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Let's Get Physical (Part 3)

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"Oh wow this is beautiful." Serena said as they got into their hotel room. "This must have cost a nice penny."
"Only the best for my beautiful wife." Bernie smiled as she held Serena in her arms. "I love you so much Serena Wendy Wolfe."
"I love you too Berenice Griselda Wolfe. Always have always will." Serena kissed Bernie passionately.
"I want you." Bernie moaned as she pulled Serena flush against her.
"I'm all yours gorgeous." Serena smirked as they kissed each other again and began ripping each other's clothes off.
"My God you are the sexiest woman I have ever clapped eyes on." Bernie said as she laid Serena down on the bed and took in the beauty of her wife.
"Are you just gonna stand there looking or are you gonna make love to me?"
"Oh I'm definitely gonna make love to you." Bernie smiled as she laid on top of Serena and kissed her hungrily.


They both moaned into the kiss as they rolled around naked on the bed.
"I need to feel you inside of me." Serena said as she broke the kiss. Bernie smiled as she put one hand in between Serena's legs and felt how wet she was.
"Oh God." Serena cried out as Bernie entered her with 3 fingers. "
"Does that feel good baby?"
"Oh yes it feels amazing." Serena said breathlessly as Bernie’s fingers worked faster. "Jesus, I'm coming. I'm coming." Serena screamed as threw her head back on the pillows. As her entire body shook.
"Are you alright?" Bernie said as she laid beside Serena and wrapped her arms around her.


"I'm just perfect. You're amazing."
"You're amazing."
"It seems ages since we have done anything."
"That's because it is. We are both so busy these days. With the kids and work. "
"I know. But from now on me and you are gonna make time for ourselves. I promise. How about every other Friday we have a date night. I'm sure your parents or mine will have the kids to stay over."
"I think that's a great idea. If we stick to it."
"We will stick to it, I promise. I don't want us to get stuck in a rut. And I certainly don't want us to fall apart." Serena said with tears in her eyes.
"Hey, that will never happen. You're stuck with me." Bernie kissed Serena and held her tightly.