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I'm still alive

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All 5 military personnel were questioned at great lengths about what really happened the night the hospital compound was bombed, they also gave statements to the 'top brass'.
Lieutenant colonel James Walker Brown told all 5 soldiers that their respective families had been informed of 'their deaths in active service'.
Major Wolfe was the first to speak.
" we were all wotking double shifts, as some medical staff had gone home as they needed a rest, as they had worked a double shift the previous day, and had to have a 12 hour rest period before starting another double shift.
Myself and Captain Dawson were in theatre operating on a wounded officer, he had suffered cuts and grazes and large cut across his face.
I was the most senior medical officer, and we had been given information by one of our sources that ariel bombing would begin that day, but we were not given any information as to :
Who was responsible for the bombing raids.
What the name was of the terrorist organization who had sent coded messages.
We didn't know how big or how small the bombs would or could be.
However, the c.o had called a meeting of all senior army officers, and it was decided that ALL medical staff would not be in any medical compound for the time being, and any patients would be smuggled out of the compound and sent to military hospitals in Germany, Greece, and United Kingdom aswell as any other medical hospitals who would be able to treat any of the patients.
Once all patients had been sent to other military hospitals their bodies were replaced with life like mannequins and dressed as in patients.
All staff were removed and sent to other military compounds where they could be of use, and senior medics were told to go and get ready for a covert operation.
Colonel Daniel wilkinson was the most senior officer in charge, followed by myself, the Captain Alexandra Dawson and several other soldiers.
Once we were given the details as to what we were going to do to try and stop the attack, even just get information as to where the head quaters were and what kind of guns and ammunition they had at their disposal, the plan was to try and get as close as possible, and get an insight as to how many there was and any other detail that could or would help us to try and stop them.
However what we weren't ready for was that our ' source of information' was actually telling us what they had told him to say, because they were ready to..............kidnap us all patients aswell and hold us to ransom, they would release us if several other governments released terrorists.
We found out about our informant had doubled crossed us and we went out on the evening in question and they began shooting at us, I got a rocket launcher, and fired at their head quaters and killed most of their ' top hitmen' and 12 hours later all personnel were back in protective custody for our safety.

Everyone agreed with what Bernie had described how they killed most of the ' top hitmen ' from the terror group.
The Lieutenant colonel then went on to tell everyone " The british government is currently getting plans in place to give you all and your family members new identities, but it may take upto 6/8 months, but once you have your new identities, then you can go back to your families.