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Brave As a Noun

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Now I see you as a strange mix of someone angry, yet apathetic. But mostly just pathetic


The phrase had haunted Adam since escaping the hellfire that was a jigsaw, he couldn’t recall much from the few days that he was in and out of consciousness; but he vividly remembers the EMTs that took him out, the sound of them saw- cutting through the chains and waking up into a panic attack begging to see Lawrence. Once he could he recalled sitting by his side in the hospital, crying in front of him and asking why he took so long, every. Disgusting. Detail. Was ingrained. in his fucking. skull.

  Five dial tones rang through Adam’s ear before a brief noise of movement and an exasperated sigh followed. 


"Lawwwwwww you won’t believe the day I’ve had!" Adam started while lighting a cigarette and resting it between his lips, dropping his backpack near the door of his apartment: he had moved recently and half of his few belongings were still in boxes, he didn’t bother touching them if he didn’t need the contents. A hum on the other end of his flip-phone showed the older man was listening. "So first off, this fuckin chick at my MickeyDs comes up to me to ask where the bathroom is, I tell her to ask the cashier because I don’t know, right? Right. So, she flips her fucking shit because - I don’t know - its a whole thing I get called up to the damn principles office," 

Adam likes to call getting written up as going to the principle's office 

"And then two other fucking people write me up and guess what? I get sent home while they sort the shit with corporate, as you know I'll be back by Monday, like always," Adam leaned his phone against his ear to continue to talk while leaning the top of a beer bottle against his counter and hitting the cap off. "So I’m like 'Fuck it vacation time' and head for my apartment," He pauses to sip the drink and take a drag off the cigarette once more, another hum from Lawrence emitted to show he listened.

 "Make my day worse, I’ve been talking to the pigs for the past three hours because I see someone getting robbed? decide to be a good samaritan and almost get fucking shot. I get home around my normal time and shit, ‘alls well that ends well’ or whatever." Adam threw himself onto his couch with a sigh, careful not to torch it with the beer and cig that he held in the same hand 

  Lawrance took it upon himself to speak within the silence. "Well,” he started “I’m concerned about you getting involved in a robbery, are you alright?" The doctor started. "Yeah, I’m cool," a moment of silence for a hit of the cigarette. "It was scary though. The only reason I really stepped in was the cause of it was that John fucker testing me again then I didn’t wanna wind up with a needle to my neck." Adam took a sip just to cope with his own statement.

"God… Adam…" he could almost see Lawrence’s expression, just by hearing his tone; he could tell he’d been through a similar moment, or two. "You’re sure you’re okay? people hardly leave those without a scratch on them." the doctor insisted. Adam laughed into the bottle "Yeah, doc, I got swung on once but I swear my cheek only bled because I bit down when he hit me, so." he shrugged. 

"Sure, Adam." Lawrence audibly sighed, clicking a pen sealed "You should find a better job than a janitor, Adam, you’re worth more." Adam scoffed in reply, trying to ignore how sweet his name was spoken in comparison to the rest of the sentence. "You worried, doc?" Lawrence laughed quietly. "Yes, Adam I'm worried, I don’t feel the most secure knowing you’re working on that side of town." Adam laughed it off, knowing good and well that he was right.

Lawrence had been working his desk since rebounding after the bathroom; they didn’t want him on his leg too much but he begged them for "Something, anything" to quote him; he currently resided in a guest bedroom that Allison and he had in the house, he switched rooms after Allison officially filed for divorce.

  Lawrence fought hard for that not to go through, it took so long to get him to agree, strictly because of Diana. Their lawyers were going back and forth, Lawrence tried not to seem pissed, Allison was screaming, all while Diana in the day center downstairs, the whole damn thing was so messy.

  Needless to say, Lawrence was more lonely than he’d ever admitted, he was locking himself in his office or his room all the time. So to be completely frank, he didn’t mind Adam calling every other day to complain about his minimum wage job. More or less; he tried to help every once in a while. They’d only seen each other a few times since everything with Jigsaw and Adam seemed to be handling the trauma well, so did Lawrence. Allison seemed to have a stick up her ass ever since, and besides a few nights of screaming or paranoia, Diana was doing fairly well.

   "Law?" The older man hummed "You good?" another low hum. "You sure?" a third. "What’s goin’ on?" a sigh, finally. "Just Allision. She’s decided to go on a trip to Atlanta to visit my in-laws with Diana..." Adam inhaled an - emotionally - painful breath through his teeth. "How long?" Lawrence could be heard throwing a pen down on the table. "Lord knows" Adam furrowed his brow, taking another swig off his beer, before dropping his cigarette off in an ashtray resting on the coffee table.

 "Idn’t that illegal?" Adam pondered aloud. Lawrance exhaled heavily "I said the same thing, my divorce lawyer says that since I don’t have visitation rights I don’t get a choice. "Not kidnapping unless she's been served to produce her," he says. If I’m being completely honest, it took all my self-control not to throw my cane at his head." Adam laughed lightly but Lawrence just shook his head. 

"You need to take your mind off things,". "Hm?" Lawrence really didn’t get out much since everything happened. "Y’know, go to a fancy dinner or something, remind yourself that you’re a rich white man and you don’t take anyone’s shit," Adam continued jokingly, taking another swig of the beer. "When are you free?" Adam choked aloud as he could almost see Lawrence smiling slyly as he said that- 

 Adam tried to gather himself, stuttering over his words aloud, trying to catch his breath. "How about tomorrow? I'm off on Thursdays." Lawrance answered for him. "S-Sure, yeah sounds good."