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To fill the void

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Noah hated clubbing. The obnoxiously loud music, the heaving throng of people, the booze, the drunkards, the lack of personal space, the horny college kids, basically he hated the whole idea of clubbing and everything involved with it. Yet here he was, sitting at the bar holding a drink he hadn't even taken a sip from.

Why was he here? Two names. Owen and Izzy. Izzy wanted to go clubbing and she convinced Owen too. As for himself? Well you try saying no when a crazy ginger drags you out of your dorm and you have the all the strength of a cheese stick.

The only reason he hadn't gone home yet was because he was pretty sure he'd be the only one sober enough to drive. He would pretty much rather be anywhere but here. Not the least because of the number of people who had hit on him.

"You seem to be having a bad time no?" An accented voice said.

Noah heaved a sigh and looked in the direction of the voice. The man was of Latin origin, with caramel skin, and well sculpted muscles. His long brown hair brushed his shoulders and he had a matching soul patch on his chin. The most noticeable feature were his narrow murky green eyes. He wore a maroon shirt over a white tank top, jeans, boots, and a bull necklace. He was smiling at him charmingly.

"I'm sitting at the bar avoiding everyone. What was your first clue?" He snarked.

The man chuckled. "Quite the sharp tongue you have."

"Is there something you need?" He asked.

"I saw you were sitting here alone and thought you may want company." The Spaniard said.

"Well I don't." He replied shortly.

"At least let me have the pleasure of knowing your name. I am Alejandro, and you are?"

He huffed. Maybe if he told Alejandro his name the guy would leave him alone. "Noah."

"An excellent name. Tell me why have you not partaken in your drink? Is it not to your liking?" Alejandro asked.

"I have no intention of drinking anything. I'm staying sober. I only bought this so the bartender wouldn't chase me off." He snapped. "So if you're trying to get me drunk and hit on me screw off."

The Spaniard gave him a look of indignation. "I would never! I was simply trying to be polite. A gentleman always offers to pay for their companion's drink."

"Well you offered so drop it." he said firmly.

"I will. Do you mind if I drink then?" Alejandro asked.

"Knock yourself out."

"Bartender, one Bloody Mary please." The Latino said.

Noah gave him an odd look. He noticed. "Is there something you wish to ask?"

"Not really, I just didn't take you for a Bloody Mary kind of guy." He shrugged.

Alejandro accepted the drink given to him. "I find there is something ironic about drinking them." He chuckled as though enjoying a private joke.


The Spaniard took a sip of his drink. "So, how does one as antisocial as you end up here?"

Noah sighed. "My friends dragged me here. Although considering that maybe I should reconsider being friends with at least one of them." Izzy of course.

"I see. How fortunate for me that they did." Alejandro said, smirking devilishly.

"I thought you weren't going to hit on me?" He frowned.

"No, you misunderstood. I was saying I'd never get someone drunk then hit on them. You're perfectly sober so I full intend to attempt to win you over." The Latino told him.

Noah sighed. "Can't you go flirt with one of the many floozies out on the dance floor? I'm they'd be more than happy to indulge you."

"That's the trouble, when one can have anyone they want, they desire a challenge." Alejandro said.

"Ugh. You're one of those guys?" He scoffed. "Get over yourself. As attractive as you are there will be people you can't have."

The Spaniard chuckled. "Ah, but you have already admitted to finding me attractive."

"In a completely logical matter of fact way. Nothing more." Noah defended.

"You protest too much querido." Alejandro said taking another sip of his Bloody Mary.

"Do not call me that."

"So you do know some Spanish. I find intelligence an appealing trait."

"Seriously, take your libido and choke on it." He snapped.

"it's been awhile since I met someone as stubborn as you." The Spaniard said, a wistful tone to his voice, as though lost in memory.

Noah checked his watch. They'd been here three hours. More than enough clubbing. He was getting Owen and Izzy and going back to the dorms. "Not that this hasn't been fascinating but I have a test tomorrow so..."

"Of course." Alejandro said.

Noah walked away as quickly as he could, braving the throng of people to find his friends. It took awhile, and he was pretty sure his butt had been touched multiple times, but eventually he did find them. He could tell just looking at them they were sloshed.

