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There was no doubt about it. She was back in the place that Sidney ran. What she didn't expect was for it to happen in such a way. Tasha was there waiting by the bed. The only thing she was wearing was a diaper just like most times.

"Well, it seems like you returned," Tasha said. "Did you miss this place that much?"

"Not by choice." Judy saw that she was naked once more.

"Considering what you were able to do the past few days, it was certainly your choice to return."

"Excuse me? They sold me with a shock collar!"

"I don't care about your excuses. You chose to return. Anyway, do you want to stay?"

"As if I have a choice," Judy said. "My once chance to escape, ruined."

"You do. If you want to leave, then we can prepare you again. Your breath really stinks, we need to do something about that. I can smell you from over here."

"A skunk sprayed my mouth, and I had to swallow it. What's the otter's game this time?"

"I'm so sorry." Tasha hugged her. "Well, if you beg him to stay, he'll set you free after a year or we can move on to the next phase of his plan."

"Drop me off at the precinct again?"

"That would be boring. It's a surprise. Are you going to beg him to let you stay here? This might be the only time he gives you this offer."

"As if!"

"Let me show you what you get for staying." Tasha guided Judy out of the bedroom. She led him to a room where Chase was. The opossum was strapped to a rack – rendered immobile and naked. "You can do anything you want to him provided it doesn't involve permanent damage. This isn't a no, it just means you need to ask permission. And you'll have Sasha's old job."

"Judy, look, I'm sorry, can you help me get out of here?" Chase pleaded.

"Well, he's quite talkative for now. We can gag him or you can apply to have his tongue removed."

"Removed?" Chase screeched.

"And if I want to set him free?" Judy asked as a hypothetical. "Am I able to do that?"

"You can choose to submit to him if that's your fantasy. As for freeing him from this place – well, you'll need to ask Sidney. He has as much control as you're willing to give. And since you're rather inexperienced, you can have a few guards nearby to prevent any accidents that might happen when playing with him. Wouldn't want him to accidentally end up on top."

"What happens to him if I leave?"

"We'll try to keep his sanity intact as much as possible, and then you can still have the fun of breaking him in when you return."

"As if I'll ever return again."

"You didn't plan on returning this time, but you did anyway. Why can't it happen again? Anyway, do you want to stay?"

Judy shook her head.

"He was hoping for that. Let's get you ready, shall we?" Tasha led Judy to the bathroom. Judy remembered the place all too well even though she had only left it for a few days. Tasha fetched a bar of soap. "Open your mouth."

She scrubbed Judy's mouth with soap then told her to rinse.

It wasn't that unpleasant, a far more extreme version of brushing her teeth, so Judy didn't complain.

Tasha sniffed Judy's mouth. Her nose wrinkled from the scent. "That didn't work, hmm. Take a big bite." She held a large bar of soap in front of Judy's mouth. It smelled like vanilla.

"Why?" Judy narrowed her eyes.

"You can either do it willingly or I can fetch the disciplinary tools."

"No, why are you doing this? I thought you cared about me."

"Giving you motivation not to return and getting your breath back to tolerable levels. You didn't try hard enough to stay away. Now, take a big bite. Every time you return, I will do something even worse unless if you agree to stay. His terms might change though."

"Go too far and there's no way that he'll be able to set me free and escape."

"Consider it upping the difficulty. Now, are you going to take a bite willingly? Don't forget, I can always find something worse for you to eat or drink. This is a bathroom after all."

Judy hesitantly took a nibble out of the soap. The bitter taste was strong enough to make her gag.

"Do you want to be punished?"

Judy shook her head. That didn't mean she actually wanted to eat soap though. She just wanted to ease herself into it. Unwilling to risk displeasing Tasha, Judy took a big bite that she thought Tasha wanted her to.

Her mouth was burning from the bitter taste and tears flowed from her eyes. Tasha clamped her mouth shut so she had no choice but to chew and swallow. The soap did not go down easily.

