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Whenever You're Ready

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The point is, people improve when they get external love and support. How can we hold it against them when they don't? 

It’s a surprise to everyone when Kady is the first to go. At the same time, though, it really isn’t. It feels right, in a way, to all of them. That the most tormented, and unrestful person of their little circle is the first to find peace. 

They’re all together, when she tells them. Josh and Margo had decided on a movie night at their house. It’s become a tradition, of sorts. It started their very first night here, and it had simply never stopped. They watch Pretty Woman, and Josh wonders out loud if Julia Roberts had gotten into the good place. There is, of course, a debate. 

It ends with them all deciding that, yes, she must have. 

Margo brings out specialized drinks for them all and plops herself in between Josh and Eliot, her feet coming to rest in the latters lap. 

Penny lifts his glass towards his mouth with a small smirk. “Did you guys hear Todd went through last week?” 

For a moment there’s a quietness, then, a chorus of voices, all saying the exact same thing. “Fucking Todd.” 

Another quietness, more peaceful. It lasts for a moment, all of them just basking in the warmth of it all. Kady and Julia share a look, it goes unnoticed, but the two women lock eyes and seeing the question in Kady’s eye, Julia smiles. 

That’s really all the answer Kady needs. She stands, and clears her throat. Everyone turns to look in her direction, and Julia looks up proudly at her from her position on the sofa, gently reaching out to squeeze her hand once and then gently moving it back. 

This is her moment, something she needs to do herself. “So, I’m ready. I’m going through the door today.”

This time the quietness is from shock. Quentin is the one to break it. “Wait, what?” He blinks at Julia once then moves his gaze back to Kady. “When-when did you decide this?”

Eliot gently reaches out and puts his hand on his shoulder, squeezing. Quentin reaches behind him to intertwine their fingers. “Not that we’re not happy for you of course.” Quentin immediately nods in agreement, feeling guilty about his initial reaction. 

Alice sits up straighter. “I think what they’re trying to ask is, how did you know?”

She sits back down next to Julia and takes a moment to think. “When I didn’t feel the need to fight anymore.”

Margo looks to Julia, nodding slightly. “I’m guessing you already knew?” 

The smaller brunette nods, taking a small sip from her drink, smiling at the hint of basil Margo had thrown in for her. “I did.” 

Julia doesn’t notice it right away, the change in the air. She steps in from the rain, yet, her clothes are completely dry. A part of her Good Place experience. Walks in the rain, the droplets hitting her skin, but never getting her wet. 

She does the tiniest tut to close the door behind her and drops her satchel. “Baby, did you know they have books of backstories for every single Harry Potter character? Clearly no JK involved, thank gods. They’re scented! Luna smells like-“ She stops herself when she opens the door to her and Kady’s bedroom. 

The emerald eyed girl is sitting on her knees, hands resting on her thighs, rubbing them almost nervously. “Hi, Jules.” 

She senses it then, immediately. That change in the air. For a moment, the two do nothing but stare at each other, a million feelings in a single glance. “Oh.” 

Kady blinks, a single tear falling from each of her eyes. “Yeah. Oh.” 

Kady tenses slightly, her back becoming straighter. 

A second. 

Then two. 

Then ten. 

And then. 

“Okay, baby. It’s okay.” And all tension leaves Kady’s body when Julia comes to sit next to her, pulling her close. Gently, she rests her chin on Kady’s head and lets the tears fall. “When?”

Kady is so grateful. So lucky. So nervous. “Tomorrow, I think. I know.”

She feels Julia nod against her head. “Tomorrow, then.”

They don’t talk about it that night. There isn’t really anything to say. Instead, they spend it memorizing every inch of each other’s body, though, really, they’ve been memorized for so long there isn’t a need. 

Kady doesn’t need to memorize Julia’s hip dips, nor the way her lips part when she’s near her peak. 

And Julia doesn’t need to watch the way Kady sighs, or the motion of her back arching. Or how her hair frames Julia’s head perfectly like a curtain when she’s on top of her. 

But they do it anyway. 

Because this is different. 

This is goodbye. 

Kady leans back further into the sofa, deciding to swallow the rest of her drink in one go. “I guess this is part where the tears come,” she chuckles sadly and leans forward. “I don’t need goodbyes from any of you. I don’t really want them, if I’m being honest. I’ve said enough goodbyes to fill a lifetime.” 

Alice swallows down the lump in her throat and looks at her. “If we can’t say goodbye, can we say thank you?” 

Kady scoffs, but they can all hear how tearful it sounds. “For what? My constant fuck ups?” 

Margo stands and glares at her. “You saved my ass when we were under the glamour spell. You found me. That deserves a thanks. It deserves a lot more, actually, but I can’t give it to you.” 

Alice smiles and stands next to Margo. “You were team blonde bitch when I had no team at all. I didn’t deserve it, but you did it anyway.” 

Quentin is next, though he wobbles when he stands, which goes unnoticed by everyone but Eliot. “If it wasn’t for you, we never would have figured out the piano and gotten the unity key.” 

Josh and Penny stand together, Eliot following them. “You saved me in that dimension. I was being an asshole to all of you, but you still saved me.” 

Penny nods. “Even though I wasn’t your Penny, you never punished me for it. You could have. You had every reason to. But you didn’t.” 

Eliot clears his throat. “You and I didn’t talk much before we came here, but you came through when it mattered. 

Without any sort of warning, Kady suddenly finds herself at the center of a very large group hug. It lasts fives minutes, maybe more, before they all step back and let go. 

No one says anything as she and Julia walk out the door. 

They walk for a while, fingers intertwined before Kady stops them. Julia understands instantly. “Janet!” 

The not a girl, not a robot appears in less than a second. “How can I help?” 

“I’m ready. To go to the door.” 

Janet gives her a smile. “Of course. Follow me.” 

“Um,” Janet pauses, looking back at Kady. “One second.”

Bright emerald meets dark brown. “Will you come with me?” 

Julia lets her tears fall freely at last, and takes in a shaky breath. She grabs Kady’s hand, an echo of how many times they’ve done that before. “As far as I can.” 

It’s beautiful, the door. The area around it. Perfect in its way. Janet points them to a bench where they can sit until Kady is ready. 

They don’t sit. 

The two face each other and Kady reaches behind her to unclasp her necklace, gently dropping it into Julia’s hand. “So you have a part of me, forever.”

The shorter girl chuckles. “Best bitches.” 

There’s a soft silence, and then. “You saved my life, Julia Wicker. In more ways than one.” 

Julia sniffles and grips tightly to Kady’s hand. “And you saved mine, Kady Orloff-Diaz. More times than I deserved.” 

The kiss they share lasts for a long, long time. When they pull away, they touch their foreheads together. “I love you.” 

Julia closes her eyes. “I love you, too.” 

Slowly, Kady steps away from her, and with one last glance, she turns towards the door. 

And then she’s gone. 

And with that, Julia does the only thing she can do. 

She goes home.