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Calamity Vs Jesse.

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(Over at Barden Universary a cab pull ups and stops in front of a building as it stops the person inside of it gets out and looks around the area as their looking around someone

walks up to her and puts rose in her face.)

Mark: Rose for your thoughts?

(She turns around and looks at him then starts laughing.)

Veracity: Ever thought about not flirting with me right off the bat?
Mark: Well i'm sorry Ms. Kane it's kind of hard not to notice how drop dead gorgeous you are.

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Veracity: You do work for my father.
Mark: And i have no regrets to that choice.
Veracity: Yeah okay.
Mark: I don't. Well sometimes.

(She laughs at him at him.)

Mark: Anyway. How was your flight?
Veracity: Very long. I swear the only good thing about being back at school is i get to see my friends again.
Mark: You saw them all summer.
Veracity: Yes. But the up sight to all of this is.
Mark: You get to make fun of the Treblemakers?
Veracity: Well that's mostly Cal and Serenity me and Charity try to stay out of it.
Mark: Okay than.
Veracity: Yeah they make a habit out of going into the Acapella groups auditions to just make fun of the Treblemakers.
Mark: Well if Bumper would quiet making it so easy to make fun of them. Then maybe they wouldn't of have as much fun doing it so much.
Veracity: You don't know them as well as i do.
Mark: I know.
Veracity: Anyway. I better go and find out where my dorm room is and see who my roommate is.
Mark: I'm sure they'll be better then the one from last year.
Veracity: Here's to hoping.

(He hands her. Her bag and she smiles at him.)

Veracity: I'll see ya.
Mark: I sure hope so.

(She smiles at him as she turns and walks off as she walks off Mark looks behind him at Oliver whose trying to keep from laughing.)

Mark: Shut up Oliver.
Oliver: I didn't say anything.
Mark: Dude you were thinking it.
Oliver: Was not.
Reagan: Oh god he's thinking again.
Mark: I know we're in trouble.
Oliver: Hey.

(They laugh at him.)

Oliver: I'll have you know.
Laurel: Ollie cut it out.

(Mark and Reagan start laughing at his face.)

Oliver: You guys know i hate that nickname.
Mark: Is it any worse then the one you guys gave Reagan here.
Laurel: Yeah really.

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Reagan: Actually mine is worse and if ever you ever tell Wick my nickname i will kill you.
Mark: You gonna sick Ares on me?
Reagan: You'd enjoy it.
Mark: I would actually.

(They start laughing at him as she punches his arm getting him to laugh at her.)

Reagan: Hey.
Mark: Oh come on. Ares doesn't even know how you feel about her.
Reagan: No your right she doesn't and if you.
Mark: I'd never do such a thing. That's Oliver's department.
Oliver: Okay seriously.

(Mark starts laughing at him as they all get into their cars to leave until Mark sees someone he knows and laughs.)

Mark: Give me a minute.
Reagan: Are right.

(He closes his door and rushes over to them.)

Mark: Hey Posen.

(Aubrey turns and looks at him.)

Aubrey: Mark!

(She walks over to him and hugs him then pulls away from him.)

Mark: How's it going?
Aubrey: Really good. So far.
Mark: So what you and Chloe up to so far?
Aubrey: We gotta find a new set of Bellas.
Mark: That's always fun.
Aubrey: Yeah not really. I mean with me now being the captain of the Bellas this year.
Mark: Well I've never been in an Acapella group but.
Aubrey: It sucks too.
Mark: Why?
Aubrey: I heard you can sing.
Mark: Reagan!

(She looks at him and starts laughing.)

Mark: I swear she's worse then her brother.
Aubrey: I'm sure.
Mark: Well up until my injury was in a boy band.
Aubrey: Oh yeah. The New Kids.
Mark: Yeah. Anyway. I gotta go.
Aubrey: Okay. We'll see soon.
Mark: I hope so.

(She laughs at him as he turns and walks off. As he walks off he heads over to his truck where Reagan's talking with someone and laughs. As he get to them.)

Mark: Hey.
Reagan: Hey.
Mark: What's going on?
Veracity: I need some help with my box's and Oliver's being a weenie.

(Mark looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: Yeah are right. Hey Milo wanna give me a hand.
Milo: Yeah.

(He walks over to him and they start taking the box's up into the building. Over the next couple of hours both Mark and Milo take all of Veracity's box's up to her dorm room with

her right behind them once their down he turns and looks at her.)

