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Once In A Lifetime: JamiAzu Prompts

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The water was tantalizing, lapping determinedly at Jamil's sore feet. You'd think he'd be used to burning hot sand against his skin. But running back and forth across it while managing a festival is very different from standing still and watching annoying classmates splash around as if they were three. His eyes, pleading the sun to cool, flicker in angst, watching an entire dorm making fools of themselves. Neglecting what they really should be doing. Well, he tried what he could. It'd be hell when Najma found out, if she doesn't know already; word gets around quick. Meaning Kalim. Most likely.

Recalling his juvenile 'master', he sneers as a large eel abomination dunks the former underwater just to resurface moments after, chuckling and splashing back.
What would happen if Kalim didn't come back up? How long would it take for others to notice he wouldn't come back up? Would there be noise or silence first? Who would say something first?

How long would it take for someone to blame Jamil? For not paying attention? Or perhaps he was the one to do it? What would they say?

Jamil would just become more hated and become utterly worthless.

The one that causes him pain would be gone, only to cause him even more pain in his absence.

Stop! What on earth are these thoughts? They won't end up getting any place good. He just came down from a damn overblot- he'd surely die having another.

He doesn't really want any deadly harm to come to Kalim. Jamil's purpose of living would be gone. No one would feel bad for blaming him. RIght?

The only other person not in the water was Azul.
He stood with his arms crossed, leaning slightly against one of the many cooling palm trees. His glasses glinted in the sunlight and wore no determinable expression.

He's in Octavinelle, why is he not swimming? Jamil could guess.

Azul was someone Jamil doesn't exactly hate, but certainly resents. Due to Kalim holding Scarabia back, the marine themed dorm hardly had any competition with grades.
Of course, Jamil could not deny Azul's intelligence, especially after what just happened. But he always has a smirk pointing at him, mocking him. He'll shoot a glare at Jamil during classes, trying to see through him and pick him apart. Maybe find all his weaknesses. Jamil would not be surprised if he had notes about everything Jamil has done in his presence- trying to put a resistant puzzle into the right order. Fair enough, Jamil may just do the same thing.
There's certainly more to Azul than what Jamil knows, a fabrication of sorts. Jamil wanted to crush that façade, and ruin him.

Something turns, Jamil has been looking in one direction for far too long. Sky blue eyes clash into Jamil's blazing stare. Azul's lips curve into a smirk, his mole lifting up his lips. Jamil has been caught.

Sand squelches as Jamil stomps away, attempting to disguise his potential blush with a scoff.

How unpleasant.