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The One Where They're Sucked Into a Book

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Darcy wasn’t sure exactly what was going on here. The last thing she remembered was falling asleep reading to her niece and now she was, well, wherever this was.

“Do you know what this place is?” a voice asked, making her jump and spin around.

“Who the hell are you?” she demanded.

“Rabbit. But if this is a dream, shouldn’t you know that? Or maybe not. Dreams never make sense. You think they’re supposed to let you do what you want, but you’re really just along for the ride.”

“Huh,” she said. “Maybe this is my dream? Maybe you’re part of my imagination? I’m pretty sure I fell asleep a moment ago, though now it’s hard to say how long ago that is? Dreams have weird time.”

“I think I might have fallen asleep too. Is this like some weird shared dream?”

“Maybe?” Darcy looked around the room a bit more. “Is this….I mean….look at that,” she said gesturing to the window. “Are we in fucking Goodnight Moon?”

The man stopped and looked a little closer. “Now that you mention it…everything does kind of look like an illustration. Why didn’t I notice that before you said something?”

“Maybe we weren’t allowed to see it until we recognized the book?” Darcy frowned. “This honestly is starting to get kind of upsetting. I mean, these could be dream rules, but it also doesn’t feel like I’m dreaming.”

Rabbit attempted to sit in a chair and fell on his ass. “Well, looks like we can’t really interact with the environment, so there’s that.”

“How do we get out of this? If it isn’t a dream, I mean.”

Rabbit frowned. “I’m not really sure.” He looked around the room some more. “Do you think we have to say goodnight to everything?”

“Maybe? I guess it couldn’t hurt anything?” Darcy looked around the room. “I’ve definitely read the book enough to basically have it memorized. My niece loves it.”

“So I’ll just repeat after you then?” he said. “I, uhhh, don’t know the book that well.”

Darcy carefully walked them through saying goodnight to everything, and as soon as the final goodnight left his lips, she woke up.

There was a groan next to her and she swiveled around to look. “Rabbit?” she asked. 

“Darcy?” They both looked at each other for a long moment before he said, “So not a dream.”

“Then what the hell was it?” She looked at the bed. “Also, where are we?”

Rabbit looked around. “Ummm, my bedroom.”

Darcy frowned. “Just where is that?”

“Oklahoma?” he said, clearly nervous about how she would respond to that.

Darcy groaned and flopped back on the pillow. “I was in London.”

Rabbit yawned next to her. “Let’s sleep. Maybe we’ll have a better idea come morning.”

Darcy rolled back onto her side to look at him once again. “Yeah, okay,” she said. Sure she had somehow transported thousands of miles away and was in bed with a stranger, but at least he was cute one.