"Hey little buddy! How's it going?" Owen slurred.

"We're going home." He said.

"Aw, but Noah," Izzy hiccupped. "It's only midnight."

"You me. Car. Now." He ordered.

"Fine. Big O and I will find something to entertain ourselves." Izzy purred.

From the way she was looking at Owen Noah had a feeling he knew what she was talking about.

"Just do it in your dorm room Izzy." He sighed.

The three of them made their way out to the car. As they did Noah couldn't shake the feeling someone was watching him. Alejandro's murky green eyes came to mind. He shuddered and glanced over his shoulder. Nothing but the stillness of the night.

"You okay?" Owen slurred.

"Uh fine." He said as he unlocked the door. "Just a little creeped out."

All the ride back to the dorms the feeling persisted. Noah found it hard to concentrate on the road. He was relieved when they got to the dorms. He didn't think he could focus much longer. He escorted Izzy and Owen inside. They ran off to do... whatever.

He could still feel eyes on him. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up. A prickly sensation ran over the back of his head. It didn't make sense. Unless someone followed him here? Surely they would have been noticed though. The dorm was full of people. He kept walking, glancing over his shoulder every so often. When he got to the dorm room he shared with Owen, he unlocked the door and entered. Then he locked it behind him.

He let out a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding. Then he took his shoes off and lay down on his bed. He was too tired to change out of his clothes. He hadn't been lying about that test. He did have one. At seven am tomorrow. So he needed to get sleep now.

He closed his eyes and focused on his breathing. Inhale. Exhale. Ignore the feeling of someone watching. If someone was watching he'd have seen them. He'd been keeping an eye out all the way here. Inhale. Exhale. Stop thinking about Alejandro's murky green eyes. Inhale. Exhale. Just focus on sleep. Inhale. Exhale. Until he fell asleep.

When he woke it was still dark. He groaned as he glanced at the clock. three am. His neck ached. He must have slept on it wrong. He got up, went to the bathroom and grabbed some pain reliever. Then he lay down again. It was far easier to fall asleep this time. He somehow felt more tired than he had when he'd gone to sleep.

His alarm rang three hours later. He got up and turned it off. He felt exhausted. His head still ached from last night. He sighed and went to shower. The hot water eased the pain in his neck somewhat. His mind slowly cleared as he washed himself. By the time he got out of the shower he felt a bit more human, though his neck still ached.

After he got dressed he checked himself in the mirror. There was no sign of anything on his neck. So he probably just had a crick in it. He exited the dorm and headed towards school. He should eat something, but he wasn't hungry. When he exited the building he was nearly blinded. Ugh. When had the sun gotten so bright? He went back inside and picked up his shades. Then he exited again.

He got to his class and took his test, finishing it before anyone else. He turned his paper over and lay his head down. He felt so tired still. It wasn't long before he fell asleep. It seemed like only moments later that he was being shook awake. His classmate, a brunette named Courtney looked at him in concern. "I know you're lazy, but you've never fallen asleep in class before. Are you feeling okay?"

He rolled his eyes. "I'm fine. Just had a hard time sleeping last night."

Courtney didn't look convinced. "Okay..."

The rest of the day went by in a blur. He was pretty sure he'd gone to his classes, and studied a bit. He couldn't really remember much. That evening he was fully prepared to fall asleep.

Except that he couldn't. He felt oddly energized. Tingles ran over his skin. An odd sense of excitement ran through him. Considering how tired he'd just been he was surprised. Whatever the reason he couldn't sleep. So he decided to study until he fell asleep. Around midnight he started to feel like he was being watched again. He frowned and looked out the window. Nothing. Just like last night.

'You're getting paranoid.' he told himself. 'You're so tired you're imagining things that aren't there.'

He lay down on his bed and forced himself to focus on his breathing. Eventually he did fall asleep. When next he woke it was three am. Just like last night. The pain in his neck, which had mostly subsided the day before, was back. That was unusual. He went to the bathroom and checked himself in the mirror. Nothing on his neck. No bruises, no marks, nothing.

