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Chapter 2
Margaret returned home an hour later still dissatisfied with this horrible little town and its nasty people, nowhere was better than home, well where her heart called home and was welcomed by her father, “ah my dear, it seems we have a visitor and he’s your age too.” He said excitedly, this left Margaret curious until she saw who the visitor was, she couldn’t help herself, even forgetting that her father was in the room, she stomped towards him and screamed “it’s you, the rude man who knocked me down with no word of apology or help,” he retorted with a smirk, “maybe you should have looked where you were going.” Oh, he infuriated her, “at least people in the south have manners unlike you northerners,” with that she quit the room entirely, slamming her bedroom door. He had to be the rudest boy she had ever met, it was a pity that he was so cute, maybe if he wasn’t so arrogant might have liked him but no she wished to never see him again, it was a pity for Margaret that fate had other plans.
“Oh, you were terribly rude to john this afternoon, he came to ask if I could tutor him as he doesn’t have the time to study at home, poor guy” remarked her father, as he got up her, to which Margaret replied with by rolling her eyes. How dare he! he had just met this guy and he was choosing him over her, his own daughter! She had been patient through the whole move, never complained even once though her mother did plenty of that, she tried to understand his reasoning even supported him and now he expected her to be nice to this, this jerk, now that was asking way too much. She wanted to scream at her father that this was all his fault, he decided to move here, not her or her mother who hadn’t left her bed, Margaret had a life, she had friends, Margaret was going to be a senior with Edith, and everything was perfect. Instead of making a scene she decided to grab her paints and find some nice scenery when she finally found the perfect spot, she was amazed at view and thinking she was alone she yelled out for the mountains and trees to hear “I was rude! he was the rude one if you ask me! Why me?” as she roughly set up her easel.