Mark: All set.
veracity: Yeah. Thank you.
Mark: Anytime.

(He looks around the room as he looks around he sees the other bed.)

Mark: Know who your roommate is yet?

(She looks over at the bed.)

Veracity: Yeah. But she's not here yet.
Milo: She?
Veracity: Yeah.
Milo: Calamity's gonna fun.
Mark: We don't even know if she'll be gay. Come on Milo.
Milo: You never know. I mean all the girls take one look at Calamity and their puddy.
Mark: Oh god.
Milo: If not that. They start questioning their sexually.
Mark: If it's not the woman herself.
Reagan: It's that accent of her's.
Mark: And that.
Veracity: You guys done drooling over my friend.
Mark: she's the one drooling over Calamity's accent i wanna drool over you.

(Veracity looks at him and laughs as Kate walks up to the door.)

Kate: Mark leave my sister alone.

(He turns and looks at her.)

Mark: Yes ma'am.

(She smacks him in the head making him laugh at her.)

Mark: Anyway. I'm gonna head down.
Veracity: Okay thanks again you guys.
Mark: Anytime.

(Then they turn and walk off as Reagan walks out with them as Kate stay's in there with her looking over things.)

Veracity: You don't have to stay here Kate.
Kate: I know. But this is such a nice room. It's amazing how you managed to go convince Dad to stay in Gotham.
Veracity: It wasn't so much me as it was Catherine.
Kate: Oh.
Veracity: Kate come on.
Kate: I'm sorry it's just i still don't buy that the bone's that Catherine's people found were really Beth's bones and i'm going to continue to believe that i don't care what he say's.
Veracity: I'm not saying that you have to understand or like what he say's. But she's his wife now.
Kate: Okay great. I get it.
Veracity: Stop being such an ass Kate. Catherine hasn't done anything wrong in order for you to continue to give her the cold shoulder. All she did was fall in love with a man who had two kids are ready.
Kate: Yeah i know that.
Veracity: Besides what's made you into such a bitch anyway?
Kate: Sophie choose the military over me.

(Veracity looks at her and then looks off feeling bad for her.)

Veracity: I'm sorry.
Kate: No don't be. The Military life is what she's always wanted.
Veracity: That's funny.
Kate: What?
Veracity: I always thought it was you she wanted.

(Kate looks at her and laughs.)

Veracity: I'm sorry it was there. I had too.
Kate: It always is with you.
Veracity: You've met Calamity right?
Kate: I have actually. She's the Australian version of me.
Veracity: This is true.
Kate: Hey.

(Veracity laughs at her and then looks off.)

Veracity: But no. Kate i know what it's like to lose someone you wanna be with.
Kate: You talking about Mark?
Veracity: I am. But i know Dad wouldn't go for it. So I've kept quiet.
Kate: You realize he doesn't get a say in who you date. Very much like neither one of us got a say in who he remarried.
Veracity: Yeah i know that.
Kate: So if and when you can i'd tell him before someone else realize's just what an amazing guy Mark is.
Veracity: I know that.
Kate: Are right.

(She stay's in there to help her start unpacking some of her things. Outside of the building. Beca's walking up to her dorm as she sees someone walking out if the building as they

walk out Beca sees her and can't help but notice how gorgeous the woman is but quickly looks away from her before she notices she's looking at her as she continues onto the

dorm building as she's walking towards the building as she bumps into the very same woman she was looking at.)

Beca: Oh god I'm so sorry.
Woman: It's okay.
Beca: Are you sure?
Woman: Yeah. I'm Reagan.

(She sticks her hand out to her and Beca takes it and shakes it.)

Beca: Beca!
Reagan: Nice to meet you Beca.
Beca: You too.
Reagan: Where you headed?
Beca: To the building behind you.

(Reagan turns and looks at it.)

Reagan: Oh okay. You know who your roommate is yet?
Beca: No why?
Mark: Let's just say we think you'll like her.
Beca: I highly doubt it.
Mark: She's not as bad as some people make her out to be.
Beca: Really?
Mark: She's actually a friend of mine. So she isn't too bad. Kind of hot too.

(Reagan looks at him trying to keep from laughing.)

Beca: I'm sure.
Mark: Anyway. We better go.
Reagan: Okay.
Mark: It was nice talking to you.
Beca: You too.