Tasha sniffed her mouth again. "Not good enough. I can still smell bad breath." She fetched another bar of soap nearby with a different scent. This one had the fragrance of oatmeal, milk, and honey. "Take a bite."

"I need a break," Judy said.

"If you don't suffer enough, you'll just return here again by accident since you won't try hard enough to stay away. Now, take a bite." Tasha held the bar of soap in front of her mouth.

Judy reluctantly took another bite. The bitter taste filled her mouth again. And just like before, she had no choice but to swallow the soap. The thick viscous substance uneasily traveled down her throat just like before.

Tasha sniffed Judy's mouth once more. Again, she found the scent disagreeable. She presented another bar of soap.

"Please, no more," Judy begged.

"Fine. Come with me." She placed the bar of soap back where it was.

"Thank you."

"I'll give you my lunch."


Tasha instructed Judy to lie on the floor of the bathroom – which wasn't spotless.

"No," Judy said.

"Fine. If you make a mess elsewhere, you will lick it up."

They went to one of the rooms filled with sex toys – usually used for servicing clients. She had Judy lie on the floor once more. Tasha removed her diaper and Judy saw that she was wearing a butt plug. Slowly, Tasha removed the plug while moaning from the process. She put the recently removed plug into Judy's tailhole which required a few pushes to make it go in entirely.

"Keep your mouth open," Tasha instructed as she positioned her tailhole above Judy's mouth.

"That's not on my list of preferences." Judy hoped that still held some sway even though she doubted that it would since she did "escape."

"Oh, don't worry, it's not that. Take a look And that's within what you signed up for. So you better perform adequately."

From what Judy could see, Tasha's tailhole had food stuffed into it and some white fluids which she assumed to be cum. It didn't make the act any less revolting – she was holding her mouth open for something that was going to come out of someone's tailhole. Part of her feared that something extra would come out of Tasha's tailhole.

"Remember, this was going to be my lunch."

The unpleasant taste hit her tongue and there was still a lot more to come. She did manage to chew and swallow the bitter musky mess in her mouth without spitting it out.

"After how much I rimmed you, I think it's only fair that you rim me. Don't you think?" Tasha said.

It was her choice this time – and she agreed to it whether to preserve some twisted friendship or for future favors she didn't know why exactly but something compelled her to do so. Judy used her tongue to clean Tasha's tailhole of any residue.

"Don't forget to sniff," Tasha said. "Or we're going to have to train you before you get to leave."

That threat made Judy remember the proper way to give someone a rim job. She had to lick, and she had to sniff every so often while she cleaned the tailhole of any residue. There were still traces of cum for her to gobble up and if her tastebuds were correct, they weren't all from the same day. Tasha made Judy keep licking until she climaxed from pleasure.

"And you're not done." Tasha pulled the stained toy out of Judy's tailhole and had her lick that clean too.

Judy had no choice but to obey this time. She had to clean traces of food and cum from the foul object. It didn't taste good at all.

"So, Sidney decided that a panther and a rabbit working at the front desk didn't look good, so I had to do extra work. It's been days since I had untainted real food. Even then, I still have to service clients from time to time."

Judy felt some measure of pity for Tasha even though she had it comfortable before and could be labeled as a slaver in the past. "I'm sorry," she said. She hated that she felt this way. What she heard shouldn't bring forth such conflicting emotions.

"If you stay, I get my old job back, and you end up with a better one too. He'll also free you after a year."

"I won't be back here."

"When you do come back, he might not offer the same terms again. Now, we need to feed you some soap again."

They went back to the bathroom where Tasha made Judy eat soap. After a single bite, a rather enraged wolf came looking for Tasha in the bathroom. "You're late, whore."

"Marvin?" Judy thought she recognized that voice.

"Slut, glad to see that you remember me. I'm training this one for the competition."

"Sidney will take care of the rest at the front desk," Tasha said as the wolf led her to have some fun.

