Barry: What?
Reagan: Kate's sister is in love with Ryan and would love to know if the woman she loves is related to her.
Oliver: Caitlin ran the tests twice and she came back with the same result.
Reagan: And that is?
Oliver: Peter August is a prick with one hell of an axe to grind.
Ares: Meaning?
Barry: Bruce and Jada did sleep together yes. But he's not Ryan's father.

(He hands the test results to Reagan who hands the baby up to Ares and she takes her from her and grabs the results from him and looks them over.)

Ares: Reagan!
Reagan: He's right there is no DNA match on Bruce's part.
Ares: So if Bruce isn't Ryan's father.
Reagan: Then who is.
Oliver: We've been going through a lot of the people she could of slept with.
Reagan: Really Ollie.
Oliver: She has a right to know.
Reagan: Yeah but whose to say she wants to know who her father is. I mean the minute she found out that Jada Jet is her birth mother and that she has a brother.
Oliver: What?
Reagan: She shut herself off.

(He looks off not sure of what to do or say.)

Barry: So what we do. I mean we've just proven that there's no way that Bruce is Ryan's father.
Oliver: Yeah.
Reagan: I'm sure we did. But it's still not gonna make Ryan feel any better.
Barry: I know it won't.
Reagan: Okay.
Ares: I'm gonna take Courtney home.
Reagan: Okay. I'll see you two later.

(She gets up and walks over to them and kisses Ares then pulls away from her and kisses her daughter's head.)

Reagan: I love you both.
Ares: We love you too.

(She smiles at her as she grabs up her things and then walks out of the office as Kate walks up and sees the baby.)

Kate: Hey cutie.

(She smiles at her as they walk by and Kate walks into Reagan's office followed by Sophie and Mark as they walk in they close the door behind them and look at Reagan.)

Mark: What's going on?

(She looks at them.)

Reagan: Oliver and Barry found Bruce.

(Kate looks at them with hope in her eyes only to quickly lose it.)

Kate: What's wrong?
Oliver: We're sorry Kate.
Kate: What?
Oliver: Bruce is dead.