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i will always refuse to leave you behind

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Curt was floating. He felt relaxed for once, and without the agonizing pain he had been in only moments before. He wanted to open his eyes, but why? He didn’t have to wake up for anything anymore.


“Curt? Love, please open your eyes.”


Except for that. 


Curt pried his eyes open, blinking twice before the figure solidified. He was dead, he knew that much, but for once it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that he and Owen were together.


And for once, it could just be them. Not them against the world, not them fighting back to back, and hiding what they had, but just them. They didn’t need to pretend anymore.


Curt stood, staring into Owen’s eyes for a long moment before he hugged him tightly. The world that did nothing but take from them was gone, and now all that mattered was them.


They were free.