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All summered up: A trip to the beach

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They had arrived in Tasmania three weeks ago and where house sitting for a penfriend of their aunt’s who was visiting their aunt in England for a few weeks. All they had to do was look after the apartment which was located on Mount Street close to the supermarket and newsagents/post office where they could buy stamps and post letters back home. They also lived about half an hour’s walk to West Beach but Anne had promised she would take Ann and Marian to Boat Harbour Beach on the next lovely, sunny day.when Ann had found a photo of it after she did a Google search of beaches to visit in Tasmania and Boat Harbour Beach popped up as the second one on the list. Plus it was the closest to where they were holidaying. Wineglass Bay on the East Coast of Tasmania was number one but that was too far to travel just to go swimming for the day.

Anne woke to the sun streaming through the window and Ann bouncing around like tigger. She wondered why Ann was so cheerful. Then she remembered she had promised to take Ann to the beach on the next lovely, sunny day and it looked like today was that day. .

Blast! Was Anne’s immediate thought. She had no intention of going to the beach. Just the thought of sand in her food and the sun beating down on her body made her feel uncomfortable. She didn’t like sharing her space with strangers. Yet, she had promised Adney on the next hot day they would go for a picnic and swim at the seaside.  Only she didn’t want to go all the way down to Boat Harbour Beach. West Beach was closer and they could walk there.

She had asked Marian if she would like to come for a holiday to Tasmania with them. Anne could see Marian needed a holiday. Aunt and father had Aunt’s penfriend staying and Cordingley was there to take care of them. Anne offered her a bonus if she did. Cordingley couldn’t pass up extra cash. She was still making payments on her new car. Well, new to her. Plus, she had Joseph and John there to help her.

 Anne was already dreading the day ahead. Ann had promised she would pack their lunch and ensure that no sand would get into their sandwiches as she had put them in zip lock bags and then into a sealed container.Then into their esky with a couple of ice blocks to keep their lunch fresh Anne wasn’t taking any chances that there wouldn’t be any sand in their food so she put $40 into the glove box of the car as a precaution against starvation because sand was known to get in no matter how well  their food had been packed. .While she trusted Ann’s packing she knew better than to trust that the sand wouldn’t get into the food. She had sandy sandwiches before and they were very gritty and horrible when she went  to eat them at lunch time.

Ann and Marian had put their bathers on under what they were wearing and packed underwear to change into when they were ready to leave to return home. Anne didn’t have bathers. She planned to sit under the umbrella on her extra large beach towel. If she could remember where it was. She had searched every closet in the hall and their bedroom. She had exhausted herself doing that. She wondered if this really was a good idea going to beach.. ‘Adney, do you know where my extra large beach towel is?’ Anne said as she searched the last place she thought it could be. ‘No, dearest. I don’t know where it is. How big is it?’

‘I think I could wrap it around you nearly twice and it would cover you from under your arms to your feet.’ Ouch!! Ann thought.  Of course, it was Anne’s towel. It was black but Ann had to be sure so she tried  it. Yes, this was the one Anne was looking for. She returned it to where she had found it and sneaked out. ‘Did you checked the top shelve in our closet? I remember you putting it there, dearest.’

‘I checked there about half an hour ago.’

‘Check again. You might have over looked it.’ Anne didn’t think that would help it wasn’t there when she checked but to keep the peace she looked again. When she did she find her favourite black towel. She yelled. ‘Found it. I wonder how it was there now but wasn’t half a hour ago. Adney, you didn’t have it. Did you?’

‘Why would I want that black thing at the beach on a day like today?’ Ann said. ‘Did you remember to pack the sunscreen and your camera? So we don’t get sunburn and  so we can take so photos to remember the day.’

‘I have. Marian, are you ready to go?’

‘I am. Where are we going again? ‘

‘To the nearest beach I can find.’ Anne said thinking so I can get home quickly if I need to. ‘Come on, I am driving. We could walk there but we have so much stuff.’

‘Are you serious. I thought we would go to Boat Harbour Beach.You promised you would take Marian and me there, Anne.’ Ann said. ‘It’s so lovely down there and we can find a nice spot to sit and relax, dearest.’ Anne looked at Ann. How long had they been holiday  on this island so far from home? Had it been weeks, months and why in the name of God did they bring Marian with them? Anne wondered. Oh, that’s right. She said Marian needed a holiday and wanted to see how the other half lived. Anne still didn’t know what she meant by that and she never asked her.

