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Let's Get Physical (Part 3)

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"Settle down please class." Mrs Hawkins said as Harley and the rest of his class sat down. "Firstly I would like to welcome all of you all on your first day here at Holby's infant and junior school. When I call your name's. I want you to stand up and tell me a bit about yourself." Harley sat and listened to all the boys and girls when it was suddenly his turn. "Harley Wolfe do you want to stand up and tell us a bit about yourself."
"I don't know what to say." Harley said shyly.
"You could start by telling us how old you are."
"I'm 4 years old."
"And who do you live with?"
"I live with my Mummies and my little sister."
"What's your little sister's name Harley?"
"Elaina and she's very cute."
"You said you live with your Mummies." Said a boy who was sitting at the back of the class.
"Yes. With my Mummy and my Momma." Harley said nervously.
"Wow that sounds cool." Jacob said.
"It is." Harley beamed. "My Mummies are the best Mummies ever."
"I wish I had two Mummies. My Daddy is grumpy all the time. Are your Mummies ever grumpy?"
"Not really."
"Do your Mummies work Harley?" Mrs Hawkins asked.
"My Mummy is a Doctor and she operates on people. And my Momma is a trainer. She has her own gym."
"So she keeps people fit?" Harley nodded.
"Thank you very much Harley. You can sit back down. That was very interesting."
"That was scary." Harley said to Paul as he sat down.
"You did good." Paul smiled as they continued listening.


"Hi I've come to pick up Harley Wolfe." Serena said as she arrived at the school. "I'm his Mummy."
"Harley Wolfe your Mummy is here." Mrs Hawkins said as Harley ran to the door.
"MUMMY." Harley smiled as he ran into Serena's waiting arms.
"Hi baby." Serena said as she held him tightly. "Have you had a good day?"
"Yes. But I've missed you Mummy." Harley said as he put Serena's face in his little hands.
"I've missed you too. Give me another hug." Serena smiled as she held Harley close.
"Mummy I have made a new friend."
"Have you that's nice."
"That's him over there look. Bye Jacob."
"Bye Harley see you tomorrow." Jacob waved as he walked off with his Mummy.
"He seems like a nice boy."
"He is Mummy. He thinks it's great that I have two Mummies."
"Does he? And do you think it's good having two Mummies?"
"Yes I love it."
"I love you so much baby."
"I love you Mummy."
"Shall we go and see Momma and Elaina then?"
"Yes." Harley smiled as held Serena's hand. "Have Elaina and Momma missed me too Mummy."
"Of course they have." Serena said as she and Harley walked hand in hand to the car.


"MOMMA." Harley called as he ran through the door.
"Hey sweetie. Have you enjoyed your day?" Bernie smiled as Harley hugged her.
"Yes I have. Hi Elaina." Harley grabbed her chubby little hands and greeted her with a kiss on the cheek. Which made her laugh.
"I've got lots to tell you both."
"Let's get you changed first then you can tell me and Momma all about it."
"I'll take him. You grab this little Madam."
"Come to Mummy my gorgeous girl." Serena kissed Elaina, as Bernie passed her over.
"Oh by the way did I say she needs her nappy changing." Serena lifted Elaina up and smelled her.
"Get out." Serena chucked a pillow at Bernie as ran out of the room. "Come on let's get that bum changed smelly." Serena stood up and got the changing mat. "Elaina I hate your Momma leaving me with this. Jesus child what the hell have you been eating." Serena cleaned Elaina up and lifted her close to you. "That's better isn't it. I better make a start on dinner." Serena took Elaina into the kitchen and put her in her high chair.
"It smells nice in here Mummy." Harley said a while later when he came into the lounge.
"Have you had a bath." Serena asked as she saw that Harley had his pajamas on.
"Yes. Is that OK."
"Sure. Dinner won't be long."
"What are we having?"
"We are having stew meat. It's been in the slow cooker most of the day."
"Let me see." Serena picked Harley up and took the lid off. "Mmmm smells gorgeous."
"And with it I thought Sir would like Mash Potatoes. With carrots and crinkled cabbage."
"Yes crinkled cabbage is my favourite."
"I know it is. Sit down then I can dish up."
"Is it safe to come in." Bernie asked as she stood at the kitchen door.
"Just. Can you get some drinks out please."
"I can." Bernie said as she stood looking at Serena as she dished up.
"Why are you looking at me?"
"Because I love you."
"I love you too." Serena smiled as Bernie walked closer and kissed Serena softly.