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Athena's Vengeance

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Logan finds a secluded spot in the busy college library. The modern architecture of the building, with the library spanning 3 floors and forming a labyrinth of shelves and audiovisual equipment, provides some semblance of privacy to the dozens of students. There’s always a quiet corner with good wifi, and that’s all Logan needs for the research today.


He came to find information about the threat to Su Ryeon’s life. It’s been two days since he got the news from secretary Hong, and he spent all day yesterday tracking her every move. He even stroke a conversation with her after class, to make sure she got to her vehicle safe. Then, he tracked her phone location, which showed she was safe in her office and later at home.


He had to find out why the Sapiro gang wanted her out of the picture. Was she involved with them besides the investigation for her book? The gang deals with trafficking people, mostly minors. It would make sense to approach and scare a prosecutor. Maybe a deal gone wrong? The only thing he knew is that Professor Shim was the key to putting them in jail. He owed that to Sol A. He couldn’t protect her from them a year ago, now he’d take revenge in her name.


“Excuse me. Hi”. A smiling girl approached his spot, penetrating his bubble of privacy. “I’m Yoon Sun Oh, we have class together!”. Ah, that explains why she’s vaguely familiar.


“Hello”. He answered politely, hoping she’d leave him be. She seemed perfectly sweet, but he was in no mood to socialize and risk his identity being exposed.


At her expectant gaze, he offered the name he’d been using on campus “Gu Ho Dong”.


Her smile sparkled and she continued: “I’ve seen you on class but haven’t said hi. And now I am. Hi!” She blushed. He already started feeling bad for the situation. The girl obviously wanted something he couldn’t give. “I’m a first year and I’m also taking econ law. Professor Shim is my idol, she was my mom’s junior at Columbia. But I don’t know if she’d recognize me” she faded out. “Anyway. Do you want to want to join our group for the paper? Professor said it can be individual or groups and we’re already two first years. We need a senior to have a broader scope. What do you say?” She looked at him hopefully with her bright monolid eyes.


“I’m taking the individual paper. But thank you for asking.”


“Okay”, she said as if it wasn’t okay at all. “Well, I hope you get good marks. You have chances for the internship too”. She said as she fiddled with the strap of her bag.


“What internship? Isn’t the paper only for the final grade?”


“It is. But the top third year or above wins can apply to intern for two months in Professor Shim’s law firm! Didn’t you see the e-class post yesterday?” She didn’t wait for his reply. “The top mark wins an interview with Ms Shim and if you pass, you work in her practice! Full credits, ongoing cases. It’s an amazing opportunity, such a pity that it’s not open to us first years. But I’m doing the paper anyway, she’ll be impressed and hire me in the future!”


This changes everything, Logan thinks. Instead of following and tracking her, if he interns with her, he could find the answers about her and Sapiro first hand. He could search her and her coworkers’ office logs and find all the evidence he needs.


But what happens if you find she’s involved? What if she turns out to be on their side?


Nothing changes. He’ll take revenge as planned. Nothing and no one will stand in his way.


Or so he thinks, as he prepares his application for the internship position.




A few hours later, he stares at his screen, frozen. Evidence points to JK Holdings CEO being being involved with Sapiro gang in a child trafficking case from a year ago. He can’t find the names of the children even though he’s deep in the dark web. But they came from an illegal orphanage and “purchased” by the right hand of one Mr Ju. The name rings familiar, but not in the context of his investigation. A quick google search confirms his worst fear.


Name: Ju Dan Tae

Occupation: JK Holdings CEO

Partner: Shim Su Ryeon (m. 2002)


She’s involved.