It seemed like a good idea to begin with. A trip down under to the island state of Australia to experience a different culture..The one thing or maybe the many things they never took into consideration was the seasons were reversed. It had taken Anne a  while to remember it was summer not winter and the month. They arrived two days before Australia day which is the 26th of January.

Ann seemed to adapt so quickly within a week if Anne’s memory served her correctly.. . That’s why Ann had became a beach bum and seemed to enjoy the temperate climate while spending many happy hours on the beach. Anne would sit on the grass under their umbrella and watch her  the climate was similar in England. Wasn’t it?

She couldn’t remember. She really had to rack her brains to remember the hills of Halifax and they had only been there for three weeks.  To remember her life as it was.  She was also wondering how the estate was doing. She had left Washington in charge and he seem to know what he was doing but she seemed to be worrying too much. ‘Anne, are you all right?’ Ann said pulling Anne out of her daydreaming. ‘I’m always all right.’ Anne said as  they arrived at the beach. Anne parked the car and lugged all their gear down to the beach.

Ann stripped down to her skimpy bikini and lathered her body with sunscreen. Marian did the same while Anne pulled out the umbrella and jammed it into the sand as deep as it would go.. She wondered if it would stay in place. There was a sea breeze which she felt would pick up in the afternoon.

She pulled her towel out of the bag and laid it out on the sand. She sat the esky behind her to avoid sand being kicked in her face from people walking behind her when she laid down.

She was going to bring something to read but decided against it instead she was going to spend the hour or two she hoped they would  be there sleeping. Not what she would usually do but she didn’t want to know what was happening around her

She watched Ann and Marian jumping into the surf. She could see they were having fun. Only she didn’t like exposing too much of her body for others to see. That’s why she was under the umbrella shaded from the sun with shorts and a t-shirt on. She had the sense to remove her shoes and socks so she could keep cool.. .

Anne laid down.  She closed her eyes to sleep only to hear constant chatter from those around her. They were using Aussie slang. Anne was still trying to get  a handle on the Aussie slang but she was still having trouble understanding what they were talking about. She didn’t ask them because she felt she would look like a silly tourist who would be told to find a book on slang and learn the lingo.

She wanted to know what the temperature was but she didn’t know how she would do that. Then she remembered she had brought her thermometer with her, She called Ann to come to her and watch their gear while she collected her thermometer from the boot of their car. She  doubted if Ann had heard her. Then Ann was standing beside her.’What’s up, dearest? I was having fun but I came when you called. I didn’t hear you but I realised you wanted me because you wouldn’t be calling Marian now, Would you?’

‘Could you watch our gear for a moment? I need to get something out of the car.’

‘You didn’t bring that bloody thermometer? You did. Didn’t you?’

‘Well, its not illegal and I want to keep track of the temperature and changes in the weather.’

‘Okay, just hurry up. Marian is waiting to surf the waves with me.’ Anne was gone before Ann could get the last words out. Up over the hot sand, across the grass and back to the car. She opened the boot and there it was, her baby. It wasn’t the size of the one back in Halifax but it was good enough.

She strolled back to where Ann was standing, hands on hips with an annoyed look on her face as if Anne had given her change of ten dollars in one dollars coins which weighed heavy in her pocket.

As soon as Anne reached Ann she was back off down to the water’s edge where Marian was waiting for her. ‘What did she want?’ Marian said.

‘To get her precious thermometer out of the car. Now, she is sitting up there calculating what the weather will be like in the next hour.’ They both looked up the beach. That was exactly what Anne was doing. She stuck out her tongue when they looked at her. ‘Cheeky child.’ Ann said as she proceed to do that same back. Then they both laughed and wadded out until the waves reached chest height. It wasn’t as chilly as they thought it would be. They enjoyed themselves for the next hour. Anne slept peacefully on her beach towel under the umbrella until Ann and Marian shook themselves on her. ‘Come on, Marian. Can’t you see I am trying to sleep?’

‘We’re getting hungry. Where is our lunch we packed earlier.’

‘Just here,’ Anne said as she passed the esky to Ann. Ann pulled a sandwich from the sealed container in the esky. She pulled it out of the zip lock bad and took a bite. Then quickly spat it out. She couldn’t figure how sand had gotten into her sandwich.‘Yuck! That was horrible. It tasted as though it had sand in it.’ Ann said. Marian pulled another one out and had the same reaction. ‘Did someone bring some money with them?’ Ann asked. ‘Because I am not eating sandy sandwiches.’

