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Mary Eunice

I see again, he, the devil, I'm in hell, begging him to leave, but I don't have a frame, he's stronger, everything is as before, it can't be...

I wake up startled, and stir to see that I'm not in hell, my heart calms, I turn on the light, afraid he's in the dark.

Having to go back to sleep again but I can't, I always think he's looking at me, I'm scared he come back again.

The only person who could save me from hell is Lana Winters, that patient I love more than most, before God of course.

I quickly put my habit on, and go to Lana, who was fidgeting trying to sleep, I open the door and she's startled.

"Calm down, it's me Mary Eunice", her face soon calms down, she sighs with relief "can't sleep?", I ask sitting on that bed that looked like it was made of concrete.

"No, I keep thinking about some things, my mind is too full"

"Um" I crack a shy smile "Lana, I know it sounds silly this request, but I'm scared..."

"Afraid of what dear?" she speaks worriedly, I feel her hands on my shoulders, oh her hands, what hands.

"Sleeping...", as I'm stupid, I'm an adult I shouldn't be afraid of nightmares, Lana will definitely say that, I agree.

"Oh Mary", she kisses my cheek and I don't understand why "I can't invite you to sleep here unless you want to break your spine", she says in an ironic tone, I couldn't help smiling.

"No", I shake my head "come sleep with me", I say hopefully.

"I've always wanted this honey," she kisses me gently, kissing Lana is one of my favorite things, before of course kissing other things. "You better go first"

I nod, and I go, wait for Lana, anxiously at the door, she soon appears, and I pull her quickly into the room, locking the door.

Hearing a moan from your lips as you lay down on my bed, I lie down beside you.

"There's not a lot of room," I say, and she mumbles, "That's nice," I lay my head on her chest, and hug her waist tightly.

She turns off the light, and I squeeze her tighter, she kisses the back of my neck and says good night, I felt he was still there, but now I wasn't afraid of him anymore, he was nothing compared to the security that Lana brings, she is my home, my first home, where I discovered what it was like to be loved...