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Please don’t tell him

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Raquel POV:


I was laying in the bathtub in the bank of spain covered in foam wile I listend closely to Tokyo who was explaining to me, why someone loved more deeply during a heist. I never really talked or listend properly to the girl until now and I was surprised how mature she seemed to be sadly caused trough a lot of loss in her live. And suddenly I felt the strong sense of trust forwards her which caused me to open up to the black haired with my best hidden secret.

Raquel: I actually understand you Tokyo… someone loves more deeply in the trill of loosing each other any seconds. Me and Sergio… we felt it too short before we were supposed to leave Italy. This connection deeper than ever! Can you keep a secret?

Tokyo (calm/ surprised and courious in the same time): Sure Profesora… tell me!

Raquel (putting her left hand slowly and in love on her lower abdomen): We are pregnant. I am carring Sergios child. I guess I conceived in the monestary shortly before we where supposed to return to spain. Sergio doesn’t know and I urge you not to tell anything. He would for sure go crazy during to the war we are expecting…“

Tokyo * why the fuck did I just promise her of all people to keep a secret like that… i am dead if i break my vow! The profesor should know but on the other hand i can understand her concerns very well… he would go crazy and we need to stay calm now!

Tokyo ( during to the fact that the older woman was watching her closely trying to read her): Are you happy?

Raquel( caressing her stomach in awe):
I ever wanted to have a child with Sergio but due to my age and Paula it was more like „ Que sarà, sarà“. As you see it took us almost two years… so yes! I am happy. Very happy!

Tokyo (chucking): Oh gosh you are smitten like a teenie! Congrats then! Don’t worry your little secret is safe with me…And… don’t you think the others should know?“

Raquel: I don’t follow?

Tokyo (rolling her eyes): Well… if you think that you have to face the same danger than us, with us knowing that you are expecting you missunderstood something! Me, i would die if it means that you and your little one are safe! You can count on that Profesora!

Raquel* Feeling the tears of emotions in her eyes completely overwhelmed by Tokyos confirmation which she blamed entirely on her little ones…

Raquel (her voice thick with emotion): I don’t know how to thank you Sielene!

Tokyo (smiling softly): Stay alive and make Sergio happy. This is enough believe me! Because… if i would be the one you would do the same!

Raquel: I promise I will return to Sergio. But you also have to promise me to stay alive! Do you Sielene??

Tokyo: I do not promise that if i have to save you Raquel we already talked about that!


Tokyo: I will leave you alone so you can change if you don’t need anything more…

Raquel: I am fine thanks! But Sielene…

Tokyo stopped and turned around with a „ Yes“ to face the former inspectora once again.

Raquel: Just let me say that i highly underestimated you. Your heart is the hell on the right place.

With a smile on her lips Tokyo left the room letting Raquel dry and dress herself.