‘You are in luck. I put $40 into the glove box behind the car’s instruction manual. I’ll will go and  get it for us and we can get something to eat over there.’ Anne said as she pointed to the local takeaway. ‘I hope they have fish and chips because after that I need something that will take the sandy taste out of my mouth. Ann said as she watched Anne walk back to the car with her thermometer. Ann knew she  didn’t want to lose it. They watched her as she returned it to where she had  it in the boot of their car. Then grabbed the $40 out of the glove box.

They walked to the restaurant. It was called Sweet Ness at the Sea. When they walked in through the door there seemed to be ample seating. So, Ann and Marian grabbed a table and Anne went to order their meal. ‘How can I help you?’ Alice asked. She had served lots of customers today and just wanted to go home. ‘I would like three servings of fish and chips.’

‘Which fish? Flounder, couta or flake?’

‘What is flake?’

‘Where are you from? Flake is shark. Okay!!’


‘Bloody poms just as bad the Yanks we get here.’ Alice said under her breath.

‘We will try the flake then and three cokes.’ Anne said. ‘Do you bring the food to us or will we collect it?’

‘We will bring it to your table. Where are you seated?’

‘Over there.’ Anne pointed to where Ann and Marian were seating.’How much?’

‘Thirty dollars.’ Anne had enough and handed Alice $40. She stowed the changed in her pocket. The food was delicious. They had never had flake before. Since Anne had plenty to pay for their meal they decided to used her debit card get an ice cream on the way home from Cold Rock. They collected their gear and drove back to Burnie. It was such a nice afternoon they decided that a walk on West Beach after they had eaten their ice creams would be a treat.

Anne drove them back east towards Burnie. Marian slept in the back seat. Ann couldn’t believe they had been to the beach. ‘I can’t remember spending so pleasant a day. Thanks for taking us to Boat Harbour Beach. What would you like to do tonight?’ Anne smiled. Ann could see the wheels turning inside her head. ‘Wouldn’t you like to know, Adney?’

‘I think I already know. But what are we going to do with Marian?’ Anne’s smile widened.

‘She could go see a movie. We would pay.We will need to withdraw some money from the bank.  Well, it will give us at least two hours of peace and quiet or not so. Especially since we both know how loud you are.’

‘Me loud. Come on, I thought I was the quiet one, dearest.’ Ann said with a smirk on her face. She knew she could never be quiet when Anne fucked her as she quite often did. So, they suggested to Marian that she go see a movie. ‘But you know I can’t afford that. My savings are getting low.’

‘Marian Lister.’ Ann said. ‘we will go to the bank and get you some money. Will $50 be enough. Then you can  have a great night. You know you might meet someone, if, you’re lucky.’ Ann handed Marian the money after she had withdrawn it from the bank.  She withdrew $200 and gave Marian the $50 they had promised her. They decided to get  the ice cream later. When they collected Marian from the cinema. Anne and Ann were hungry for something else.  . ‘We can drop you off at the cinema and pick you up when the movie is over. Call us and we will come and get you.’ Anne said.

‘Okay! What are you two going to do?’ Marian asked. ‘Go home, shower and watch tv for awhile.’. The apartment they were house sitting had two bedrooms and was close to the local high school, a primary school and a walking track which went around a pond. They had only been there once for a walk and even though they liked it they hadn’t had a chance to return.

Anne and Ann smiled as Marian closed the car door when they dropped her off at the cinema. They raced home.  They hoped she wouldn’t call them until she was ready to return home. Anne fumbled with the key in the front door and when she closed it they raced to their bedroom and closed the curtains. Ann was sure the neighbours would wonder what they were up to but Anne eased her mind.

Anne closed their bedroom door and  pinned Ann against it. She reached in and kissed Ann passionately. Her left hand was wrapped around Ann’s waist. Her right hand was undoing the button on her shorts and pulling down the zip. Ann’s shorts fell to the floor unceremoniously followed by her knickers. Then she let out a long slow moan. Anne had her right hand between Ann’s legs drawing smaller and smaller circles on her thigh. It was driving Ann crazy. ‘Dearest, fuck me before I explode into a memory. Anne Walker Lister, quit teasing me.’ Anne only smiled at her and continued making circles but now it was on her other thigh. Ann could feel herself on the edge. She was about to come. Then Anne stopped. Ann moaned just as Anne gently laid her on to their bed. Then she laid on top of her and put her hand where it  had been. She continued making smaller and smaller circles on her thigh. Ann’s hips raised off their bed.

