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Anne & Big Bertha

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Chapter 11


After Anne had closed their bedroom door Ann had her up against it. ‘I thought you were sleeping, Miss Walker.’ Anne said surprised. She didn’t think Ann was ready for this. ‘Yes, I was until I looked at you. You had a mischief smile on your face as if you were thinking something rather dirty.’

‘You, Miss Walker, have allowed your imagination to run wild.’ Then Anne leaned into Ann and kiss her passionately. Ann had her hand on Anne’s thigh. She was tracing circles on it and strange shapes. Anne’s mind was focused on one thing getting Ann naked and onto their bed so she could help her forgot about her cousins and what may happen tomorrow. ‘And if you are willing. I am able. So, allow me to remove your clothes and lay you on our bed. Then I can fuck you. If that is what you want.’ All Ann could do was nod. She was too worked up to do anything else.

Anne undressed Ann and left a trail of clothes from the door to their bed. What Anne didn’t realise was Ann was undressing her. She had been so focused on what she was doing that she didn’t realise Ann had undone the button and zip on her jeans nor that she had stepped out of them and then her boxer briefs. She only had on her bra and t-shirt when they both landed heavily on their bed. That was when Anne felt a chill between her legs and realise she was naked from the waist down. ‘How did you do that, Miss Walker?’

‘Dearest, you were distracted. So, I took advantage of that. And now all you need to do is remove your t-shirt and bra. Gotta ya!!’

‘You certainly did, you saucy minx, you.’ Anne said with a hint of pleasure in her voice. ‘Well, raise your arms so I can remove your t-shirt.’ Anne did as Ann requested. Then she rolled over so Ann could unfasten her bra. It was off. They both laid there naked for a beat. ‘Do  you think they will turn up tomorrow or are they just bluffing to scare me into going back to Crow Nest?’

‘I don’t know. You know them more than what I do, Adney?’

‘Not really, Anne. They are family only all they do when we are together is talk about me. I know they have children but I don’t know how many .’

‘Okay!!’ Anne said  as she wondered what they were in for tomorrow. ‘Hey, I thought you wanted me to fuck you, Adney.’

‘I do. So, let’s get on with it.’ Ann said with a cheeky grin on her face that Anne could only just see when the moonlight shone through the window. It was partly cloudy outside. ‘The cheek of some people. You are a bit demanding sometimes, Missy.’ Then Anne ran her hand down Ann’s body until she found her clit. She stroked it with her fingers then moved to Ann’s centre which was dripping wet. She inserted three fingers inside Ann. Ann squirmed. Anne curled her fingers inside Ann which made Ann moan loudly. She thrust her hips up to meet Anne’s thrust inside her.  Their lips met again and they kissed. This was how Ann had imagined being fucked by Anne would be. It was the best feeling in her life. Ann wished they could stay like this forever. Only she could feel her gut coiling and her desire to come. ‘Do you have a strap. Anne?’

‘Well, here’s the thing.I have quite a collection. Why do you ask?’

‘No reason. Just curious, dearest. ‘ Anne continued to fuck Ann relentlessly. ‘Would you like to try one out? Is that what you want for me to fuck you with a strap on, Adney?’ Anne said.’I could get it now. I have one that would suit you immensely.’ Anne removed her fingers from Ann’s centre and rose to get the strap on. Ann felt the loss instantly. She put her hand between her legs to rub her clit. She was doing fine until Anne noticed what was happening. ‘Either you remove your hand from where it is or I will sleep on the sofa tonight.’ Ann removed her hand so fast Anne couldn’t believe how quickly she did.