Judy went to the front desk by herself, and the otter was waiting for her.

"So, what's your plan this time?" Judy asked.

"I want you to watch something first." Sidney led her to the surveillance room. Within that room, he made her watch Tasha and her session with Marvin.

Judy could see that Tasha was in pain from a sex toy in her pussy as the wolf made her give him a blowjob. From her vantage point, she could see every detail of her suffering. It also didn't help that she could see everything that the other mammals are doing too. Some of them were suffering way worse than Tasha was.

"Why?" Judy asked.

"Figured you need some motivation. Tasha's going to go through this because you didn't decide to stay. You made this happen." Sidney held a chloroform rag to her face until she passed out.

The next time Judy awoke, she was in the car with the otter. They were in front of a building called Deviant Springs Oasis which Judy figured was related to Mystic Springs Oasis in some way.

"I'm setting you free here. If you leave too soon, well, I can't guarantee your continued freedom."

"And do they own sex slaves?"

"Not at all. The game isn't fun if there's no chance that you can win. Enjoy. Better get off if you want freedom."

Judy was wearing clothes, but just like before, the otter completely dyed her body. Now, she had a part blue and part rainbow coat. Once she got out of the car, she noted that it was a green Jaguar along with the license plates which was more than she had last time.

She had no choice but to enter the building – hoping that someone would help her. Her eye twitched when she saw the banner of "Judy Hopps Auditions."

"Excuse me, I'm Judy Hopps – not here for the audition. I would like to talk to the police and report details of mammals who kitnapped me."

"Wow, a method actor!" the yak said.

"No, I'm a recently abducted sex slave that's been set free. I'm the real Judy Hopps. I want a cell phone so I can call the police."

"All right, here's your phone. If you need a room to stay in, you can find it in the back to the right upstairs or you can come back tomorrow for your shift."

"Really? I want to call the police."

"Then go call the police. Leave if you want. The pay is one thousand five hundred a day. Here's a list of things that we expect you to do. Name's Zax, I'm the manager." Zax gave her a piece of paper that detailed various sex positions and fetishes. It also noted that she would have to wear a shock collar. "Glad to have you here if you want to stay."

"And if I don't enjoy any of this because I don't want to be a sex slave?"

"We're not keeping you here by force. You have a phone. There's no shame in being a prostitute which is different from being a sex slave."

"I need an escort because the bad mammals that captured me might be lurking around still."

"Call the police already then."

"Is there any food?"

"Yeah, can't miss it. Just go to the residential section."'

Judy checked out the residential section where she saw quite a few rabbits roaming around. There was a distinct lack of other species.

"Are you here for the role of Judy Hopps too?" a grey doe with brown eyes said.

"I'm the real Judy Hopps that's trapped here."

"Whoa, no need to stay in character. And no one's trapped here, we can all leave."

"In character?"

"Yeah, turns out many mammals want to fuck Judy Hopps, and well, any rabbit can be Judy Hopps. So, this was his latest smart idea. We get better pay than other species. Well, starting one day ago. Pretty sweet gig. I dyed my fur, bought some contacts, and hoped they would accept me. Turns out they take any rabbit."

"How did it come to this?" Judy said.

"Well, there's a demand for a service, this place provided it. Might be a bit unethical but cleared all the legal hurdles already."

"I'm calling the police and everyone that I know," Judy said.

"Go ahead, just don't expect an answer. We all did – part of our character."

Just as the rabbit said – no one answered any of her calls or texts. Even so, she didn't dare leave this place because the otter might be lurking in the shadows. Certainly, there were laws against rape, so she thought her first customer would be understanding and help her reach safety. Asking another prostitute to escort her, would likely get them both captured.

Morning came and she was still tired although her fellow rabbits woke her up saying that it was time. Some were naked, some had clothes on. The only thing they had in common was the shock collar that Zax was going to put on them. None of them seemed apprehensive about it at all even though the collar wasn't coming off without his key.

