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The song on his lips

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When they arrived at the black castle Sheritt and Eruhaben greeted them

"Cale, What happened? Why all of you here? Is there something wrong?" Sheritt immediately bombarded Cale with her questions
"Nothing much, just Choi Han and the others got cursed by a Lorelei"
"What? Isn't that quite serious?!"
"We should search this Lorelei, beat her a little, and make her break the curse"
"Or should we torture her so she would sing? Should I call Beacrox?"
Eruhaben and Sheritt got panicked by the news and they try to search for the solution and Cale just thinking why the people around him so vicious

"Calm down, it's nothing serious"
When the two dragons heard Cale voice they became a little calmer, but just a little
"What do you mean it's nothing serious? Even dragons like us can be cursed by it and we don't know how to break it" Sheritt nearly screech
"Sheritt-nim, Eruhaben-nim I think my dongsaeng have a solution for the curse and know the method to break it without the need of that Lorelei singing"

The two dragons look at Alberu then at Cale and noticed Cale still his usual calm and composed self, which makes the two dragons asked the redhead
"You know how to break the curse?"
"Unlucky bastard, you know how to break the curse?"
Cale just stood there thinking then mumbled to himself
"I think I can do it...." He then looks up
"No, I will do it. First, let's go inside and then we can talk"
All of them hurriedly go into another room and settle down on the couch around the long table. They just stare at each other confused written on their face and then at Cale who sits at the head of the table.

"Dongsaeng how can you break the curse?"
"Who do you think other than Lorelei can break the curse?"
They all knew of the answer to that question
"Young master Cale, like the Lorelei said before all of the siren and their descendants got killed even their last descendants, so how we find any of them?" Witira knew this is true because her father once told her the last descendants of them is killed and now no one ever saw them again.

"That's right young master Cale I heard from my grandfather the human hunted their descendants, make them their slaves, and force them to sing every day until they died" Tasha remembers her grandfather said the descendants of the siren have a cruel fate even crueler than a necromancer. Humans get jealous of their voices and began to hunt them until no one left.

Eruhaben noticed Cale is still silent and he looks contemplating something, Eruhaben frowned
"What are you thinking hard for? Do you happen to know one of their descendants? So you are thinking about revealing them or not?"
The answer shocked everyone in the room, even Eruhaben who asked the question didn't expect an answer from Cale

"So there's some who still alive?"
Witira was so shocked at this revelation because she believed no one survived and more shocked Cale know of it, even her from the royal family of the whale tribe the one who has a close relationship with them and their descendants not know about this.

"Young master Cale, if you are afraid that descendants will suffer from getting hunted we can protect them, we also won't say anything about it So can you tell us who is this person?"
Rosalyn assured Cale about the safety of their possible savior
"That's right human! This great and mighty Raon Miru will also protect them, so you can tell us about it"
Cale let out a long sigh and looks at everyone in the room one by one before he opened his mouth and pointing at his self
"Me, I'm the descendants of the siren"

The room fell into silence before a loud gasp heard all around the room and all of them looks towards Cale in disbelief, Cale being Cale he just shrugged his shoulder

"So the human will sing?"
Raon fly toward Cale excitedly, he wanted to hear his human sing
"Yes... But, I don't know if my song strong enough to break the curse"
Choi Han asked Cale cautiously, Cale just stared blankly at Choi Han
"I stopped singing a long time ago, so I'm not sure but I will try"
Choi Han and Alberu look at Cale suspiciously, Cale's fingers tremble slightly. They looked at each other and nodded
'If this bastard singing just brings back his bad records we just need to beat up that Lorelei and make her break the curse'

"Witira and Archie what do you think about her voice?"
"The voice? I think it's good"
"Like Archie said it's good and I also feel the power within the song"
Cale tapped his finger on the armrest
"So just good, not beautiful. Alright then, can you two compare this song and that song, tell me the difference"
"Excuse me?"
Witira seemed confused

Cale then stood up and closed his eyes, this is will be the first time he sings in this world
'It's been a long time, will I be able to do it?'
Cale wondered as he began to open his mouth all of the records he wanted to forget surfaced one by one and flashed in his mind, his mother sing, the car accident, the time when the world turns into chaos, his team leader Lee Soo Hyuk, Choi Jung Soo, and his teammate's voice echoed in his mind they laughter and their last moments all of them surfaced without stopping.