Anne pushed two fingers into Ann’s centre. She was so wet Anne’s fingers slide right in without any effort. Then Anne pulled them out so slowly she could feel Ann’s hips bucking beneath her. Ann was moaning loudly. It was possible that the neighbours would hear her and wonder what was happening. Anne pushed her fingers in and out faster than she had ever done before. She had Ann on the edge and then rubbed Ann’s clit with her thumb and Ann tumbled over the edge into her orgasm. Anne held on to her as she rode out her orgasm. Ann smiled when she returned to her body. ‘WOW!! That was some ride. Hey, can we go again?’ Ann said until she looked at Anne whose leg was jiggling  next to her. ‘Ann!!’ Anne said so softly Ann hardly heard her. ‘I need you to touch me.’ When Ann touched Anne’s clit, it was hard and swollen. She rubbed it quickly and pushed two fingers inside Anne’s centre curling them as she entered. It was only moments before Anne came screaming out Ann’s name as she did. Ann wrapped her arms around her wife. It had been an emotional ride for both of them. When Anne returned to her body they kissed passionately. They slumped on to their bed.

Then Ann realised they hadn’t eaten. Anne’s stomach was complaining bitterly. ‘Should we go down to Woolies and buy a BBQ chicken to eat and a salad too. I am sure Marian will be hungry when we go and pick her up. She will probably call us in a few minutes. Just as Anne said that she felt her phone buzzed in her pocket. ‘Yes, Marian, I know the movie is over and you want us to pick you up.’ Anne said.

‘No, I’m going to see another movie. Ann gave me $50. So, I have enough. What are we going to do for tea.’ Marian said.  ‘I was wondering if you would like to get some noodles for the Noodle Box just down from Metro Cinemas. Would that be okay?’

‘That would be fine.’ Anne and Ann said. ‘Call us when the movie is over and we will met you there. Then we can order our meal. Okay!!’

‘So, we have the apartment to ourselves for a while longer. Did you remember to pack the you know what when we left for our holiday here?’ Ann said.

‘Adney, I have no idea what you are talking about and I thought you were hungry.’

‘The str…..ap. Did you pack the strap, dearest? Yes, I am hungry. Hungry for you.’

‘Ann Walker when are you going to realise that is the first thing I pack. She looked at Anne. ‘Do we have lube?’ She asked Anne so quietly Anne just heard her. ‘Yes, we have lube but I doubt if we are going to need it, Adney.’

‘No, we’re not, not today, dearest.’ Anne looked at Ann. Then she touched Adney’s centre. Ann was right. They don’t need lube.  Anne pulled the harness up her legs and placed it over her hips. Ann leaned over and tightened the straps on it. The base of the cock rubbed against Anne’s clit. It sent a jolt of desire through Anne’s body. She leaned over to Ann and pulled her in for a searing kiss. Their passionate desire was evident when Anne gently rubbed her cock against Ann’s clit.

She could see she was having the desired affect when Ann raised her hips to meet it. Anne did it again and again until Ann squealed out. ‘I want you inside me with your cock. I want you to fill me to the brim, please dearest.’ How could Anne resist such a plea.

They continued to kiss as Anne pushed her cock insider her wife. Ann moaned and groaned. Her hips lifting with every thrust of Anne’s cock. Anne could feel her arousal coiling in her gut. It was heavenly. Anne kept up the pace pumping in Ann as fast as she could. ‘Adney, touch yourself. I want you to come with me.’ Ann reached down with all the effort she could must and with a shaky hand she found her clit and rub it quickly.

It only took Ann a few strokes  before she exploded. Anne followed seconds later. Their bodies quivered and shook while their orgasms raced through their bodies. When they were relaxed again Anne leaned over and pulled Ann in for a hug. ‘That was amazing, Adney. Shall we go again?’  Anne could see Ann’s eyes drift closed ‘Not today, dearest.’ Then she was snoring softly. Anne held her close.

She hadn’t imagined this would be her life. Here in Tasmania on holiday with her wife and her sister having a great time. Yet,  there were times when she was missing home, missing the green hills of Shibden. The chill air of Autumn when she went for her morning walks or the new growth of spring as Anne and her men worked to plant flowers. The heat of summer with Ann at the chauimere reading while Ann sketched the landscape and the winter white. What a glorious sight that was. Ann would often coax Anne outside to build a snowman or have snowball fights. Of course, she only did that to please Ann. Throw making snowmen and throwing snowballs around wasn’t something Anne Lister, owner of Shibden Hall would do. It was a childish thing. She did it only to please Ann. She laid there with her arms wrapped around Ann. It was a comfortable way to spend the early evening hour.