They went to greet the customers. Many mammals wanted to experience a round with Judy Hopps – and there weren't enough rabbits to go around so they had the luxury to pick and choose.

"Ralph Wolford, what the fuck are you doing here?" Judy Hopps yelled.

"Not interested in you."

"Don't ignore me! I'm Judy Hopps your co-worker, and they made me a sex slave."

"Yeah, yeah, save your spiel for someone else or I'll call security." Ralph glanced at a nearby grey doe. "Hey, Judy, why don't you show me a good time?"

"I would love to," the grey doe replied.

Those two walked away to have fun together.

Judy waited for someone to catch her interest – if no one did, she could always walk out of here and leave despite the chance of capture. At least she wasn't the only rabbit being selective. It took an hour, but she wasn't sure if she could be happy or enraged that she saw Nick in this place.

"Nick!" Judy tried along with several other rabbits. "Please tell me that you've come to save me. I tried calling and texting everyone. You're my only hope."

"Come on then," Nick said as he glanced in her direction. He picked up the remote for her collar then they went by the oasis where tons of mammals were having sex openly. There were a few chairs on the sand. They each took a seat.

"Officer Ringtail's friend sold me again, so I look different. They made me do horrible things before setting me free in this place. I just want to visit the precinct."

"Impressive. Not really into foreplay right now, just want to have sex. Do you know how many of those imposters sent me lewd messages? And nearly everything I tuned into had some way too in-depth lewd fantasy at some point. Can't help but imagine myself trying some of these things that I'm sure the real Judy wouldn't, but there's no problem here."

"I know that you're scared of muzzles."

"So that makes you the fifth?" Nick took off his clothes. "Kneel and start sucking." He pointed to his cock.

"Like hell I will."

He held his paw above the remote. "Do I need to use this?"

"I dare you."


Electricity coursed through her body, making her scream.

"Are you willing to suck now?"

Judy shook her head. She noticed that his paw was shaking.

"You know, this really isn't doing it for me, so I'll find someone else."

"No wait, I'll do it. The first time we had sex was on stream, do you really want our second time to be this?"

"Except, you're not her. Just an actor. Plus, we've had sex plenty of times."

"Are you intentionally being dense? And why are you lying to me?"

"Yeah, I think this won't work out." Nick got up and started walking away.

"Guess, I'll need to convince you." She tackled him to the floor. Since he was naked, she started rubbing her nose against his balls and sniffing loudly periodically for good measure. It wasn't really consensual on her part, but it was better than the alternative. Because it was Nick, she found his scent special. She licked his balls a few times. "Isn't it obvious that someone trained me?"

Their previous encounter involved anal, and she got to know Finnick much more than Nick. They were on stream, and she foolishly joined in on the festivities only to have Finnick's pissy diaper strapped to her face for most of the event.

"I guess, but that doesn't mean anything. Bunnies are good at multiplying."

Despite the circumstances, she wanted it to be pleasurable for him. He was a possible future mate, and more importantly, someone that could save her if she played her cards right.

She moved on to his cock after giving his balls a thorough wash. This was the first time that she tasted Nick in such a manner even though the dumb fox didn't recognize her. His cock pulsed with every lick. It didn't take long for his seed to fill her mouth.

Maybe because it was Nick or her desire to please Nick, she didn't find the taste particularly offensive compared to the other foxes that she sucked off. She made a show of the cum gathered in her mouth. To make it even more erotic, she dipped her fingers with cum and smeared it on her nose and into her nostrils.

"Not about to blurt out our secrets where everyone can hear. Let's go somewhere private," Judy said after she swallowed his load.

Before they reached a secluded place, they ran into Ralph with his grey doe.

"Hey, Nick, fancy seeing you here. Why did you pick her?" Ralph walked by them with a grey doe at his side. "She sounded like she'll be a lot of trouble."

