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map of your skin

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Mary was being careful while untieing her dress, the blood, and dirt-soaked fabric barely holding together ever since she died. As she started to unhook her stays- she felt eyes fall upon her.

"What are you staring at, Dear?" Her voice, rough and scratchy from her unfortunate situation at her neck.

Michiko delicately stepped up from the bed and walked over to her. Her cold hand reached out and touched one of the many marks left from her pregnancy on her stomach.

"You are so beautiful Mary."

"I- what? They are just marks-"

"You were a mother. That is amazing." Michiko's words seemed to be filled with sorrow and regret. She was now hugging Mary from her back, resting her head in the crook of Marys's shoulder.

"Oh, darling..." While each of them has discussed in length their past loves, Mary always held her memories of her children close to her chest. They are hers and only hers. They were perfect and if she could have anything she would have them.

"I like to believe I would've been a great mother..." Michiko spoke into Marys's neck, her lips brushing against the hair on her partner's nape.

Mary whipped around, almost knocking off her head in the motion.

"You would have been amazing, my Darling." She grabbed Michiko's hand and pulled her toward the bed, cuddling close as they slowly drifted to sleep. One of the final things she thought was that a hand was tracing her stretch marks, mapping out her body.