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Alphabet Challenge

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Almost everyone gave up on me.
Because I think I gave up on myself.
Could three bullets through the chest have had something to do with that?
Damn right!
Even I felt like I was gonna die.
Fought like hell, but lost the battle.
Hutch, though, wouldn’t make it if I left, so I came back.
I couldn’t leave him.
Just couldn’t.
Kinda like our bond must be, unbreakable.
My best friend in the whole world.
Nobody else ever came close.
Oh, there were women, for both of us.
Probably more than we’d want to count.
Questionable ethics, too, sometimes.
Relationships come and go but Hutch and I are forever.
Speaking from my heart, which has recently started beating again, he’s the only one I'd've come back to this shithole for.
Unreserved belief in each other.
Very little in this life can be counted on, unless you’ve got a Hutch.
With nothing concrete between us, we trust each other, depend on each other, support and defend each other.
Xenon must be like that: in the air, though we can’t see it, taste it, or smell it.
Years from now, we’ll all look back on these days and, hopefully, smile.
Zebra Three will never die if Hutch and I have anything to say about it!