(They both turn and walk off as they walk off Beca turns and goes to walk off but a car pulls up next to her and the guy inside starts singing and pretending to play the guitar but

the driver puts his foot on the gas and he falls back against the seat he was in which makes her laugh at him. As she turns and gets ready to walk off towards her dorm she bumps

into someone else whose walking out of the building.)

Beca: Oh god I did it again. I'm so sorry.
Woman: Its fine.
Beca: I really am sorry.
Woman: It's fine. Believe me you're not the first pretty girl to run into me.

(Beca looks at her trying to keep from blushing.)

Beca: You're not so bad looking yourself.
Woman: Thank you. I'm Calamity by the way.
Beca: Beca!
Calamity: Nice to meet you Beca.
Beca: You too. Now I gotta get to my dorm room.
Calamity: Okay.
Beca: I'll see you around.
Calamity: I sure hope so.

(Beca smiles at her as she walks off towards her dorm still smiling to herself. As she gets there she walks in she heads up to her dorm room as she gets there she opens the door

and walks in to see her roommate there unpacking a box.)

Beca: Hi.

(She turns and looks her as she turns and looks at her. Seeing her Beca can't help but notice how gorgeous she is and smiles to herself.)

Beca: You must be Veracity?
Veracity: I am.
Beca: I'm Beca.

(She puts her hand out to shake. And Veracity takes it and shakes it.)

Veracity: Nice to meet you.
Beca: You too. So what grade are you in?
Veracity: I'm a junior.
Beca: Wow. And I gotta say.
Veracity: What?
Beca: They were right.
Veracity: About what?
Beca: You are hot.

(Veracity looks at her and laughs.)

Veracity: Well thank you.
Beca: You're welcome.
Veracity: Who said i was hot?
Beca: A guy and woman I was talking to outside. Of course the woman i bumped into was just as hot.

(Veracity looks at her and laughs.)

Veracity: They give names?
Beca: The woman did.
Veracity: Okay.
Beca: She said her name is Reagan.

(Veracity looks at her and smiles at her.)

Veracity: Yeah Reagan and the guy are two of my sister's bestfriends.
Beca: Really?
Veracity: Yeah. The guy give you a name?
Beca: No. But he was cute.
Veracity: Yes I'm sure he is. And the guy is who I think you're talking about.
Beca: He's your boyfriend?
Veracity: No he's not. But I really like him.

(Beca nods her head at her.)

Beca: Yeah well you won't have to worry to much about me stealing your chance at being with him away from you.
Veracity: Why's that?
Beca: I'm gay.

(Veracity looks at her and nods her head at her.)

Veracity: Okay than. So who was the other woman you ran into?
Beca: She was hot.

(Veracity laughs at her.)

Veracity: Explains alot.
Beca: She had an accent.

(Veracity looks at her and laughs.)

Veracity: She have an Australian Accent?
Beca: Sounded like it. Why you know her?
Veracity: I do actually she's one of my friends. Her name's Calamity.

(Beca looks at her and laughs.)

Beca: She told me.
Veracity: Oh good.
Beca: So she's just your friend?

(Veracity laughs again.)

Veracity: She is. I have two other friends. Their just as pretty. But i'm more into guys then women.
Beca: So you're Bi.
Veracity: I am actually.
Beca: Huh.

(Veracity looks at her and smiles at her as she notices Beca eyeing her.)

Veracity: What?
Beca: Nothing.
Veracity: Yeah okay.
Beca: Sorry. I can't help it.

(They start laughing as they get back to unpacking their things and settle into their dorm room for the year. Over the next couple of hours Beca and Veracity finish unpacking their

things as someone knocks on the door and the door opens as it opens someone walks in to talk to Beca.)

Dr. Mitchell: Hi.
Beca: Hi.
Dr. Mitchell: You must be her roommate?
Veracity: I am. It's nice to meet you.

(He nods his head at her as he walks over to her and starts talking to her as their talking Veracity looks over every now and then to see what their talking about but goes back to

what she's doing until Beca say's something that gets Veracity too look up at her and smiles at her.)

Beca: Dad enough. I wanna be a DJ someday and i'm sick and tried of hearing how you can't make a career out of being a DJ i know of a lot of people who have done it.
Dr. Mitchell: Name one.
Beca: Ruby Rose for one.

(Veracity looks up at her and laughs.)