They watched Cale open his mouth and stopped so they glanced at him worried for the red-haired man. Alberu placed his hand gently on Cale's shoulder not wanting to startle Cale but it seems futile as Cale gasp and jerks back, his body tremble and his face full of cold sweat as if he's afraid of something.

"Cale calms down, don't force yourself, if it's hard you don't have to do it"
Alberu patted Cale's head, shoulder, and arm, he then rubs circles on Cale's hand to comfort him. Cale slowly started to calm down, it seems Alberu's hand grounded Cale. He then looks around, he can see all of them look at him worriedly, he then starts to chuckle
'It's laughable that I'm afraid when I have all of them here'

"Hyung, I'm okay now"
"You sure?"
It seems Alberu still don't believe Cale Words
"Young master, please don't force yourself, even if you are okay please don't force yourself "
Comes from the robotic voice in the room
"I'm okay, let's start again"
"Alright if you say so dongsaeng, I will believe you for now"
Cale scoffed internally and closed his eyes again

He opened his mouth slowly and a little tune of humming escaped out his lips when the humming stopped he began to sing. Without realized it their sense turning little by little when the song began and they remembered all of the feelings they have before

[Life is a journey
Feelings of hopelessness
Loneliness, she sweeps them all away
Able graceful
And always keeps her promise]

Choi Han remembered when he was sent here he feels so hopeless and lonely, even after he stays at Harris Village that loneliness is still there, but when he met Cale he never felt any of that again, Cale once promised him to makes sure he never felt that way again and Cale never breaks any promise he made

[Every end has a new beginning
Unexpected things will happen
There will always be a silver lining]

When his mother died Alberu thought he will never felt the warmth of family again, sure he has Tasha, but he still longing for that warmth, he always got jealous of other noble children when they attend the party with their family, but one day a disrespectful bastard barge his way to Alberu life, and now that bastard become his beloved dongsaeng he also considered Alberu is part of his weird family and that said family is a warm place for Alberu to come back

[Times heals all sorrows
Get over, no worries
Because nothing is more precious than love
Noble faithful
She's as pure as the driven snow
Oh dear, heart so sweet]

Mary thinks even though young master Cale looks cold and indifferent Cale always cares about them and the love that radiating from Cale is so warm. That warm also save Mary and healing her scars, she really grateful for what Cale gives to her so she wants to return that feeling too. They say she has pure heart but she can't agree to that, she thinks the one who has that is young master Cale, she always wonders 'how can there's someone like that

[It's her way of life
No doubt about her sincerity
A fragile beauty, one and the only
She's not only gentle but brave
With honest eyes, it's true]

They say young master Cale is a very weak person, but that weak person always stood in the front line, and lead them to victory. His face is so stoic but his strong gaze that tells more than anything always mesmerized Tasha, even if he says he doesn't care his eyes say otherwise, it's really funny when he trying so hard to deny it.

[Lost in the labyrinth
Never know what love means
She's truly a treasure, peace of mind
No fears, no more tears
Set the spirit free and stay alive
Oh dear, heart, so please]

Home, Rosalyn never used that term before until she meets Cale and the others. When she travels with the group or at Super Rock Villa she feels peace and free, the restriction she has when she still a princess makes her suffocated she keep wandering around and she thinks god took pity on her so she gave her a treasure and so-called treasure is the family that loved her, support her and protect her.

Cale voice that mesmerized all of them stopped when he reached the end of the song and he looked around
"Eruhaben-nim how is the curse? How many times should I sing again?"
"...Cale, you sure you are the descendants?'
"... Yes?"
"The curse is completely lifted how can that make sense?"

Witira walked towards Cale and grabbed his shoulder, Cale yelped in surprise
"Young master Cale you are not a siren right? You are just the descendants, right? "
"Of course... "
"Then how can the song be this strong? The one who can break a Lorelei curse with one song just a siren so why?"
"What...? "