The sensation of being watched was at an all time high. Someone was here. He was sure of it. Someone was here watching him. His heart beat in his ears. A sense of dread came over him. Was he being stalked? He turned on all the lights and began to search his dorm room. Luckily Owen was a deep sleeper and the light didn't wake him. He checked under the bed, in the closet, in the bathtub. Under Owen's bed. Anywhere a person could be hiding he looked. No one.

At this point Noah was beside himself. 'You're fine Noah.' He thought. 'You were just shaken up about last night. No one is here but Owen. You've looked everywhere. So stop worrying.'

He didn't. He stayed up the rest of the night, unable to shake the feeling of being watched. He was so tired. His neck throbbed. He didn't have any classes today. He remembered he hadn't eaten in hours, he'd had lunch the day before. So he got up and went to one of the cafes on campus. He ordered a bagel.

He felt cold. Very cold. The A.C. had to be blasting in here. He began to eat his bagel, but with each bite of food he swallowed nausea welled up in him. He ran to the bathroom and immediately threw up everything he'd just eaten.

So that was it. He was sick. It made sense. Chills, fatigue, a lack of appetite. In hindsight he should have realized earlier. He walked back to his dorm and got in bed, wrapping his covers tightly around him. He was so cold. He fell asleep quickly.

He woke at around seven. He still felt cold. He wanted something hot. It'd been awhile since he'd had anything to drink. He could smell something good. Still wrapped up in his blanket he followed the scent to the dorm kitchen. The coffee maker was full. Owen was already drinking a cup.

"Good morning little buddy." His friend said. "You feeling any better?"

"Not much. I'm still cold." He said. "Could you pour me a cup?"

"Sure." Owen did as he requested. "You've been out of it since we went clubbing. You think you caught something?"

"Probably. With that many bodies in that little space, I'm not surprised." He said. He drank some of his coffee. It didn't have much taste to it. Still it was warm. So he kept drinking it. Normally coffee warmed him, even when sick. This time it did nothing.

"You want more?" Owen asked, noticing his cup was empty.

"It doesn't seem to be doing much." He sighed. Now that he was paying attention, he noticed the good smell wasn't coming from the coffee. It was coming from Owen. This wouldn't be weird if it weren't for the response to the smell. It wasn't a good scent in the way flowers or lemon was. It was closer to something like a steak.

'Why would Owen smell like food?' He thought anxiously. 'That's not normal. Not even for being sick.' As far he knew there was no sickness that caused you to smell your friends like food.

"Are you okay?" Owen asked. Noah couldn't really hear him. Not over the sudden desire to bite Owen's, practically non existent, neck, break the skin, maybe even tear it open.

'What the hell is wrong with me?!' He thought horrified. 'This isn't okay. Not in the most remote sense. I've never had any violent tendencies before. Why do I have them now?'

"Buddy?" Owen frowned.

"Yeah," Noah somehow managed to answer through the haze in his mind. "I think I need to go back to sleep."

"Okay, let me know if there's anything I can do to help."

'Stay away from me.' He thought as he hurried back to his dorm and locked the door. 'What do I do? I mean, if I went to a psychiatrist what would I even say to them? Hi I was fine two days ago but now I have the sudden desire to tear my friend's throat open? How do you explain something like that?'

He huddled in the dark holding himself. This wasn't happening. People didn't just suddenly get cannibalistic urges. Usually a change like that was prompted by something. At this point he was struggling to breathe over the tightness in his throat. Was he going insane? No. If he was going insane he wouldn't know it. Still what other explanation was there?

Then it all became worse. The feeling of eyes on him was back. This time he knew someone or something was there. He didn't know what, but it had the feeling it was connected to all this. How was he going to catch the person in the act though? Whoever, whatever they were, they were clearly an expert at this. He hadn't been able to find them last night.

'Maybe I don't need to catch them. Maybe I can get them to reveal themselves.' He thought. This in mind he spoke. "Alright I know you're here. I don't know what the hell you want, but I'm sick of this! Get out here and face me!"

"My we are demanding aren't we?" A familiar accented voice said.