While Anne was enjoying their holiday in Tasmania she was longing to return home to Shibden. She had plans she wanted to implement to improve the estate. Ann and Marian were also missing home and their aunt and father. She knew Ann was missing her sister, Elizabeth. She would get Ann to phone her more often because when they did Ann and Elizabeth would talk for hours. That was how she knew Ann missed Elizabeth  as much as she would miss Marian if she wasn’t here and even though Elizabeth had  married and moved to Scotland. She knew Ann wished she still lived in Halifax. Ann stirred. Slowly her eyes opened. She looked up at Anne who had a deep frown on her face.  ‘Anne Lister! What are you thinking?’

‘Just missing home. Yet, I will be fine soon. I am glad we still have Shibden Hall. Let’s call home soon’ Anne said trying to sound cheerful.

‘Okay, Anne,  but we will be going home soon. Won’t we?’ Ann said as she looked at Anne who looked like she was crying. ‘Anne Lister, are you okay?’

‘Not really just missing the Hall. We have had a great holiday but I want to go home.’ Anne said as she wiped tears from her eyes.

‘You are missing home. We have a flight book to go home in two weeks, dearest. I wonder if we could change that. Is that what you want to do?’ Ann asked as she looked at her wife who seemed to relax a bit more. ‘I want to stay for another two weeks. I’m just having a moment. That’s all.’ Anne said. She didn’t want to spoil their holiday by going home too soon. ‘Are you okay with that, Anne?’ Ann said as she looked at her wife. She could see she was missing home..

‘Should we tell Marian when she calls for us when the movie ends?’ Ann asked Anne. ‘yes, we can do that, Adney’  Marian called ten minutes later..The second movie was over and she was getting hungry. ‘I’m just coming out of the cinema. I will meet you at The Noodle Box. Okay!!’

‘Okay!! We should be there in about fifteen minutes.’ Anne said. They dressed. Anne grabbed their keys. Ann locked the apartment.. They  climbed into their car. Anne drove them down town. She parked in the multi storey car park.and collected ticket which they displayed on their dashboard.  They raced  across the street  to Marian who was standing outside The Noodle Box.. She chatted away telling them about the movies she had seen even though they weren’t listening and she didn’t seem to notice. It wasn’t until Ann spoke to her that Marian realised they were standing in front of the counter ready to order..

‘What would you like to eat, Marian?’ Ann said as they walked into the store. ‘I’d like a regular combination meal please.’ Anne nodded. She wanted the same. So, Ann ordered two regular combination meals for them. That would be enough because they packed the food into the boxes tightly. Ann paid with the money she had withdrawn from the bank.

They decided to eat their meal on the grassed area near the surf lifesaving club. There were tables and benches there they could sit on. The evening was cooler than the day had been. As they tucked into their food Ann remembered that they were going to get an ice cream from Cold Rock until she remembered Fish Frenzy sold ice creams in cones. So, when they had finished eating their noodles they walked into Fish Frenzy and bought three small cones. ‘Let’s go for a walk.’ Anne said. ‘Along the boardwalk and back. It won’t take very long.’ Ann and Marian nodded. Ann would agree with anything Anne asked for right now. She could see Anne wanted to enjoy this evening as much as she was.

When they returned home they explained to Marian that Anne want to go home sooner than they had planned but it had to be what they all wanted to do.. ‘ Well, let’s vote. I’m missing  aunt and father and home. So, all in favour of changing our flight home say aye.’ Marian said.  It seemed to be a unanimous decision. ‘I will call the airline in the morning. Hopefully we can change our flight to an earlier date and it won’t cost us too much to do that.’  Anne said seriously. She knew her finances were getting low. As if Ann was reading her mind she said,  ‘Anne, what’s the matter, dearest. Are you worried about our finances. Don’t! I will pay for the extra  charges if we need to do that  when we change our flight to go home.’Ann said. Then she added. ‘When we do get back home I want to visit my sister and her kids.’

‘Okay!! We can do that once I have seen to a couple of things I want to do on the estate’ They sat watching tv and chatting. Anne seemed happy about the prospect of going home soon to see her aunt and her father and to do some work on Shibden. She missed getting her hands dirty and working with the men. Their holiday in Tasmania had been great. While Anne didn’t want to go to the beach today. She had enjoyed herself. Ann was happy that they had finally had their picnic on the beach and she had been able to go for a swim at Boat Harbour Beach but she was looking forward to going back home too. What a trip this had been and when they return home they will have lots to tell Aunt Anne and father about and many photos to show them which Ann and Marian had taken of their trip down under.