Beca: Right?
Veracity: She became an actress.
Beca: Still all the more she started out as a DJ.
Dr. Mitchell: Well that's all good and well with her. But there's no.
Beca: Dad stop it. It's my life and if i wanna be come a DJ later on in life then i will. I don't need your's or your wife's approvel.

(He looks at her in shock at what she said. Veracity hearing how Beca's voice sounded gets up and grabs up her jacket.)

Veracity: I'm headed down to the fair to meet up with my friends. You wanna tag along?

(Beca looks at her and nods her head at her.)

Beca: Yeah i'd love too.

(She grabs up her jacket and walks off with her as her father remains there still clearly in shock at what she said. Outside of the room Veracity looks at her.)

Veracity: You are right?
Beca: Yeah i'm fine. It's just he's always telling me that what i wanna do isn't career worthy.
Veracity: So you used Ruby Rose as away to shut him up?
Beca: She was the first name that came to mind.
Veracity: Oh i'm sure.
Beca: She's hot shut up.

(They walk off the down the hallway laughing. As their walking off Veracity's phone goes off she grabs it out to see who it's from seeing the number she mutes it and continues on

towards fair outside as they walk out of the building Veracity shows here where the booths are and she nods her head at her.)

Beca: Thanks.
Veracity: Anytime. When you get bored of the fair me and my friends are going to be over there.

(She points in the direction of the other three girls and Beca nods her head at her.)

Beca: Okay.
Veracity: Are right.

(She walks off to go and meet up with her friends as she's walking over to them Beca looks over at Calamity and then smiles to herself as she walks to go and explore the booths

over by Veracity she walks up to the other girls and sees Calamity with her guitar out looking it over which makes Veracity laugh at her.)

Veracity: It'll only work if you tone it Cal.

(She looks up at her and gives her the finger which makes the other two girls laugh at them. Then she puts it down and looks at her.)

Calamity: Done picking on me?
Veracity: Of course not.
Calamity: Of course not. Anyway. Who was that you walked out of the building with?

(She looks over at Beca whose looking at the DJ's Booth and talking to someone who had just walked up to her.)

Veracity: She's my roommate.
Serenity: She's cute.

(Veracity looks at her and laughs.)

Veracity: Yeah she's very cute. And finds Cal's Australian accent very hot.

(She looks at her as the other two start laughing at her face.)

Calamity: There's more to me than my accent.
Veracity: Oh we know.

(She looks at her and laughs as she looks over at Beca again and notices she's walked over to the Bellas booth and smiles then goes back to her conversation with her friends as

their talking and joking they hear the Treblemakers behind them and can't help themselves and quickly start in on them which gets Aubrey Chloe and Beca's attention. As they

look over at them Bumper stops singing and looks over at them.)

Calamity: Hey look it's the Trebledorks.

(The other girls are trying to keep from laughing along with Aubrey and Chloe who apparently get along with four women.)

Beca: Who is that?
Chloe: Those four ladies are Evermoist.

(Beca looks at her and laughs.)

Beca: Evermoist?
Aubrey: Yeah. We pick at the name every now and then.
Beca: Yeah their definitely Everhotties.

(They look at her and trying to keep from laughing.)

Chloe: Wow. I think that's a new one.
Aubrey: Yeah.
Chloe: Our old captain had another name for them.
Beca: What's that?
Chloe: Everwhores but then again me and Aubrey got a long better with them. Then she did.
Beca: I'm sure. Anyway. I'll think about this.
Chloe: Okay.

(She nods her head at her as she turns and walks off. Back over by the Evermoist members their still picking on the Treblemaker members which is making all of the other Acapella

groups laugh at them.)

Charity: Hey Bumper you've got something on your noise.

(He starts feeling his noise which makes them start laughing again.)

Serenity: Don't move it around to much it'll stain.
Bumper: Okay know what? I'm sick of you four.
Serenity: What you gonna do Allen. Sick your boyfriends on us.

(Calamity Charity and Veracity start laughing again then calm down.)

Bumper: Watch it Seager.
Serenity: Watch what? My lead singer wanna beat the hell out of you. For always flirting with her girlfriend.

(He looks at her and then looks off.)

Bumper: Hey she never said she was dating anyone?
Calamity: She's not anymore. In fact you can have her.

(He looks at her and then turns to walk off.)

Veracity: Bye Bumpy.

(He turns and looks at her then gives her the finger as he continues on his way as they continue to laugh at him.)

Calamity: I swear they get easier and easier to make fun of.

(They continue to laugh as they notice Beca walking up to them.)

