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It'll Be Perfect With You

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Min Kyunghoon, Buzz's lead vocalist and a phenomenal singer, was currently sitting at a desk on the set of JTBC's Knowing Brothers, his elbows propped on the table and his fingers rubbing against his forehead.

"What do I do..?" Kyunghoon asked himself, biting his lip in irritation. "I'm trying to get it right, but I can't work it out!" Kyunghoon didn't realize in his irritation that he had bit his lip so hard it began to even bleed a little. But he didn't feel it. He was too occupied thinking about what was going wrong with him.

Kyunghoon and Kim Heechul were known as Universe Cowards when paired as a duo. For Knowing Brothers' After School segment, the pair decided to try their hands at a rap song, becoming Universe Hipsters in the process. He accepted the challenge because of Heechul. But Kyunghoon soon realized he wasn't talented in rapping at all. They only had two weeks left until were going to record the song Dindin composed for them. But Kyunghoon hadn't been able to master his lines at all!

"Ugh...laughing it off on air is easy enough, but I can't fake it when the actual song is bad..." The blood from Kyunghoon's lips dropped onto the desk, and all Kyunghoon could do was cover his face with his hands in shame. He thought back to when Dindin said that, if Kyunghoon couldn't do it, he'd find some way to insert him in other parts while Dindin took over the rapping parts.

While Kyunghoon wouldn't mind, the problem was Heechul. Kyunghoon knew Heechul more than anybody. He wouldn't let Kyunghoon be removed from the song at all. "I'm sorry hyung..." Kyunghoon groaned to himself, as tears began to well up in his eyes.

Kim Heechul had just arrived onto set and as he made his way into the waiting room to be changed, he stopped at the front door. He had heard a bang on the desk and waited outside the room, stopping his stylists from entering. "Wait...maybe something's wrong?"

Heechul placed his ear against the door, quietly. He tried to hear what was going on inside. He heard groaning, and he heard tears dropping onto the desk.


That was the word Heechul heard repeated. Again and again. "Kyunghoon-ah..?"

He spoke softly, and looked towards his staff. "Could you tell the directors we'll have to start late? I'll try and see if I can make Kyunghoon-ah ready by then."

The others nodded, bowed and left the area. Heechul softly knocked on the door of the waiting room.

Kyunghoon inside jumped. His tears had already stained the desk. He couldn't really hide what he was doing, though he sure would try. Wiping his tears quickly and reapplying his powder, he responded. "Come in!"

"Hey Ssamja. You got your makeup done?" Heechul tried to look closer at Kyunghoon who had been avoiding his gaze.

Although he knew Kyunghoon didn't like being touched by others, he didn't mind it when it was Heechul. "You're not looking at me. Did they mess it up?" Heechul asked, grabbing his shoulder and turning him around.

As Kyunghoon turned around reluctantly, his red eyes were clearly visible to Heechul. Heechul's professional attitude immediately broke down as concern welled up in his face.

"Kyunghoon-ah! What happened? Did someone say something to you?! You can tell me! Do you want me to delay-!"

Kyunghoon put his hand over Heechul's mouth, indicating him to quieten down. "I-it's nothing like that hyung...Just calm down for a sec."

Heechul couldn't really calm down even when Kyunghoon told him that. But he did stop talking. Kyunghoon wasn't the type to talk over other people unless he was angry. Heechul had to clench his fists and restrain from talking to give Kyunghoon breathing room.

"Haaah..." Kyunghoon let out a big sigh. He really didn't want this conversation to happen, especially with Heechul. But it had to happen, and he supposed now was a better time than ever.

"Listen hyung, I think I should back out of the song." Kyunghoon began.

"What?! No-" Heechul began to say, before Kyunghoon cut him off again.

"I know you'll argue with me. But...this is just so difficult, hyung." Kyunghoon kept going. Heechul clenched his fist as he continued to listen. "I've been practicing all night and I just can't get this right. We only have a week or so till the recording feels like no matter how many times I repeat the verse, listen to the samples, try to get the beats, it all falls flat. I don't know why...Dindin made this song so well and your verses are awesome, but I just can't do it."

Kyunghoon's tears welled up again but he kept brushing them aside as he talked. "I don't want the song to fail because I couldn't do what you, Dindin and BiBi expect of me..."

Heechul saw Kyunghoon crying. He couldn't handle it. Kyunghoon shouldn't need to cry, ever. He'd already gone through so many hurdles in his life, been through so much and struggled with his own self-worth for so long. Heechul blamed himself. He coerced Kyunghoon into this endeavor, not realizing how much pressure Kyunghoon was putting on himself to see it through to the end.

Heechul hugged Kyunghoon, pulling him in and tightly squeezed him. "I'm sorry Kyunghoon-ah!" Heechul exclaimed. Even if it was a strange sight for an onlooker, Heechul didn't care. Right now, he just had to comfort Kyunghoon.

He let go, keeping his hands on Kyunghoon's shoulders. "I should have realized how much stress I gave you with this. You kept things bottled up to yourself thinking you'd work it out...I should have seen the signs. I was wrapped up in trying to make this successful that I neglected your feelings..."

"No no, hyung...I get it..." Kyunghoon responded, as he wiped his tears again. "I should have told you sooner..."

"Don't blame yourself, Kyunghoon-ah! You were holding back for my sake. And I know that you don't want to do this song, and I won't force you to do anything but I'll just tell you this." Heechul paused, taking a deep breath.

"I only accepted this because I knew you were here with me. If you can't do it as a rap song, we won't. I know you're not someone who even cares about rap but I..." Heechul paused. He didn't want this to come off in the wrong way.

"I know how talented you are, more than anyone. You made me feel talented again as well. So I thought you of all people would be able to do this."

As Heechul ended his sentence, Kyunghoon began to blush at the compliment, with his ears turning red. "Hyung I-"

"BUT!" Heechul interrupted. "If you don't want to do a rap part. I can ask Dindin to change the song. Or if you still want to do the rap, I'll make sure to help you as much as I can. If I'm there, or if Dindin's there, maybe we can help you figure out what's going wrong."

Heechul took another deep breath. "Listen, Kyunghoon-ah...I really don't care how "good" the song is. As long as the song is with'll be perfect. I could never be disappointed in you, because I know how hard you work."

Kyunghoon had to take that all in and process it as Heechul hugged him. He sighed outwards and pushed Heechul away. "Seriously..." Kyunghoon began to say, before he chuckled.

"You always know how to hit me where it hurts, don't you hyung?" Kyunghoon's smile stretched from one end of his face to the other.

"I'll do the rapping. I know you and Dindin will help me so...I'll try a bit harder, and we'll see how it goes." Kyunghoon said a bit more softly. "I know I'll still be harsh on myself but I won't put my flaws against me. I'm still new to rapping, and it's okay to struggle."

Kyunghoon took another deep breath and lifted up Heechul, making him stand up. He twisted Heechul around and pushed him out of the room. "Now go and Dindin I'll be a couple of minutes late."

Heechul was being dragged along helplessly. He had no muscle strength compared to Kyunghoon. "Aww I can't watch you get-"

"Nope!" Kyunghoon said as he finished pushing Heechul out. As Heechul turned around and sulked at Kyunghoon, they both couldn't hold the act for much longer before laughing.

"See you soon, Kyunghoon-ah!" Heechul pranced away.

"Won't be long!" Kyunghoon closed the door to his changing room and could only laugh. To think Heechul's magic worked on him again. He couldn't be more glad to have Heechul as his best friend.

"It'll be perfect together..." Kyunghoon smiled as he recited those words.