Startled he spun around to face him. Alejandro. He looked the same as he had two nights ago, though there was a gleam in his eyes that wasn't there before. A wicked smirk was on his face.

"I knew I could feel you watching me after I left the club!" He exclaimed.

"Watching you?" The Spaniard chuckled darkly. "Oh Noah, I've been doing so much more than watching."

Noah felt a shudder run through him, and not from the cold. He didn't like that tone to his voice. "What do you mean?"

"Oh come now, surely you've noticed the pain in your neck?" Alejandro whispered.

Noah found himself touching his neck unconsciously. The pain in his neck was caused by Alejandro. A thought came to mind. Drugs. If Alejandro had been injecting drugs into his neck it would explain everything. The chills, the nausea, even the sudden violent tendencies. The question was, why would Alejandro want to drug him?

"What did you inject me with?" He asked.

Alejandro wagged a finger at him. "Think now, if I had injected you with something there would be needle marks."

True. There would be, and he hadn't seen any marks at all. So then what? Could you make drugs into a cream? Then he would have absorbed it into his skin. That wouldn't leave marks, but why would it cause pain?

"Still confused? I suppose it makes sense. You seem like the logical sort, so you'd never consider something supernatural."

Supernatural? Noah frowned. Pain his neck, lack of appetite, feeling cold, wanting to bite people's necks. He scowled. "Is this some kind of sick joke to you? Vampires don't exist."

Alejandro gave him a few golf claps. "Well done, I knew you'd catch on."

"Seriously though what did you really do to me?" He asked.

The Spaniard's face became serious. "You know that."

"No? You're implying you've been turning me into a vampire, but vampires don't exist so-"

Alejandro moved his hand up in the air, Noah found himself levitating off the floor. He had no idea how . Then the Latino dragged his hand to him dragging Noah through the air into his arms. "Convinced yet?"

Noah was shaken, the feeling of being trapped in the arms of someone he knew was causing him harm brought a sickening feeling to his stomach. He refused to show it. If he did Alejandro would know he was scared. He couldn't give him that kind of power. "Not really. I'm sure there's some trick to it."

The Spaniard snarled, baring a set of long canines that grew before him. "What about now?"

"So you got dental work. That proves nothing." Noah had just about enough of this. he opened his mouth to scream, and found his jaw clenching shut. He couldn't move it. He couldn't open his mouth. Alejandro didn't even have his hands on his mouth. How was he doing this?

A cruel smirk took Alejandro's face. "Now, now, no screaming. We wouldn't want to be interrupted now would we?"

'fuck you.' He wanted to say, but his mouth still wouldn't move.

"You know for someone so intelligent you certainly are dense. I mean I suppose there's an explanation for all of this that isn't supernatural, but it's far less likely." The Latino shrugged. "Do I need to turn into a bat or something?"

'Like you could-' Alejandro quickly turned into a bat and back. 'do that?'

It had to be some kind of trick, but how could it be? He was right in the room with him. There was no time to replace Alejandro with a bat. Nothing obscuring his vision, and they were in his dorm room, which he knew didn't have trap doors or anything. So that meant logically... His eyes widened in realization.

"Took you long enough to accept it. Now be a dear and expose your neck for me?" Alejandro told him.

'Why the fuck would I-' But he was, his body was moving by itself, moving his head to give Alejandro easier access to his neck. He couldn't defend himself. He was completely helpless.

Alejandro's fangs extended even further than they had before. He leaned over. Noah could feel his breath on his neck.

'If he's a vampire can he read my thoughts?' Noah frowned.

'Yes' Alejandro's voice said in his mind.

'Then I'd really like to try and talk this out. I mean, don't you think I deserve a chance to fight back?' He asked.

'Perhaps.' The Latino's voice said. 'It has been awhile since I've had a real hunt. Very well then.' Alejandro sheathed his fangs and the next thing Noah knew they were on the edge of a forest. Apparently he could teleport.

"Here's the deal. If you can go into these woods a evade me for an hour I'll leave you be. If you can't I'll turn you." Alejandro said. "and if you run in another direction, leave the woods, or try to alert anyone I will track you down and turn you anyway." The Spaniard offered a hand. "Do we have a deal?"