"She sounded like Judy."

"Are you still looking for her here? Just relax and have some fun."

"When we save her, should I be worried about you?" Nick asked.

"Don't worry. This is just a fantasy. Bet I got the better rabbit."

"We were on our way to somewhere private so I can prove that I'm the real Judy," Judy said.

"Oh, I got to hear this," Ralph said.

"You're not invited. Nick, let's go."

"Mine's willing to do this, is yours?" Ralph guided the grey doe's mouth to his tailhole. "Aah, that's the spot. She really has a way with her tongue."

"Doubt it," Judy said. "She doesn't look like she had any training. The technique is all wrong, and you're not getting stimulated enough."

"And you could do better?'

"Yes, but anyway, Nick, we should get going."

"Actually, I do want to experience this. I'll find someone willing to do this, then we can go."

"Remember that time we got stuck in traffic for two days during winter?" Judy said.

"Yeah, join the lonely club of seven. Got anything more to convince me?"

"Yes, but we need to be alone."

Ralph moaned periodically from the doe's efforts.

"That can wait a while. Ralph sounds like he's enjoying it. I'll find someone, experience this, then you can try to convince me," Nick said.

"I'll wait until you find someone then we can have a race," Ralph said. "The first one to cum."

The grey doe took a break from servicing his tailhole.

Judy followed Nick around while he went to find a new partner. There were no rabbits around this time for him to choose from. Among the available mammals, he found a deer willing to satisfy him. They went back to where Ralph was waiting.

Those two explained what they wanted. And the deer and rabbit both started rimming their respective predators. They both lacked technique and even though the predators were moaning from pleasure, it was still taking too long even though only two minutes passed. Nick was losing interest in her – and she could tell. There was always a chance that he would renege on their deal again because something else captivated his attention.

"Out of the way, novice. Looks like I'm going to need to take matters into my own paws if I want this to end sometime this century," Judy said.

The doe moved aside.

It wasn't that she liked what she was doing – but she needed him to keep his promise. She took a sniff of his backside which was clean, thankfully. Nick was moaning from pleasure when her nose made contact with the doe's saliva and his tailhole.

She shuddered at the taste but continued regardless. And she couldn't believe that she disliked the doe's saliva more than Nick's ass. She noticed that Nick seemed to enjoy when she used her nose more than her tongue, so she did more of that. Her nose became quite familiar with the scent of Nick's tailhole. It didn't take long before Nick had an orgasm.

"There, can we go now?"

Ralph decided that was the perfect time to shock his doe for lackluster performance.

"You're free to go," Nick said to the deer.

Nick finally led Judy to a secluded corner – about as private as they could get in this place.

"Will this do?" Nick said.

"So, how many Judys told you about Mr. Big?" she asked. This was the secret that she never told anyone, and he had to have common sense enough to do the same. It was her trump card, so her heart was pounding while waiting for his reaction.

Nick remained silent. He blinked several times as if caught in a daze. "I'm sorry for what I did, and I believe you."

"Why on earth would you do that anyway?"

"So, this place is for consensual non-consent. If things ever got too far, they just yell, 'Xylophone.' Yax suggested this place. Government certified too."

"That explains a few things except Zax never told me that word. Couldn't you see that I was unwilling from my face?"

"Eh, that's all part of the act. So uh, I guess I need to find another bunny for my needs."

"You're still thinking of sex?"

"Didn't expect to find you here, and well, I heard way too many sexual fantasies recently. And since we're here…"

"The bunnies here might be sex slaves. Just like I was."

"I'm sure that your case was just a mistake. We can check. Let's get back to Ralph, shall we?"

They returned to see Ralph shooting his cum onto the sand while still being rimmed by the grey doe that he chose.

"Good news, this one is the real Judy. And I have a question to ask your bunny," Nick said.

"Really?" Ralph said. "How did you convince him?"

"I have my ways," Judy said.

