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Half and half

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A bright light flashes in front of Thatcher’s eyes and then everything turns black.

He wakes up on a cold table, with only a thin, weird type of cloth covering his privates.

Thatcher looks around, there’s really weird looking technology he doesn’t recognize at all surrounding him.

He sits up and is greeted by a weird looking humanoid shape.

He can’t really make out details, he just sees a looming shape in the shadows.

He does end up hearing a hushed conversation:
“He’s not the one, he’s not even mated to anyone from our planet.”

“How the hell did we even get the wrong one?”

“So I’m guessing there’s more than one hybrid on the team then.”

“Go get the other one, we can use this waste of space as bait, but until then, we’re doing experiments on him.”


That’s not good.

Thatcher has to come up with a good plan to escape, otherwise he may get injured or die.

He can’t let that happen.