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I'm still alive

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Both intelligence officer's quickly ushered everyone back inside Holby City Barracks, and then led them to a large conference room
Everyone was then invited to take a seat and then the intelligence officers would try and explain exactly what happened out in Somalia, and why Serena and her children were told that Major Bernie Wolfe had been killed in active service, but in truth was hiding in a unused army accommodation block deep in the heart of Wiltshire.

Colonel Charles Whittington asked his secretary to arrange a selection of hot and cold drinks aswell as savoury snacks and to have them delivered to the large conference room.
Once the drinks and snacks had been delivered and everyone had taken their fill of what was on offer, Charlotte and her brother's were politely asked to retire to the officer's recreation room, where they could have a game of snooker, or billiards, or chess or draughts, or just sit in peace and quiet and admire the surroundings, while both Bernie and Serena were asked to remain in the conference room.
Brigadier Sir Henry Pattinson Jukes entered the room and he was carrying a beige coloured folder, and he placed it on the table, and opened it and got out 2 photos of 2 men who had been lurking in and around Holby City Barracks time and time again, and they had been removed several times by the police, but they kept going back.
Both photos were shown to both Bernie and Serena and they were asked if they recognised either of the men in the photos.
They looked at each other and in unison said " The picture to the left is Edward Campbell and the one to the right Marcus Dunn".
Serena continued " both of these men are failed medical students, they were originally transferred from Plymouth university medical school to Holby City University medical school, but they had to redo their second year again, as they had spent to much time fooling around with other students from other schools within the university campus, but they were also turning up for lectures smelling of alcohol, and cigarette smoke.".
Bernie concluded with what Serena had told everyone about them, but Bernie also knew that Marcus Dunn had been kicked out of Sandhurst Military Academy, as he was accused of fighting with other cadet officers, but because he was caught on c c.t.v. he was dishonorabley discharged.
The Colonel then asked both Bernie and Serena if they would like some time together as the intelligence officers aswell as senior officers had to convene a meeting with regards to the information that bith Bernie and Serena had given them.
They needed this time together,along with their 4 children, so the couple made their way to the senior officers recreation room, Serena was the first to enter slowly followed by a very weepy Bernie.
Serena turned around to see her beloved wife in tears, she quickly got a tissue out of her handbag and passed it to Bernie, Cameron guided his mum over to one of the high backed chairs, and she slumped into the chair, Serena sat on the arm of the chair and wrapped her arm around Bernie's shouldes and tried to reassure her that everything would be ok, all their children consoled her as best they could, but no matter how hard the family tried she couldn't stop crying.
Some 15 minutes later Bernie had composed herself, and unreservedly apologised to her family for the hurt and pain they had endured over the past weeks,but all that was soon forgotten, all that mattered was that Bernie and Serena were reunited and they had their children with them.
The family had been together in the officer's recreation room for roughly a couple of hours when the Brigadier walked in and asked the family to rejoin everyone in the conference room.
Once everyone was seated, the Colonel was about to give them news that would change their lives completely.