"What about your teleportation powers? You could easily catch me with those." He pointed out.

Alejandro almost seemed pleased by the question. "I suppose that wouldn't be in the spirit of fair play. Fine, I will not teleport. Now, do we have a deal or not?"

Noah swallowed. He didn't like this. He wasn't very active so the odds of him winning were slim, but what choice did he have? If he didn't accept the deal he had no chance. "Deal." Noah shook his hand, a tingle ran through his body. "What was that?"

"Deals with vampires are binding. Now you have no choice but to follow my rules. Just as I have no choice but abide by my promises." He said firmly. "Now if I were you I'd get going, you only have a ten minute head start."

As reluctant as Noah was to move without a plan, he had a feeling ten minutes was nothing. He'd have to plan as he went. He ran into the forest. First thing of note, most of the trees were coniferous. This could be useful as the thick needles would provide more coverage. You know, if he could actually climb them. There was some bushes on the ground, enough he could probably travel through.

'Okay Noah, hiding won't do much good if he can smell you. How do animals disguise their scent?'

He could think of a couple ways. One was using the urine of another animal. Which Noah was not going to do. The second was to roll in the dirt. He sighed and resigned himself to getting dirty. He rolled in the dirt until his entire body was covered.

'Now I need something to defend myself with.' He thought

This was easier said than done. Sure he could see potential weapons, but none of them seemed to be enough to hinder a vampire. Pinecones, sticks, stones, the odd tree branch... He examined one of the tree branches. It wasn't all that thick, but it had broken off so the end was sharp, could be used as makeshift stake if he had to. If that would even do anything. Just because it worked in movies didn't mean it'd work here.

He checked his watch. Shit it had been ten minutes already?! He needed to take cover. He grabbed the stick and ran into the bushes before slowing. He had to be quiet. He crept low to the ground wincing at every little sound the leaves made as he moved. He had no idea how long he'd been moving. He wanted to check his watch, but the light would attract attention.

He heard the sound of footsteps on the ground and froze. He stayed where he was, crouched in fear as Alejandro passed through. He paused right before the bush Noah was currently hiding in. Noah's heart began to beat quickly. It was loud. So loud he expected Alejandro to looking this way at any moment. His throat tightened. His stomach twisted. Every inch of his body was at full attention. He held his breath, praying to any benevolent deity that might be listening. 'Please don't let him see me.'

When the Spaniard moved on he had to stop himself from breathing a sigh of relief. He waited a bit, then began to move again. 'Okay. I can't hide in the bushes forever. Eventually he'll find me, and when he does I won't have a snowball's chance in hell of running away. I need to find somewhere to hole up. I'm small. There must be some nook or cranny for me to hide in,'

This in mind he moved on, keeping an eye out for anything he could use as a hiding spot. He eventually came to a hole under a tree. It was small but it might work in a pinch. 'it must be a burrow of some kind.' He lowered himself to the ground and carefully maneuvered his way into the hole. It was a very tight squeeze, but he managed to do it. As he crawled his way in he realized that though the hole was small around it was fairly deep, Deep enough that Alejandro probably wouldn't be able to reach him without coming in. He had barely fit, so there was no way the Latino was going to. He felt relatively safe.

Then he smelled something. It was like ambrosia to his nose. He had to know what that smell was. He looked around him, What could be emitting that delectable scent? He knew that whatever it was had to be in the hole. Otherwise how would he be smelling it? It was hard to see in the dark, so he cautiously turned his watch on. In the illuminated light it became all too obvious where the scent was coming from. A gash had been made in his arm. He'd probably cut himself on one of the tree roots that pierced the burrow. Blood was oozing out of it and it was clear that this was the scent that had attracted him.

He had the strongest desire to make the wound larger. To dig his fingers in, let all of that sweet red nectar out of his veins. To Lick it as it dripped out. Noah felt sick to his stomach. Not only was Owen's blood attractive to him, but his own blood was too. He wondered if that was because he was in the middle of turning. That was when a horrifying realization came to him. He was smelling his own blood, and if he could smell his blood, then so could...