"I'm asking this as an officer of the ZPD. What's your safe word?" Nick said.

"Xylophone," the grey doe said. "Is something wrong?'

"No, just checking."

"So, I know that she's trying and all, but it just isn't doing it for me. Can you lick my tailhole instead?" Ralph asked Judy.

"You're a smart wolf. What do you think the answer's going to be?" Judy asked.

"Yes?" Ralph smiled nervously. His ears pointed downwards after a few moments of silence from Judy.

"No way in hell!" Judy tugged on Nick's arm. "Come on, there's something I want to do."

Nick followed Judy – who wasn't walking towards the exit. "Don't you want to leave?"

"Not yet."

They found a tiger that was punching a bunny in the stomach who was crying.

"Can't tell me that's consensual," Judy said.

"Fine. I'll go ask." Nick walked up to the tiger and bunny. "Sorry to interrupt, I'm off duty, but I'm still an officer of the ZPD. I'm checking if the rabbit knows her safe word."

"You had to ruin it," the tiger grumbled. The tiger punched the rabbit hard once more. "Give her a minute or so."

After a few seconds, the doe said, "It's Xylophone."

"See? Everything's fine." Nick and Judy were walking towards the exit.

"Nick, didn't expect to see you around here still." Ralph had a brown bunny at his side this time. "Keep your mouth open, Judy."

"Really?" Judy couldn't believe Ralph was preparing to urinate into another bunny's mouth. "Do I need to file a restraining order?"

"Come on, Judy, it's all in good fun. Do you want to take her place?"

Judy sighed. "Do you enjoy being an idiot?"

"So, while I was looking for you, one of the foxes we arrested, bragged about how he pissed in a squirrel's mouth graphically," Nick said. "I do want to try it."

"Fine," Judy accompanied Nick as he went to find a mammal to satisfy his desire.

This time, Nick approached a bunny playing the role of Judy.

"Really?" Judy said incredulously. "You have me already."

"Yes, and these, allow me to take out some pent-up frustrations."

They guided the bunny to where Ralph was. Apparently, he had the brown bunny hold his urine in her mouth without swallowing.

Once Nick's new bunny saw that she quickly declined, leaving him unsatisfied.

"Well, not everyone's into that," Judy said. She felt a measure of satisfaction that the bunny rejected Nick.

Undeterred by just one failure, they went to find another bunny again to satisfy his needs.

Judy wished this was over, but she didn't dare complain since it probably wouldn't get her anywhere. She was grateful that Nick found her – and recognized her for who she was. She smiled when the second bunny he found also turned him down once she saw what he wanted.

"Give up yet?" Judy said smugly.

"I'll help your friend if that's okay." The brown bunny swallowed the wolf's urine.

"Sure," Ralph said.

Judy watched Nick point his dick at the doe's open mouth. After watching his stream land in the doe's mouth for just five seconds, Judy decided to intercept the stream with her mouth which caused Nick to direct it away.

She only got a slight taste of Nick's urine. Most of it landed on her clothes and the sand.

"You didn't have to do that, Carrots," Nick said.

"Thought I would be fine watching, apparently, not. You do need to drink more water," Judy said. "Anything else you want to try?" What little she tasted was extra pungent.

She thought Nick wanted to say something but decided not to.

"We can leave now," he said.

They went to retrieve Nick's clothes then they made their way towards the exit. Of course, Judy wasn't comfortable wearing urine-soaked clothes, so she had to change and take a shower. Nick didn't leave her side when she did that. It only slightly bothered her that he was watching.

After she cleaned up, they made their way towards the lobby.

"So, Zax, I believe that this Judy is the real one, and what's more, is that you didn't tell her, her safe word," Nick said.

“A mistake.” Zax acted as if it wasn’t a big deal. “It happens.”

“Mistake?” Nick said, enraged.

“Let’s just go,” Judy said.

They walked out of Deviant Springs Oasis together.