Anne went into the closet to retrieve the strap on. She inserted her legs into the harness and pulled it up around her hips. She tightened the harness and the cock stood at attention. She laid on their bed next to Ann whose eyes were so wide. She couldn’t believe that Anne had a strap on and was going to funk her with it. WOW!! Was all Ann could think. Then Anne rolled Ann on her back and kissed her again. She rubbed the tip of the cock on Ann’s centre. Ann squirmed and begged Anne to go inside her but Anne kept teasing her until Ann couldn’t take it any longer. So, Anne gently lower her cock over Ann’s centre. Then she pushed it inside Ann slowly and gently until it was inside Ann up to the hilt. They both moaned loudly. Anne pumped inside Ann. Ann’s hips rose to meet each of Anne’s thrust inside her. This was so much better than what Ann had ever imagined. ‘Oh Anne, fuck,, Anne, this is amazing, Anne. Go faster. Anne, fuck, you’re amazing.’ Anne went faster and harder. ‘Touch yourself, Adney. Touch yourself. Rub your fingers over your clit.’ Ann reached down to find her clit with a trembling hand she stroked her own clit until she came shuddering around Anne’s cock.Anne pulled out and Ann felt the loss. Anne stood up. She unfastened the harness and let it drop to the floor

Anne wrapped her arms around her wife. They laid there for a moment until Anne’s whole body began to shake. She was desperate for Ann to fuck her. ‘Anne, I need you inside me. Now!! Please, Ann.’

‘OH dearest. Let me attend to your needs. Here, lay down beside me.. Then Ann’s lips crashed with Anne’s. They were kissing furiously. Ann’s hands found Anne’s centre. She pushed three fingers inside Anne. Anne was so wet her juices were running down Ann’s arm. Ann kept up the pace. She thought Anne wanted this until Anne said.’I want your tongue on my clit. I want you to eat me up, Adney. Please darling.’ Ann trailed kisses down to her centre. She slid her tongue inside Anne. Oh Anne tasted so good. It was heaven when she was between Anne’s legs teasing her a little and loving her a lot. Then she brushed Anne’s clit with her tongue. Oh what a joyous feeling it was to have control over Anne fucking Lister, the bikie who stole her heart all those years ago. Only Anne didn’t know that until now.

Ann licked and sucked on Anne’s clit. Anne moaned above her, pushing her hips up to meet every lick and suck. Anne pushed another finger inside Anne. Oh it did feel wonderful to have Anne Lister like this, vulnerable and extremely sexy. Ann was caught up in her thoughts when Anne said. ‘come on, I am dying here, Adney.’  Fuck she thought. Then Anne said, ‘quite thinking out loud just do it. Okay!!’ Ann’s tongue made circles on Anne’s clit. Anne’s body shuddered as she came in Ann’s mouth. Ann pulled her fingers out and crawled up next to Anne. She kissed her gently on her left then right cheeks then her lips. Anne was so relaxed. ‘That was fun, dearest. Do you want to go again?’ Anne’s eyes shot open. She couldn’t believe what she heard. ‘I guess  you are horny again, Miss Walker and you want me to fuck you again. Don’t you? With or without the strap on?’

‘I’m not sure. I like it both ways.’

‘Are you being funny, Adney?’ Anne said. She could remember that from a song in the 70s. She thought. ‘Let’s go strapless this time.’

‘Give me a moment to relax. Goodness, Ann. Are you trying to kill me?’

‘Why the fuck would I want to do that? Then I wouldn’t have anyone to fuck me. Would I?’

‘Good point.’ .Then she was between Ann’s legs licking and sucking her clit. Oh it was heavenly for Anne too. Ann’s scent was intoxicating. Anne thought she would get drunk on it. Ann was so wet this tine., She had worked herself up into such a state. Anne wondered if they would ever leave this room to do anything. And they were getting married in less than twelve hours. Anne licked and sucked Ann’s clit until she felt Ann begin to squirm above her. Until Ann started moaning and groaning, lifting her hips to meet each of Anne’s gentle ministrations on her clit. Then her orgasm came crashing down around her. Wave after wave of sheer pleasure. Anne pulled out her fingers and crawled up next to Ann whose eyes were closed. Anne thought she had fallen asleep until she said. ‘Dearest, are we in heaven now because that was so beautiful.’