As though in answer to the realization a low voice with a singsong quality to it entered his mind. 'Noah I know where you are.'

Shit. He'd found him. Still he shouldn't be able to reach him down here... right?

'I must say this is much better hiding spot than that bush was.' The Spaniard's voice said.

Wait. He'd known he was there?! Why hadn't he cornered him right then? Noah's eyes widened in shock. 'He's been toying with me.'

'Indeed. I found the whole thing rather enjoyable. You're clearly not a praying man and yet you were calling out to anyone who might hear.' A dark chuckle echoed in his mind. 'Please don't let him find me?!' The words were mocking. 'As if I hadn't already noticed you a mile off. Your heart was beating quite loudly.'

Shit. He knew his heart was beating too loud. 'You should have gotten me when you had the chance. I'll be much harder to get to now, if you even can.' Noah retorted

Another chuckle. 'It would have been too easy to get you then. I prefer a challenge, though it still won't be too hard to get to you.'

What did he mean by that? Alejandro's voice stopped for several seconds. The silence was almost more unnerving than when he was speaking. At least when Alejandro was talking he had something else to focus on. Something besides his own impending doom. Then he heard a sound. A scraping sound like nails against dirt. Or more likely claws? Another realization came to him. Sometimes in stories vampires could transform into more than bats. The second most common transformation was a wolf.

'He's widening the hole by digging with his paws!'

It wasn't long before he saw eyes in the dark. He had to think of something. How did he get out of this? The wolf lunged at him and he braced himself, only to realize that the wolf had grabbed onto the back of his shirts' collars. The wolf began to drag him out of the burrow.

Okay, Alejandro was taking him out of the hole. There was no other exit, so the best thing to do right now would be let him. How did he make sure Alejandro let go once he did?

'He looks like a wolf, but his mind is closer to a human's. So he could be tricked by something a wolf wouldn't be.'

Noah was out of time to think as the wolf finished dragging him out. On instinct he grabbed some dirt. Realizing he could blind his enemy, he threw it in the wolf's eyes. Alejandro dropped him and he scrambled to his feet. He began to sprint as quickly as he could. Screw planning, screw strategy, those things didn't matter right now. Alejandro would be after him any moment. He couldn't afford to stop or slow down. He just kept running.

His arms grew weak. His breathing ragged, his legs felt like they were on fire, and still he ran. He had to find another place to hide. A better one. In the meantime he began to weave his way through the trees, hoping he could lose Alejandro amongst the brush. That was when he tripped over a tree root. He fell, slamming his head against the ground, adrenaline gone. He desperately tried to get up. He couldn't stay here. He'd be found. Unless he'd managed to lose Alejandro. That hope was quickly dashed as he heard the Spaniard's voice in his mind.

'Did you really think running would work?' the voice taunted. 'I'm a predator. Of course I'm faster than my prey.'

He had to move. He struggled to get up, but collapsed before he managed to do so.

'Aren't you tired of running yet?'

'Yes, but I refuse to lose this!' He thought venomously,

'Persistent aren't you? No matter. It's pretty clear you can't move.'

Alejandro walked into the area. Like he was going for a leisurely stroll. He didn't look any different than when he'd first met him, save for the fact that his eyes were glowing. Night vision probably. Noah wished he looked more different. He looked all too human. If he looked more like a monster Noah could take some comfort in that. He circled around Noah, slowly approaching him. "I have to admit you have been my hardest hunt yet."

'Am I supposed to be flattered by that?' he thought, too tired to speak.

"I am merely stating facts. How you take those facts is up to you." The Spaniard said. He drew closer and lifted Noah off the ground by his shoulders. "It was always going to end this way querido. You never had a chance of winning."

Noah felt something in his hands. The stick he'd picked up earlier. He was still holding it. He might have a chance. He just needed to distract Alejandro while he moved it. 'You're awfully sure of yourself.'

"I've had many years of practice. You might have outwitted a younger vampire, but not someone with experience."

Noah slowly moved his hand into position. 'How long have you been a vampire?'

