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Red Threads

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Aubrey loved having Stacie around, truly. The leggy brunette was a phenomenal company, witty, charming, same judgy sense of humor. Everything Aubrey could want in a companion, Stacie was it. All five feet and eight inches of the girl was flawless and wonderful, but Aubrey drew the line at going grocery shopping with her girlfriend after the last time.

It happened during August, they had just gotten together. The pair had been in the frozen section and Aubrey was debating the number of pizza rolls that the Bella’s could consume. Fat Amy herself could finish off a bag, along with Lily. In fact, the only people that wouldn’t finish off a bag all on their own was: Chloe, Beca, Ashley, and Jessica. Even Stacie would most likely eat about half of everything bought. With a sigh, Aubrey tossed three jumbo bags into the shopping cart before looking down the aisle for her girlfriend.

Instead of coming to find her girlfriend carrying the two bags of mozzarella sticks Aubrey had requested, she came across Stacie standing with her arms full in the aisle, attempting to grab a box of Captain Crunch to add to the pile.

“Stacie, what are you doing?” Aubrey exclaimed, startling the girl. The boxes and bottles fell with a clatter when the taller girl jumped. Aubrey watched with pursed lips as Stacie frantically attempted to collect all the items off the floor before turning to look at Aubrey sheepishly. “I wanted to get some stuff.”

“We just need mozzarella sticks,” Aubrey pointed out.

“Yeah, but I saw the box of Captain Crunch, and I remember that time Chloe wanted ice cream and we didn’t have any. Plus, I needed baking soda for one of my experiments.”

“The eggs?”



“Also, an experiment.”

Aubrey leaned down and plucked a fallen box off the floor with a frown. “Highly concentrated yeast?”

“Oh, that’s for the, um-” Stacie broke off as Aubrey stared at her exasperatedly.

“How much of this are you actually eating Stacie?”
“The Captain Crunch,” Stacie muttered under her breath. Aubrey raised an eyebrow and handed Stacie back the box of yeast. “I’ll take this,” Aubrey sighed as she grabbed the box of Captain Crunch, “And I’ll grab the oat milk you like, put everything else back, and grab mozzarella sticks on your way.”

“But I remembered this cool egg experiment I did once and I wanted to try it, I did it with my dad.”

Aubrey let out a groan, whenever Stacie mentioned her father Aubrey gave in. It was a pattern the pair had found themselves in. Stacie would mention a science thing she used to do with her dad, and Aubrey would immediately cave, but this was the tenth time within their five-month relationship that Stacie had done this to her. Every time it was the pair’s turn to do the grocery run for the Bella's, Stacie wound up adding a dozen science-related ingredients to their cart. It was starting to get out of hand, especially since she never used all of it for the experiment and that left Aubrey to scramble and find a recipe that utilized the leftovers.

“Fine, pick one experiment and get it;” Aubrey groaned.

Stacie immediately perked up and dropped the vinegar and carton of eggs in the cart. “I’ll be right back,” Stacie murmured into Aubrey’s ear. Pressing a kiss to the blonde’s cheek, Stacie turned and left to return the yeast and baking soda. Relieved, Aubrey went in search of the oat milk. Once she found the item she dropped it in the cart and retraced her steps to where she had seen Stacie last, hoping to check out.

That’s when Aubrey spotted Stacie with a new cart, filled with random chemicals, and items. “Stacie!” Aubrey whined.

“Aubrey, I found a two for one deal on -”

“Nope, I don’t care. I’ll get you the eggs and vinegar, but you’re paying for the rest of that yourself.”


“Next time, I’m coming here with Chloe.”


“No buts, bring Lily next time you’re experiment shopping.”

Once they checked out, Aubrey managed to fit everything into Stacie’s tiny sports car and shut the trunk with a snap. “I’m sorry, I just get so carried away, I saw all these at-home experiment ideas and -” Aubrey shut Stacie up with a kiss on the lips.

“You’re such a nerd,” Aubrey laughed. Stacie smiled into the kiss and pulled the blonde closer in the car. “You’re not mad?”

“No, I knew about your science addiction when I agreed to go out with you. But I mean it, I’m not going grocery shopping with you anymore. You wrack up way too high of a bill.”

“Sorry,” Stacie chuckled.

Aubrey rubbed a thumb gently across Stacie’s cheek, “It’s okay. You’ll just be the Hobbit’s problem next time.” Stacie rolled her eyes and started the car.