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CG Report Form HKU-575/1010

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1) The prompt was: friendly

spar between CT-Fox and

Guard Commander Fox.


2) Not really a spar,

but in another server

yesterday I heard:


3) “Fox’ love language is

paperwork,” and I can’t stop

thinking about it.


4) Oh, no they didn’t,

Fox thinks, and rejects the form

with pointed language.


5) If he had skimmed the

form, he would have missed seeing

it entirely.


6) He seethes his way through

the next twenty minutes of

kriffing datawork.


7) Perhaps Fox has now

found a worthy opponent

for his intellect.


8) Next time, he gets a

shift log in which each entry

has the same cadence.


9) He counts syllables

behind his locked office door,

bucket on, laughing.


10) Yep, they are all five,

seven, and five syllables;

the brat wrote haikus.


11) “Yes?” Fox says, trying

to school his face back to his

usual ire.


12) Thorn’s eyes have a gleam

that Fox mistrusts. “Fox, squared ,” he

breathes maliciously.