"Five years give or take. I've been told I've mastered abilities of someone far older. I learn quickly." The Latino bragged.

Noah had the 'stake' in place. He drove his hand forward- only for Alejandro to grab it with his hand and throw it away. "None of that now. I have caught you. Which means I've won. You did last fifty minutes though. Not bad."

'I'm not giving up so easily.' he thought.

Alejandro put a hand under his chin and began to force his head up so they'd lock eyes. He struggled to keep his head down but he was no match Alejandro's strength. Noah looked into his murky green eyes. "I'm afraid you don't have much choice querido."

Noah tried to roll his eyes, but found himself unable to. He couldn't move at all.

"You're in my thrall. You can't run away even if you want to." Alejandro chuckled. "Now stop being so difficult and bare your neck won't you?"

Just like earlier his body moved on it's own. His head moving to give the Spaniard better access to his neck. Noah watched as Alejandro's fangs extended to their full length. He couldn't move. He couldn't do anything. He couldn't even close his eyes. All he could do was watch as the Latino drew closer.

Noah shuddered, not just with fear, as Alejandro licked his neck. Like he was tasting his meal before eating it. Then he buried his fangs into his neck. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain that nearly overwhelmed him. He watched helplessly as the Spaniard drank his blood. After a short time he stopped. Then he licked the bite. Noah could see it healing, So that's why there was no mark.

"One last thing querido." He whispered, sounding excited. He bit his wrist and shoved it into Noah's mouth.

He struggled not to swallow the blood he could feel flowing into his mouth, but Alejandro plugged his nose. He couldn't breathe, and eventually he was forced to swallow. The Spaniard smirked and pulled his wrist away. "Now that wasn't so hard was it?"

"Bite me." He snarled.

"I already have." The Latino said, sounding smug. "You're mine now."

"What just because you turned me?!" Noah frowned.

Alejandro chuckled. "I didn't just turn you querido. Turning you wouldn't have required you to drink my blood. No I made you my bride."

He frowned. "Like Dracula's brides?"

"Exactly. I have connected us. No matter where you are, no matter where you hide, I can find you." The Spaniard smirked. "As far as other vampires are concerned you belong to me, and I have quite a few enemies. "

"Why did you even do this?" He growled. "Why bother turning me at all? Let alone making me your bride. What is your deal?"

"I suppose I do owe you an explanation." Alejandro agreed. "Before I was turned I had a girlfriend. Heather. The two of us were deeply in love. I was going to propose."

His eyes darkened. "Then I was turned. My maker took me away from everything I knew. I was desperate to see Heather. I yearned to turn her. If I had to be alive for eternity I wanted it to be with her."

He scowled. "My maker advised against it, but I didn't care. She wasn't nice. The kind to turn people on a whim. So I didn't take much stock in what she said. I already knew how to turn her. Three bites, on three nights in a row. I thought it would be easy but... you have to be careful when doing it. Bite too deeply and you kill them."

Noah had a feeling he knew where this was going "Young vampires are animalistic when it comes to feeding." Alejandro almost looked as though he would cry. "I killed her."

"What does that have to do with me?" He asked.

"When we met in that club, you reminded me so much of her. The same sharp tongue, the same pride, the same stubborn nature. I connected to you right away. So I figured why not take you?"

Noah glared. "You didn't like your maker because she turned you on a whim, yet you turned me on a whim?"

"No." Alejandro shook his head. "I've been looking for someone to fill the void Heather left for five years now. You're the first person to accomplish that. I was just going to turn you. Keep you around as company, but then you asked for a chance to fight back. The idea thrilled me. I hadn't gone against someone who knew what I was before. So I decided to test you." He smiled. "You did better than I ever would have thought. So well in fact that I decided to make you my bride. Believe me, turning you was not a whim."

"I suppose I can't live in the dorms anymore?" He scowled.

"You could, but there's the strong possibility you'd rip your roommate's throat out." The Latino chuckled. "I'll take you back to get your things, then it would be best to come with me."

"I hate you." Noah glared.

"Don't be like that querido. You'll learn to love me." Alejandro smirked. " After all, you have an eternity to do so."