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The Library

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Despite everything in the library dwarfing his little body, Ben felt right at home. Though the library was technically part of the larger mansion where Ben lived, this singular room was different. The rows of books often felt more like family than those who he lived with. And the armchair he clambered into each day parented and comforted him more than Reginald ever had. Reaching for a new book off the shelf, Ben frowned. The pain in his head hadn’t gone away, even after the glass of water Mom had given him. Maybe reading something would help take his mind off of it. With a fresh volume clasped in his little fingers he settled down into the armchair and opened it up. As he read all he could hear was the sound of his fingers against the paper as he fiddled with it when trying to turn the page. It was nice. There was no shouting, no headaches. The house was never quiet, but in Ben’s mind the library wasn’t the house, it was his own little world, where he could feel peaceful even while reading about thrilling adventures. Some days he would run through the paragraphs, desperate to reach the ending but today he strolled along the road each word paved, taking in each detail. Well, as much as a seven year old can do so. It didn’t take long for Ben to become totally engrossed in a book and this one was no exception. Each book he read was like a new friend, welcoming and warm. And always there for him. Books were constant, sturdy and structured. Reading the book was like hanging out with said friend in a quiet spot. Tranquility was however, never long lived in the Hargreeves household.

”Benny! Can you come play with me? We’re doing odds versus evens hide and seek and it’s not fair if it’s just me and Diego against everyone else!”. Klaus flopped himself over the arm of the chair that Ben wasn’t leaning on and sighed dramatically. Ben felt a little annoyance flare up in him. He had gotten to a really good chapter before Klaus had barged in. Instead of protesting Ben just rolled his eyes and heaved himself out of the armchair, already missing its embrace. He would go and play with his siblings. He would probably get another headache. But what he really wanted was to be alone.

All Ben wanted was to be alone in the library.