‘Yes, I think we are. Only we need to sleep now so we can be ready for our big day, Adney. When we make a commitment to each other and begin a new life together.’

‘Do you think they will turn up tomorrow, dearest?’

‘Who, Adney?’

‘You know who, my cousins to take me back to Crow Nest under false pretenses of saving me from you.’

‘I hope not because I think Tib has a plan to scare them away if they do.’

‘What is she going to do?’ Ann asked.

‘I have no idea. She wouldn’t tell me but she says Marian is in on the plan.’

‘Goodness me. What is she going to do. Now, I am curious. I guess we will find out tomorrow. Goodnight, dearest.’

‘Good night, Adney.’ They snuggled against each other and slept soundly. Which is what Ann did every night she was with Anne..

The following morning they woke to a loud rapping on their bedroom door. ‘Little Ann has  unwanted visitors. What should I do?’ Marian said.

‘Show them into the sitting room and tell Tib Eliza is her to spoil our day. She will deal with that. She said you were in on the plan.’

‘Oh that’s right. Go back to sleep. I will call you when they have gone.’ Ann heard Marian knock on the guest bedroom door to summon Tib. She didn’t like being woken up before 10AM. So, she was ticked off which was part of their plan. ‘Tib darling!’ Marian said loud enough for everyone to hear. It was what they plan to say when the Priestleys were there. ‘What, dearest Marian?’

‘We have visitors here. Anne and Ann are still asleep. I didn’t want to disturb them.’

‘Coming. This had better be good. You know I don’t like getting up before 10 in the morning.’ Tib said in what she wanted to sound like her angriest voice. Only she couldn’t help smiling. She was sure this would turn Eliza and William away for good. She dressed quickly and strode down stairs. Before she reached the bottom step Eliza wanted to know where Ann was. ‘No telling.’ Tib said. ‘I thought you had come to hear some more good news. Marian and I are getting married.’ Aunt Anne gave them a puzzled look because she knew Marian was still trying to get Thomas Beech to ask her to marry him but she let it slide. Marian sat on Tib’s knee and wrapped her arms around Tib’s neck. It looked as though their plan was working. ‘I didn’t think you were like that, Marian?’

‘Like what, Eliza?’ Tib said trying not to embarrass Marian or Aunt Anne too much. Then Catherine made her entrance at the wrong moment. She looked at Marian seated on Tib’s lap with her arms around Tib. ‘Hey, bitch. Are you cheating on me. I thought you were my woman not Marian’s.’

‘Sorry, old girl, but this one comes with a bigger dowry.’ Eliza and William had finally had enough. They rose and left in such a rush. Tib and Marian laughed so hard. ‘What was all that about?’ Aunt Anne asked.

‘i think it worked. Don’t you? I think we have convinced them to stay away or we will turn them gay too.’

‘I always thought Eliza was bi anyway.’ Aunt Anne said which shocked everyone in the room. ‘Didn’t she have a fling with your mother years ago, Catherine.’

‘No that was Ann’s mother. I think. Anyway.’ she yelled so Anne and Ann could hear. ‘The coast is clear. You can join us now if you want to.’

Anne and Ann made their way down the stairs and into the sitting room where everyone was laughing so hard they couldn’t ask why. Only Anne did. She wanted to know what was going on.’Marian her pretended to be Tib’s girlfriend. They told Eliza and William they were getting married but we both know Marian has the hots for Thomas Beech.’ Aunt Anne said as Anne looked at her sister who was blushing. ‘That’s what we all thought too.’ Ann said. ‘But I caught these two.’ She pointed at Marian and Tib, ‘snogging in the barn yesterday when Tib first arrived here. ‘What? Marian Lister, my sister is a lesbian.’

‘Not exactly, Anne.’ Marian said.’I dip my toes in both pools. I just love this one more.’ as she pointed to Tib.

‘Isabelle Norcliffe. You had better do the right thing by my sister. Can you do that?’