Beca: Hey.
Veracity: Hey.
Beca: Saw you guys giving them hell.
Calamity: What that?
Beca: Yeah.
Veracity: These two are worse when the auditions come around.

(Calamity and Serenity look at her.)

Charity: She's right. Anyway. Hi i'm Charity.
Beca: Beca!

(She shakes her hand.)

Veracity: Over there is Serenity.
Serenity: Hi.
Beca: Hi.
Veracity: And i believe you are ready are ready know our friend here.
Beca: I do actually. It's good to see you again.
Calamity: You too.

(They look at each other and smile at each other which gets the other girls to look at them and laugh then they look at them.)

Beca: Anyway. I just wanted to come over and meet the other two girls in your group of friends.
Veracity: Okay.

(She stay's there and talks to them as their talking the guy who was in the car walks by them and sees Beca there talking with the Evermoist members and smiles to himself.)

Benji: What you looking at?

(He looks at him.)

Jesse: Her.

(Benji looks at her and nods his head at him.)

Benji: She's pretty.
Jesse: Yeah. she is.
Benji: Anyway. come on.

(They start off towards the others. Over the next couple of days both Calamity and Beca spend time together in between Treblemaker and Bellas auditions to which Evermoist were

there to support the Bellas and well to make fun of the Treblemakers as the auditions went on they listened to all of the ones who were there to audition to either join the Bellas or

the Treblemakers as the audition's went on both Aubrey and Chloe watch them and cringe everytime Amy hit a high note including the Treblemakers. As the auditions get ready to

come to a close they notice Beca walk into the room as she walks in Chloe looks up at her and gets Aubrey to look up at her.)

Beca: Hi.

(Hearing Beca's voice Calamity looks up at her and smiles at her.)

Beca: I didn't know you guys had a song chosen.
Chloe: It's okay. You can sing any song you want.
Beca: Okay.

(She reaches over the cup with the pens in it an dumps the pens out onto the desk once their out she sits down onto the stage and start messing with cup by beating on it with her

hand and using the stage as a drum which gets the other three Evermoist members attention as their listening to what she's singing Calamity can't help but smile at her to which

Bumper notices and gets annoyed knowing that Calamity could easily get the girl once again and is hoping that the Bellas don't choose her but knowing them they will which

doesn't make him feel any better as she finished her performance Beca looks at them as Calamity looks at her friends and winks at Beca who had just noticed her and looked away

trying to keep from blushing. Aubrey having noticed it turns and looks at Calamity and laughs.)

Aubrey: Are right. Give us a day or two and we'll come find you.
Beca: Okay.

(She gets up and then hands the cup back to Chloe who smiles at her as she walks off of the stage Calamity quickly gets up and goes after her as she gets backstage she calls out

for her before Jesse can say anything to her.)

Calamity: Beca!

(She turns and looks at her.)

Beca: Yeah.

(She walks up to her.)

Calamity: You did really good out there.

(She looks at her and smiles at her.)

Beca: Thank you. I was actually kind of really nervous.
Calamity: Really?
Beca: Yeah.
Calamity: You didn't look it.
Beca: I know i didn't. But i was.
Calamity: No hey. If anyone knows what it's like to be very nervous about being up on stage would be me.
Beca: You're band?
Calamity: Well we're not great.
Beca: Oh i'm sure that can't be true.
Calamity: The only shows we get to do is at school events like homecoming. Or weddings.

(Beca laughs at her. Which gets Calamity to smile at her.)

Beca: I'm sure they love you guys at weddings.
Calamity: You think so.
Beca: I don't think. I know so.
Calamity: Oh i'm so glad you said that. You had scared there for a minute.

(Beca laughs at her then calms down.)

Beca: Anyway. I better get going.
Calamity: Okay.
Beca: I'll see ya.
Calamity: I sure hope so.
Beca: Okay. Bye.
Calamity: Bye.

(Beca turns and walks off smiling to herself. As Beca walks off Jesse walks up to Calamity and say's something to her that gets to her turn and look at him.)

Calamity: You seriously wanna turn this into a competition Swanson.
Jesse: Yes.
Calamity: No. I'm not stupid enough to do something like that with a girl. If you want her you gotta do it the old way and i don't mean to see who can get her that way.
Jesse: Okay fine.
Calamity: Okay. Besides.
Jesse: What?
Calamity: I have a feeling i'm more her type then you are.