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Changing Facts

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It was a clear night with a full moon illuminating the sky. The night was silent and bright due to the thousand of stars that bright in the sky. Is that time of the years were the Sakura trees start to bloom into their full beauty promising a calm and peaceful environment loved by anyone.

Tonight the light of the moon illuminated a specific tree; this tree was the biggest and the most beautiful one. Below this tree there is a small figure…it’s the figure of a small child no older than 12 years old with silver hair and his soft lavender eyes that were red and covered with tears while sobbing he held his arms hugging himself as if looking for the comfort and support no one else would give him.

“Why are you crying little one?” A soft feminine voice asked. The child looked up at the branches of the trees and saw a stunning woman dressed in a white kimono with long white hair starting down at him.

“No one wants me.” He said looking down. “They are all ashamed of me because they say I’m weak and helpless, that I’m too fragile and sickly to even think of training.” He replied.

“I see…what about your family?” She asked.

“They think so too…just that they don’t say it out loud…they think I don’t understand their actions. By brother is better than me, he is strong and capable so my parents prefer him over me, while he trains I spend most of the time at bed…and I know he makes fun of me…even if he doesn’t do it directly I know…” He murmured.

“Does it hurt?” She asked getting down of the tree.

“Wha-” He tried to ask but was interrupted.

“Does it hurt?” She asked again approaching him.

“Yes. Yes it does.” He said looking at her, his tears now dry.

“I see.” She said in a low voice. “We have some things in common you know? We could help each other.”

“We could?” The child asked curiously.

“Yeah we could.” She said looking at the sky thoughtfully.

“Excuse me lady, but are you a vampire?” The child asked shyly interrupting her thoughts.

“Indeed, I am.” She said observing him. “I am a pureblood to be specific.”

“A pureblood?” He asked confused.

“Yeah, it is one of the strongest vampires.” She explained. “I’m Shizuka Hio. What’s your name child?” She asked.

“I’m Zero…Kiryu Zero.” He said.

“Well then Zero…” She said kneeling down in front of Zero and holding his face up to look directly at her eyes.

“Would you like to make a deal?”